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Our Guarantee 

(d VERY piece in this Tear Boo^ is exactly as de- 
/^scribed and illustrated and we guarantee that 
^^^ any article you purchase will give the satisfaction 
that you have a right to expect; also, that it represents 
the full value of the price you paid for it 

However, if for any reason you are dissatisfied 
with the purchase, you may return the article to us 
at our expense (unless it has been lettered or specially 
made) and we will exchange it for something else, or 
we will refund your money. Whatever happens, we 
undertake to see that you have no reason to regret 
your business transactions with us. 


_3 . 

Designed, Rn 
,<h I lr^ :- 

inted by 
Agenrv Limitfd 


iJiamonJ ^Merchants 


J j PI ../ 
ana uvermnhs 





/ ^4/jfiliulion itJ/M 

MS 6 



N in any city you find a long es- 
;hed and prominent business house 
tters not what particular line of 
:hat has grown, steadily and con 
- , into its present dimensions from 
y numble beginning, you are safe in 
assuming that its methods and policy are sound. 
The mere fact that it has so grown argues 
that it has been giving satisfaction, for "you 
cannot fool all the people all the time." 

To those to whom we may be strangers, we 
would say that the history of Ryrie Bros. Limi- 
ted covers one half a century; that it had its 
birth in a little shop of ten-foot frontage, within 
one hundred feet of where it now stands, and that it has grown 
steadily and healthily, until to-day it is recognised as one of our 
vigorous national institutions. 

This has not come by chance, but is the natural outgrowth of 
the policy followed throughout all these years. 

We have always made our business a matter of conscience. The 
pleasing of a customer means more to us than the immediate 
making of a sale. No goods are sold by us that we cannot confi 
dently recommend, and, for our mail order patrons, we prepay all 
carriage charges, and cheerfully refund money in full upon the re 
turn of the goods should they not have met with approval. 

We recognize the fact that the jewellery business is largely a 
matter of confidence, unless the purchaser himself happens to 
possess expert knowledge, and we want to assure you that such 
confidence imposed in us will never be abused. 


^ . 

"She" is but Human 

f "/T FTER satisfying herself as to the beauty of 

^- /J her new diamond ring her first thought is, 

^ * Where did he buy it ? She is but human. It 

is only natural that she should want to be sure 

that its quality is above suspicion. She has this 

assurance in any ring bought from us. 

Size is only one of many factors determining 
the value of a diamond. A diamond of a given 
siz;e may be cheap at $500 or very dear at $100. 
Our stock of diamonds has been selected by 
us in person from the diamond cutters in Europe. 
This guarantees the very finest in quality and 
saves you all middlemen s profits. 




Diamond Jewellery 



L ("2(14506. Magnificent Watch Bracelet, all platinum mounting 
with diamonds and calibre-cut onyx. This is a piece of 
workmanship combining the skill of the expert jeweller 
and watchmaker. The movement is rectangular- 
shaped, full-jewelled and has a platinum 
dial. The grade of workmanship is the 
highest obtainable. There are six 
larger diamonds set off with a 
line of calibre-cut onyx. 
Really a wonderful 
piece of work 

C2045"01. Diamond 
and Pearl Tassel 1. 
mounted in hand- 
pierced platinum and 
set with the finest 
full-cut diamonds 
suspended by an al! 
platinum chain 
linked with Oriental 
whole pearls. The 
graduated strings of 
pearls are fine Orien 
tals. An elaborate 
and exclusive pro 

C204505. Exclusive 
Diamond and Sap 
phire Lavalliere in 
an all-platinum 
mounting. Dia 
monds arc all fine. 


C204504. Ladies 
Sautoir Pendant. 
Watch (back view), 
delicately paved with 
276 full-cut diamonds 
surround ing a large 
magnificent m a r - 
Qulse-shaped diamond 
centre stone of unus 
ual brilliance, in an 
all - platinum mount 
ing. The move me nt 
of the watch is full- 
jewelled and is one 
of the finest that can 
be obtained. A very 
dainty dial of 
platinum adds con- 
siderably to the ap 

full-cut stones with 
middle row of 
calibre sapphires. 
The setting of this 
piece is most effec 


C2M507. Oriental whole-Pearl Necklace. This string is composed 
of 75 Oriental pearls of delicate lustrous beauty all matched and 
graduated to size. The clasp has a large round centre diamond 
set off with two pear-shaped stones in an al! platinum setting. 


C204510. Diamond Bracelet featuring 34 fine, full-cut diamonds in an all-platinum flexible 
bracelet mounting. An exclusive and elaborate creation. 

Thg jine qua/ity diamond possesses a recognized value everywhere 


Diamonds and 

Platinum, Oriental 

Pearls, (S^c. 

SOME very beautiful 
designs in diamonds 
and platinum are illus 
trated on this page. 
They are all products of 
our own workshops and 
each is just as distinc 
tive as it is artistic. 

The necklets are of the 
finest Oriental pearls, 
carefully matched and 

When, one is looking for a 
gift that is out of the ordin 
ary, as well as tasteful and 
attractive, one cannot go 
amiss in making a selection 
from this page. 

C205514, Diamond and Platinum 

Lavallu-n-. The diamond in the 
centre of the drop has a fine gallery 
mounting- This is a most excep 
tionally fine piece of workmanship, 
SI. 850.00 

C2055I6. Fine Oriental Whole-Pearl Necklet, carefully 

and matched with engraved plati 
num barrel clasp, S2.40U.OO 

C205517. Diamond Soli 
taire Earrings. platini:in 
ciown heads, gold back, 

or im pierced ears. 

C205SI9. Diamond Ear- 

ringa, platinum gallery 
mounting, gold backs, 
For unpicrced ears, 

C20S518. Diamond and Platinum Drop 
Earrings for unpierced ears. $835.00 

C205520. Fine Oriental Whole-Pearl Necklet, graduated and carefully matched. 
The clasp is in platinum. Very excellent value. $300.00 

C205521. Diamond and Platinum Flexible Bracelet. Contains forty-seven fine full-cut stones. $1,650.00 

s*/f half-century of experience and study of the diamond, both at home and abroad, lies behind us 



T O R O N 





Diamond Lavallieres 
Bar Pins, &c. 

Featuring a few moderately priced 

pieces in Platinum and 

18-kt. White Gold 

THIS page features a very 
representative selection of 
moderately-priced diamond 

We want you to particular 
ly notice the versatility of the 
designs offered as well as the 
very fine workmanship evi 
denced in the settings. 

The bar pin, ever a popu 
lar gift in jewellery, still con 
tinues its uninterrupted vogue 
and we here show you one- 
half dozen of our best designs 
featuring some very excep 
tional hand-pierced work. 

Articles are illustrated ac 
tual size. 





a >,. e 








V <t- 

>%* , 


C206518. Bar Pin, set with tvvn sapphires and one diamond 
in the centre in a hand-pierced platinum mounting- Very 
modish, $80.00 

C206520. Diamond-set Earrings, phitimim- 
faced, hand-chased mounting. S50.00 

C206521. Hatinum-iaced Diamond-set Bar Pin. 

C206519. This style Bar Pin is Rand-pierced and is set with 
three diamonds in platinum-faced mount m?; ...inexpensively 
priced at SI 00-00 

C206522. Diamond-set Karrings, platinum 
nd white gold mounting. SI Of) 

C206523. Platinum -faced Flexible Bracelet, set with three diamonds $140.00 


If there is one thing we do know, //V diamonds 


= f 





*%- \- 
" fr><;>\. 

C207503. Diamond Solitaire. 

platinum head, gold 

shank. S15O.CK) 


T- - 1 - V 1 " 1 o 1 ^ 

C2075U6 Diamond <~lusu-r 

in solitaire mounting. 

platinum head, is kt 

sold shank. 



Platinum and 

Diamond Finger Rings 


IF YOU appreciate superior 
workmanship and exclusive 
designs you will have no 
difficulty in choosing a ring 
from this selection which will 
suit your personal taste at the 
amount you wish to expend. 

Most of the rings shown 
are representative of what 
we term our better medium- 
priced creations. The mount 
ings in each case are all hand 
made and beautifully pierced 
in delicate lacework designs. 

We are glad at all times to 
have you correspond with us 
on all matters pertaining to 
diamond jewellery, and where 
the usual references are forth 
coming we will send assort 
ments on approval. Illustra 
tions are actual size. 



C2U751 1. Dia 
mond Solitaire. 
platinum head , 


1 8 - k t. gold 
pierced mount 
ing, si oo.oo 

? &&* 

Vo. *V 

i _\* v .,^\ 


C207514. Diamond ! . ... 
in hand-pierced hexagon 
platinum mounting 




>*, : 


C207521. Diamond Solitaire in an elaborate 
hand-pierced and diamond-set barrel mount 
ing with an all-platinum diamond-set shank. 

C V 



r v, 


-->. : 





2. 1 7 5 1 * MM 1 
Diamond-set Dress 
Ring. S275.00 

; ^^7^ 

d S 0a s <?t 





C20753J. Fancy Diamond Ring 

gold shank, platinum top set 

with diamonds. $175.00 

<~ 207534. Onyx 
inuud Ring. pKunur 
tui>. old shank, 


-ire s^ t in hexagon platinum 
mount with hand-pi 
shank of 18-kt. gold. 



. ddinB 

RinR. cliascd rie^ign. SH5.00 


-~- < * ^ 



of knowledge on the part of the merchant is a! dangerous to the purchaser as lack of integrity 

Fine Gem Rings 

many she already 
has, another ring is al 
ways acceptable. 

These gem rings, particu 
larly the sapphires, have been 
very popular in the past and 
bid fair to continue in favour. 
Any one of them will be a 
welcome addition to milady s 
jewel case. 

Perfection in quality is just 
what our name on your ring 
stands for. The stones are the 
selection of experts and the 
cutting and setting the work 
of skilful craftsmen. You can 
not afford to be anything but 
sure of these things. 


<*> a 








C208516. Three Sapphires set with 

Diamonds in our PRINCESS 

mounting, $200.00 

C 208521. Sapphire set in cluster of 
Diamonds with Diamonds set in 

shank and platinum crown 
head mounting, S125.00 

C 208525. Three Sapphires set 

with two Diamonds, 


C208529. Three Pearls with Diamonds 

in our PRINCESS setting, 



= 3. 


C 208530. Diamond cluster. 
Pearl centre, 

C20853S. Pearl Solitaire in a 
fancy mounting. $35.00 

Our stamp on the inside of a ring is a guarantee of its quality 






rf> b * ! 



We pride ourselves upon the fact 
that the "Ryrie" business is conducted 
upon such lines that a little child 
ignorant of all values, might be sent 
to us for the purchase of a diamond, 
and yet receive exactly the same 
treatment as the most expert 

For the great majority of our 
patrons, the purchase of a diamond is 
largely a matter of confidence, and 
such confidence placed with us is 
never abused, "the truth, the whole 
truth and nothing but the truth" 
always awaits you. 

We have expert knowledge of the 
diamond, and purchase direct from 
the cutters in Europe, thus affording 
you the very best, both in quality 
and value. 


Engagement Rings 

I HE engagement ring rep- 
-*- resents one of the biggest 
moments in a woman s life, 
whether the stone be small or 
large, she likes to feel that it is 
perfect in colour and without 
flaw. Because of this, it is 
just as well, unless one is an 
expert, to place the matter in 
the hands of a house of 
acknowledged standing. 

All the diamonds shown on 
this page are of uniformly 
high quality. In the whole 

.ids soi.. 
the stone. 




ikes a slightly 
nee of tin; * 

> = 

.nk than the other 

If there is one thing zee Jo know, if 5 "Diamonds" 

i if 



Fine Gem Kings 

many she already 
has, another ring is al 
ways acceptable. 

These gem rings, particu 
larly the sapphires, have been 
very popular in the past and 
bid fair to continue in favour. 
Any one of them will be a 
welcome addition to milady s 
jewel case. 

Perfection in quality is just 
what our name on your ring 
stands for. The stones are the 
selection of experts and the 
cutting and setting the work 

C208530. Diamond cluster. 
Pearl centre. 

C208535. Pearl Solitaire in a 
fancy mounting. 535.00 

/"<j r/ w^ / / a guarantee of its quality 

Engagement Rings 

TMIE engagement ring rep- 
-^ resents one of the biggest 
moments in a woman s life, 
whether the stone be small or 
large, she likes to feel that it is 
perfect in colour and without 
flaw. Because of this, it is 
just as well, unless one is an 
expert, to place the matter in 
the hr>T<is of a house of 
acknowledged standing. 

All the diamonds shown on 
this page are of uniformly 
high quality. In the whole 
range, from $25.00 to $500.00, 
the difference in price de 
pends solely upon the size of 
the stone. 

C2095J9. Solitaire. 


C209525. Three-stone, 

in our Princess setting. 



^ v 



c ^* 




>^ , 

^ c> -^ 


*^ amons. . -v 

Rings C209538 to C209S44 inclusive feature our bPREAD setting, which you will notice takes a slightly heavier shank than the other 
styles and. in addition, has a tendency to greatly enlarge the appearance of the diamond. 

If there is one thing we do know, it s "Diamonds " 




G210501. Guard 
Ring, rope pat 
tern. SI. 50 

G210502. Hand G210503. Heavy 
engraved, $2.75 plain. S2.2S 

= 5< 

Chased Wedding 
Ring. 18-kt. gold. 

SoSa G210505. 

CMV.I Wedding Ring. 
o-ei"iS 18-kt. gold. $10.00 



G2105O6. Fancy 
hank. $2.50 

G2 105 07. Fancy 
shank. $6.50 

G210508. Fancy 
shank. $3.50 

Wedding and Signet 

YX/EDDING RINGS have been in use 
V V from very early days. At one time 
a signet was set in the ring to imply that 
the spouse had the right of sealing up 
the household goods and, occasionally, 
with similar import a small key formed 
a part of the ring. 

The signet ring was, of course, origin 
ally the actual seal of its owner. We 
often read of a king s signet being hand 
ed to a servant as a symbol of the royal 










Script initial as 


$ 85 

$ 20 

$2 75 

Old English initial 

as G210St7 



3 25 

Monogram as 


2 50 


2 50 

Crest as G210534. 



per letter 
12.00 up 

Crest and motto as 




15.00 up 



For further styles of engraving see page 112 : 
Use the card to obtain your ring size 


"10509 .Narrow G210510^1ight. G2105lTeavy 
ly heavier, $1.00 weight. $10.00 

style. $6.00 

G2 105 12. ultra 
heavy weight, $12.00 

style. $6.00 

JS rt " o 


G210514. Hc_. 
weight, $8.00 

G210515. A little 
heavier, $10.00 

heavy weight. 

G210517. Signet. 

G210518. Signet, 

G210S20. Signet. 

oval shape 


G210521. Signet, 

G210522. Signet. 
10-kt. gold. $5.00 

G2 10524. Heavy- 
Signet, shield 
top. $7.50 

G2 10525. 


G210526. Plain 
rectangular Sig 
net. $7.75 

G210S27. Square 

cut, octagonal 


G2 10523. Very- 
massive Signet 
Ring. $17.50 

G210528. A very 
massive presenta 
tion Signet Ring, 
10-kt.. $10.00 

G210529. Heavy 

square-cut Signet 

Ring. $18.5(1 


G210530. Hand- 
engraved shank 

G210531. $5.50 

G2J0532. $6.75 

G210S33, $9.00 

G210534. $11.50 

G210535. Hexagon 
al top. hand-en 
graved top. $5.00 

G210536. Hand- 
engraved shank. 

G210537. Hand-en 
graved shank, square 
top. $7.00 

G210S38. Blood- 
stone. Oxford pat 
tern, S9.00 

G2 10539. Blood 
stone top. $11.00 G2I0540. Extra heavy 
Ring, bloodstone top. 

G2:()541. Hand-en 
graved shank, blood 
stone top. S10.00 

G210542. Hand en 
graved shank, blood 
stone top. $12.50 

G210545. 1 
hand-engra* _ 
Ring, $25.0) 

<,2KIMt, Hand-.-n- 
graved *hank 
donyx top, S2n (HI 

G210547. l.ocket-top 
Signet Rin;:. SlS lil 

Any three raised 

G210543. Hand-en- 
graved shank, blood 
stone top. $15.00 


G2 10544. Bloodstone 

top, hand-engraved 

shank. (20.00 


Ring. $7.00 

G210549. InltL 

G210550. Diamond-set 
Signet Ring. $10.00 

( ,210551. Heavy 
Snake Ring. $22.50 

E -^ 


II c (annul guarantee t i il/> engraving between December f/th and 2jtli 


M . ; ^o/> 

1 September < Sapphire February Amethyst 

G211501. Sap 
phire Solitaire, 

G2 11505, $10.011 

G211504. L 
Sapphires. I 

and 2 


11S06. $9.00 

October Opal 

(-,211507. Opal 
Solitaire. S4.00 

Opal Solitaire. 




Pearls. S10.00 


1. (>,.,! in;l <> 

G211511. _,_ 
whole Pearls. SS.50 

August Sardonyx 

THE ROMANS held that 
birthstones had peculiar 
power, especially in warding off 
disease and danger. To this belief 
the modern custom of the birth- 
stone ring owes its origin. This 
year the usage is very much in 
vogue and, as a gift, a birthstone 
has a novel and personal touch. 

With the exception of the 
diamond rings which are mounted 
in 18-kt., all the settings are in 
14-kt. gold. All the pearls on 
this page are "whole" pearls. 

We do not stock rings in sizes 
larger than 8, those under $5.00 
no larger than size 6. Larger sizes 
are made at an additional charge 
of $1. 00. 



G211515. 2 

Amethysts and 

2 Diamonds; 




December Turquoise 

quoise and 2 
whole pc;irls. 

G211520. TurqTi 
Solitaire, f:m 


6 NVhole P. 

. Turqiioi . 
and 2 Diamonds. $30.00 

June * Pearl April * Diamond 


G21 fc7X~SaT3onyx. 

Oxford pattern. 

$5. 00 



G2 1 I5}f.^ardoyi. in 

beaded mounting, 


May Emerald 

G211530. Sinelc I c-arl. 
SI 0.00 

Solitaire. $15.00 

G211539. Diamond 
Solitaire. $27.50 


larch Bloodstone 

G211STT Emerald and 
2 Pearls, $20.00 

January Garnet & 



Pearls. $11.00 


July Ruby 

.. -9$ 



; ^ ^ """ 

G211542. Floodstonc. in 

beaded moutiting. 




,. 11 7 ,5 r . TV , v. ^;r . 

Pearla. S12".50 


$ November Topaz jj 



(-*/ir is trn as reigns evert day with 



M I T E D 


C212501. Sapphire and pearl-set Bar Pin. 
A very neat design, S8.00 



Sapphire Jewellery 

In 14-kt. Gold Settings 

r I^HE Sapphire birth- 
J_ stone for September 
is one of the most pop 
ular of all coloured stones 
and, therefore, makes a 
most acceptable gift, 
especially when mounted 
with pearls with which 
it combines so effectively. 
This page shows some of 
our newest designs in sap 
phire-set jewellery and the 
prices will be considered ex 
ceedingly moderate by all 
who appreciate quality. 

C212513 Necklace is a 
particularly handsome piece. 
Another good selection and 
somewhat lower priced is 
No. C212522. 

C2 12504. Sapphire 
and pearl-5et Lav- 
alliere, S13.00 



C212SOS. Sapphire anrl pearl-set Bar Pin 
Very attractive, $8.50 


C212507. This very pleasing 
designed Lavatliere is 
set with pearls and 
has square-cut 
sapphire cen 
tre. Very 

C212S10. Conventional Bar Pin with three fine 
sapphires, .A. S7.50 






v . 



C212523. Bar Pin in fii 
and pearl 

Kn. si t with sapphire 




The fine qiffi/itf diamond possesses a recognized v<ilue 


L I 

I T E D 

T O R O N 




Fine Amethysts 

In 14-kt. Gold Settings 
Illustrations actual size 

AMETHYST is a forma- 
-* tion of crystal quartz and 
is now found in almost every 
part of the world. The best 
stones, however, and those 
most generally used for jewel 
lery, come from Brazil, Uru 
guay and India. They are deli 
cate violet purple in color and 
have always been popular as 
a gem stone, even in the early 
days when jewellery was 
possessed only by a privileged 

The Amethyst is February s 
"birth-stone" ani mrkesa 
very desirable gift espec 
ially when set with pearls, as 
shown by the new and effec 
tive designs on this page. 



\ ; = 


7; ^ 



C213507. Bar Pin, amethyst centre and two 

pearls in a bold conventional 

design, $7.50 

C213512. Amethyst Neck 
let set with pearls with fine 
amethyst centre and drop 

r 4feflJ 

C213517. Very- attractive and inexpensive 

Bar Pin with amethyst centre and pearl 

setting, $10.00 

C213519. Pearl-set Bar Pin, amethyst 
centre. $7.25 

C213518. Necklet in attractive design 
with amethyst centre and large pear- 
shaped drop. Pearl setting, 526.00 

C213521. Very inexpensive Brooch. Amc- 
thyst centre and pearl setting. $8.00 

C213522. Bar Pin in a very nrat ck-sian. Law 
amethyst centre set with two pearls, S14.00 

C213523. Amethyst and Pearl 
Safety Pin. S5.00 

If you order when nu-ai from home, p/e/ue also mention your home 





Peridot Jewellery 

Illustrations actual size 
In 14-kt. Gold Settings 

THE present popularity of 
many colored beads has 
created a growing demand for 
peridot jewellery and our de 
signers have produced some 
exceptionally beautiful pieces. 

The peridot is a soft, olive- 
tinted s e m i - p r e c i o u s 
stone that is capable of tak- 
ing an extra high polish. 
When combined with pearls 
its brilliancy shows to still 
greater advantage. It also 
harmonizes with other jewel 
lery and with almost any cos 

No. C2 14503 lavalliere and 
No. C214512 necklace are 
two of our newest creations 
and would make particularly 
pleasing gifts. 





C21450t). The style of this Brooch is a lit 
out of till- ordinary. Has ;i hand-eri 
graved border, set with peridot 
and pearls. $10.00 

C214509. Necklace set with pearls and two fine 

peridots. This is a very popular and 

pleasing design. S26.00 



-%- . 


- ; : 

C214514. BarPin with peridot centre 
and pearls, $6.75 

C2145I5. Pearl-set Bar Pin. peridot 
centre, 59-50 

C2145I2. An elaborate Pearl-set Necklace with 

peridot centre and pear-shaped peridot 

drop, $45.00 

C214517. Bar Pin. i>eridot centre and pearls, SI 1. 50 


addressing all parcel} to us, please write ft/ur iimnf on tlif jiinidc 







On;yx Jewellery 

In 14-kt. Gold Settings 
Illustrations actual size 

THE vogue for onyx jewel 
lery continues and here are 
many beautiful designs re 
flecting the trend of fashion. 
Every piece on this page con 
tains a genuine black onyx; 
some combined with dia 
monds, others with Pearls, 
Cameos or Beads. 

Pendant No. C2 15502 is 
one of our newest and most 
popular designs. The Neck 
lace No. C215529 is another 
big favourite owing to the 
pronounced popularity of 
Bead Necklets in black and 
white effects. 

Onyx jewellery is suitable 
alike for young and old and 
therefore particularly appro 
priate for gifts. 


C215517.Lavalliere. set with two 
whole pearls, bezel is hand- 
chased. Inexpensive 

15524. Diamond 
beaded mounting, with 
engraved bezel, 

onyx and cut-crystal beads 

C215529. Necklace, dull fini 

This is one of the latest creations. 5-10.00 


The question is not v;hfre to get goods, it is u hcrc to get tin- most distinctive 



G216501. Onyx and Pearl drop Earrings in 

white gold mounting. Four whole 

Pearls, $16.50 

G216502. Onyx drop with Diamond centre 

in white gold mounting. Two whole 

earls. $30.00 

G216503. Ball Earrings, Onyx in a beaded 

setting with Pearl centre. 


Earrings and 

In 14-kt. Gold 

"CVASHION decrees earrings 
-^ againthisyear,andonthis 
page we are illustrating some 
particularly fine examples of 
the jeweller s art. The prices 
are very moderate and the 
workmanship and quality are 
all that you could wish {or. 
Earrings form a very dainty 
and intimate gift. 

Bracelets another exam 
ple of the personal gift are 
even more in vogue than last 
year. The illustrations show 
a variety of styles, some plain 
and simple, others hand- 
engraved in artistic designs. 
They are always in good taste 
and a constant source of pleas 
ure to the recipient. 

G2I6504, Onyx drops. Pearl centre. Very 
attractive design. $15.00 


G216505. Ba l Earrings with Cameo drops, 
beaded mountings. $11.00 

G216506. Japanese Pearl Earrings, $12.00 


G216508. Amethyst drops. 

Four whole Pearls, 


G216509. Peridot anil Pearl 
drops. 815.50 

G216510. Peridot drops. Pearl 
setting, S12.00 

Chain Bracelet with patent lock. A most acceptable little gift lor a child. S6. 50 3fct. 


C216512. Flexible Bracelet in 14-kt. green gold with a dainty hand-engraved design. S35.00 

C216513. Basket-pattern Bracelet in 14-kt. gold. $20.00 

C216514. Plain Bangle Bracelet. $7.50 

C216518. Bracelet in pierced design. $17.50 



C216515. Plain Bracelet. S15.00 

C216516. Hand-engraved Bangle. S12.50 

C216519. Dainty pierced design. S16.00 

C216520. Hand-engraved Bracelet. S7.50 

Our guarantee applies to every article from the. least expensive to. the most costly 

Cameo Jewellery 

In 14-kt. Gold Mountings 

THE cameo has al 
ways been a very 
popular stone and this 
season our designers and 
artisans have excelled all 
former efforts in the 
beautiful forms which 
make up this page. 

No. C217516 is a particu 
larly handsome creation and, 
considering the quality, is de 
cidedly reasonable. 

\Ve have a large stock of 
these genuine Italian cameos, 
and should you desire to select 
an unset stone and have it 
mounted in some special de 
sign we will gladly act as your 
counsellors and have the work 
done in our own factory. 

C217516. Exceptionally-fine 

Cameo in dclicnto filigree 

mounting, $45.00 

C217519. Cameo Brooch in hand- 
chased mounting, $18.50 10-kt 

C21752I. ExceffBBfffy-fine Cameo 

stone stt in dainty pierced border 

with four whole pearls. $22.50 

G217522. Pink Coral Necklace, graduated U-.ids. 18 inches long, S16.00 

half-cent ury of experience and study of the diamond t both at home and abroad, lies behind us 



C218503. Diamond 
centre. $10.00 

Thoughtful Gifts 

Jewellery, Necklets, etc. 

ONE of the most 
thoughtful gifts be 
tween intimate friends is 
a piece of Religious Jew 
ellery. The selection we 
have assembled on this 
page affords ample op 
portunity for a truly per 
sonal remembrance at a 
moderate expenditure. 

The thimbles, hat pins 
and lingerie clasps, also 
illustrated, a re useful and 
practical, being both just suf 
ficiently out-of-the-ordinary 
to make them exceptional 
gifts. Illustrations actual size 
and in 14-l:t. gold, unless; 
otherwise mentioned. 

Scapular, S4.00 

Scapular, S2. 25 

C2 1850? Hand- C21850. 

chased design Cross, S2.75 


Scapular. S3. 00 

C21851". Sap 
phire and i>earl 
setting. 12.00 

Cross. S2.00 

..*in.jz r ,31.1 i.m- rrrT: 

fiene Holders. $3.25 hand-chased design, S4.00 

C218528. Cable links. U inches long, 31.75 



le links. 13 inches long. S2.00 


C218531. Curb links. 16 inches lonii. S2-50 

- - - - - 

C . 1X532. Cable links, 16 inches long. S2.50 

C2IX533. Cable links. I ft 

s Ions. S3. 00 


C21R535. Cable links, 16 inches lotiK. 54.00 
C21S536. Alternate cable and oval links. 16 inches long, 54,50 

C2ix.viy. Cable lii 

C2 18540. Cable links, bevelled edge, 20 inches long. S9.00 

<* .-V 

On any article affected prices in this catalogue include the 1O% government tax 



Jewellery for Little 

14-kt. Gold unless otherwise 

even the birth of 
the Babe of Bethlehem 
to whom the Wise Men 
brought gifts of gold, 
frankincense and myrrh, 
it has been customary to 
give presents to the new 

The pieces illustrated on 
this page are designed with an 
equal regard for quality and 
usefulness. They are attrac 
tive in appearance and very 
appropriate as gifts. Illustra 
tions are actual size. 

Baby rings cannot be sup 
plied in sizes larger than 4. 

C219516. Pearl-set IVn- 

3ant, with necklet, S3. 75 

C219517. Pendant only, 


C2 19524. Heart Charm. 
diamond-set, with neck- Cj> 

let. $5.25 a. 

C219525. Charm only. 

C219S20. I carl-set 
dant with necklet. S4.75 
C219S21. Pendant only, 
S3. 00 

C219541. S ltiare-erlce Safety 
Pin, $2.50 

C219549. Baby Bracelet Chain. 


("L 10551. Baby Pin. 
sliEhtly larger. $2.00 

large size. 52.50 

C219553. Baby Pin Set. Three pearl-set pins with chain 
connections, $8.00 

.i quality is appreciated four little inexpensive gift will find favour wherever it goes 





C220501. Pierced Brooch. d;\i?v 
design. One whole pearl. S5.00 


Crescent Brooch. 

pearl setting. $6.00 


Pearl Jewellery 

Articles are all in 14-kt. Gold and 
illustrated actual size 

lery is a gift that 
will always find favor 
amongst the lady folk. 

We illustrate on this page 
a comprehensive selection 
from which it is not difficult 
to select something as a little 
inexpensive gift for the some 
body in mind. 

The maple leaf brooches 
are attractive, being all gold, 
very realistic in finish and are 
neat souvenirs of Canada s 
national emblem while 
should the devotion warrant 
a more costly token, the ever- 
popular pendant offers a 
happy suggestion. 

C220S05 . Feather Pin. set with a 
sapplrire, $4.00 





Oo"t c 


Crescent Brooch. 

$6.00 /F<3t*U& / cP 




C220S09. Sheaf of Wheat Brooch 
pearl setting. S13.00 



C220511. Lily-of-the-Valley Pearl 
Spray Brooch. S10.50 

11220514. Mai 
Leaf, Lace Pin 

1)2205 UJ Maple 
Leaf Pearl-set 
Brooch, very 
dainty, S14.00 

D220515. Maple Leaf Lace Pin. 
set with pearls, S4.25 

1)220516. Maple 
Leaf Brooch, 
pearl-set border, 
pierced centre. 

The Maple Leaf Brooches grouped above are all attractive 

designs and are very neat Souvenir Brooches of 

Canada s National Emblem. 

C220519. Bar Pin. set wit! 

C220518. Sunburst Brooch 
Pendant, set with pearls, 
diamond centre. $45.00 


fi. S3.25 

C220521. Pearl Sunburst Brooch 
Pendant. $25.00 


- ". 


f a rL 


S O 


C220523. Pearl 

.ar Pin. S8.50 

C220526. Bar Pin. whole pearl centre 
very attractive design, S7.50 

C220527. Heavy Pearl Bar Pin. 

C220525. Pearl-set Brooch 
Pendant, $18.00 

C220529. Pearl-set Sun 
burst Brooch. $12.50 


very piece in this Tear "Book is exactly as described and illustrated 



T O R O N T 

Pearl "Necklets, &c. 

In 14-kt. Gold Mountings 

MEN seeking gift sugges 
tions for women of all 
ages, will find a happy solu 
tion to their problemsonthis 
page. In the varied selection 
offered there are appropriate 
presents for "wee lasses," 
maids and matrons alike. One 
of the newest creations is the 
amber bead necklet these 
are now very much in vogue, 
and undoubtedly would 
prove a very acceptable gift. 

The Add-a-Pearl Necklet 

A charming gift for young girls, 
starting with half a dozen or so, ad 
ditions can be made from time to 
time by relatives and friends, com 
pleted strings, therefore, being prized 
for associations. An excellent sug 
gestion for Christmas, Birthday and 
other gift occasions. Illustrations 
actual size. 

C221509. Pearl Necklet with whole pearl 
centre in a very effective and pleas 
ing design, $22.00 


C2215H. "Add-a-IV 
Baby Necklet, eleven 

whole pearls, $7.00 

C221512. Nine whole 

pearls. $12.50 

C221514, S25.0I) 

n whole 

r ery handsome gift 
for a baby, $17.50 


pearls. J25.00 

C221514. Fifteen 

C221517. Seed Pearl Necklet, with whole 
with d;. 

ecklet. 22 ins. long. S35.00 

Our stamp on any article is a guarantee of its quality 



^jr^rTTnnTTTOinmjmiirTTiTTTn nun iTjsrniTnT H n ; i i i rr^j, 

Cujf Lin\s, Studs, 

In 14-kt. Gold 

AN almost endless variety 
f-*- cf tasteful gifts for men 
may be selected from our 
stock of Cuff Links, Studs, 
Dress Sets, etc. A safe choice, 
too, for no man ever has "too 
many"of these useful articles. 

Everything on this page is 
14-kt. gold unless otherwise 
mentioned, and the illustra 
tions are actual size. 

The engraving of an artistic 
monogram or initial on the 
Cuff Links always adds to the 
attractivenessof the gift, and a 
presentation case is furnished 
free with every pair. For en 
graving prices see page 112. 

Th is set is a mother-of-pearl with a nice platinum border 

G222501. Cuff Links, 
loose connections, plain 
centre, engraved plati 
num-faced border. S35.00 

G222502. LCOEC connec 
tions, engraved border, 

per pair. SI5.00 
Heavy substantial link. 

Links have loose connectiptis. Studs have patent backs. 

G222503. Complete set Cuff Links and three Studs, $37.00 
G222504. Pair of Links only. $22.00 

G222506. Loose connec 
tions, domed, engine 
turned design on border, 

G222507. Loose connec 
tions, domed thread 
border. $3.00 

G222508. Loose connections in new green gold, dull 

finish, has chased border. Heavy substantial link. 


G222509. Loose connections, 

domed plain, heavy, links, 



G22251Q. Loose 



domed plain. I4-ltt., $7.50 

G222512. The same in 10-kt.. 


G222513. Loose connec- 

tlons, engine-turned. 



.cractivfl^wSning .I^^S^i 

G222526. En^mr- turnip 
centre, engraved plati- 

nections, engine num border. $18.00 

turned design. $9. 50 

IS. Loose connec- G222516. S tffl connec- 

tions. flat, plain. $9.50 tions, ilomeci, plain, 14- 
kt.. $7.00 

G222517. Same in 10-kt. gold, 


j tions domed, engraved 
uons^flat engine led. border, $15.00 


G222527 . Torpedo-shaped Links, 
loose connections, 

$7.50 ^_^ 

plain. Ioo3e connec 
tions. $6.50 

plain. S6.00 

"^222520. STudlflnother-oi -pearl centre with C- 
graved border, patent backs, each. S2.75 

^^222530^tuas.niother-of-pe^n^ ith whole peyrl 
entre and engraved platinum-faced border, patent 
backs, each ** n 


G222531. Dress Set. as shown. $12.25 
G222532. Links only. $5.50 
G222533. Studs only, each, $2.25 

G2225.I7. ( oflfTButton G222538. Shirt Stud. 
X in. .$2. 00 $1.50 

G222539. Gold Shirt Studs, patent backs, each. $2.00 

4n Dr< is Sets in motlnT-nf-l .irl. w:th gold 
centre loose connections, set, S1J.23 
G222S41. Links only. $6.50 
G222542. Studs, each. S2.25 

DitiW6/it/s, unlike ordinary merchandise, Jo not deteriorate through age or zveor 



B223501. Lapel Chain. 14-kt.. 9K inches long. SI2.50 

B223502. Pocket-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt.. alternate long and short links. S13.00 

03. Pocket-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt. A favorite evening dress model. $14.50 

B223504. Pocket-to-pocket Chain, alternate fancy and jack links. $13.00 

B223506. Pocket-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt. A vfry neat model, $14.50 


i \ 



B223509. Pocket-to-pocket Chain, 14-kt.. has solid bar links. $16.50 

B223507. Pocket-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt.. alternate long and jack links. S18.50 

B22350S. Pocket-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt.. neat and attractive. $15.50 

Watch Chains 
for Men 

In 14-kt. Gold 

OF THE few articles of 
jewellery allowed to men 
nothing is more acceptable 
than a watch chain. Strength 
and flexibility are character 
istics of the selection we offer 
they are beautifully fin 
ished all styles are those 
prevailing at the moment. 

Pocket-to-pocket chain 
B223509 is one of the most 
popular moderately priced 

For presentation, where a 
gift of unusual value is de 
sired, B223511or B223512. 

Pocket-to-pocket chains 
are, of course, more generally 
worn at present, although 
some prefer the single or 
double length. 

B223510. Pocket-to-pockct Chain. 14-kt.. very attractive. $27.50 

B22351 1 . Porket-to-pocket Chain, platinum and gold links in 14-kt., small links in platinum. $44.50 

6223512. Pocket-to-puckci Chain, platinum and 14-kt. gold. $55.00 

B223513. Pockct-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt. heavy jack links, squared edges. $30.00 


B223514. Poiki-t-to-pocket Chair. H-kt. cut 

B223515. Pockct-to-pocket Chain. 14-kt. curb links. $23.00 

f y&KQ&^^ 

B2 13516 I , i. o-pocket Cl n 1 1 i. - urb links, $.!o s " 

- - ;,v,-, ... - . 

. Double-length Watch Chain. 14-kt.. 
length 16 inches. $40.00 

B223520. Double-length Watch Chain, with sliding VAT. 14-ltt.. heavy weisht. S52.50 



All prices are subject to change after January lit, 



Personal Gifts 

In Gold for both Men and Women 

FOR those considering a gift 
a little out of the ordinary 
they may be assured that a 
selection from this page will 
be sure to please. Although 
essentially gifts for men, many 
of the articles are also appro 
priate little suggestions for the 
lady folk. 

For those who smoke, a Cig 
arette Case, Cigarette Holder 
or Match Box is a splendid 
choice, while the Pencils, Pen, 
and Knives are popularamong 
the more strictly useful gifts. 

Sensible as well as a very suitable 
little remembrance is the Key Hold 
er C224505 the blank of which 
can be cut to fit any lock. The Dun- 
hill Cigarette Holder C224506 as a 
gift is also very appropriate and 
would, without a doubt, be wel 
comed by almost any man. 

These articles are illustrated four- 
fifths of their actual size. 

G224502. This is a very neat match box i 
comes in 14-kt. gold, $22.51) 


G22450.!. Plain 10-kt. sold M.H 
Box with chaii 

G224505. Key Holder. cngine- 
turned design. $22.50 

G224511. Lady s Cigarette Holder with hand- 
chaaed platinum band. S14.00 

G224508. Plain 14-kt. Knife, one blade and file 820.00 

512. Toady s Cigarette Holder, diamond and platinu 
band. S50.00 

G224513. Engine-turned Pencil. 14-kt. gold. J30.00 

G224509. Engine-turned Knife two 
blades. 14-kt.. SIS. 00 

I in 14-kt gold, fancy engine-til 

G224S10. Engine-turned Knife. 14-kt 

G224515. FVncil in plain 14-kt. gold. *35 

G224517. Cigarette Case with very effective engine-turned de-sign on lioth sides. 
Case holds ten cigarettes and has panel for engraving ut initiaN. An excep 
tional piece of work in 14-kt. green gold. S250 OO 

ga re-ties, rme 

monogram. 1 

The purchase of a Jin e quality diamond is uuirfrsa//y conceded a sound investment 



Personal Gifts in 

14-kt. Gold unless otherwise 

MOST of the articles shown on 
this page are just enough out 
of the ordinary to make them very 
acceptable gifts. The locket B225- 
511 is of especially pleasing de-sign 
and is made to hold four photos. 

The lorgnette mounts are furn 
ished without the glasses, and any 
locket can be supplied with fob for 
$5. 00 extra. 

An entwined script monogram 
adds much to the attractiveness of 
the article. The cost is 15 cents per 
letter on the smaller pieces and 35 
cents per letter on the larger. Prices 
for other engraving will be found on 
page 112. 

Illustrations are actual size. 


C22S511. Locket, to hold four 
photos, $80.00 

B225502. ROTIta Locket. S9.25 
B225503. Same, in 10-kt. gold. 

B22550S. Oval Engine 
turned Locket, 

B22S515. Oblong Locket. S15.50 


Fob with round 

engine-turned locket 

B225524. Fob onli 

S5 HI 


Fob. with oval 

locket. $17.50 

B225S29. Locket onl 

$12 50 

Bar Fob. $6.50 

turned design, $6.50 

If there 11 one thing a.-e do knowit 

R Y R I 


O R O N T O 

N226501. Oddfellows 

Cutf Links, stiff con 
nections, $2.75 


Links, loose connections, 

10-kt., S6.SO 

N226S04. Masonic 
Ring. 10-kt., enam 
elled emblem. 57.75 

N226S03. Pocket Piece. ./5 

.\226506. 14-kt. Gold 
Masonic Charm, en- 
:ravcd. $8.25 



TO members of clubs, 
secret and fraternal 
societies, there is no gift 
received more heartily 
than a little memento of 
their craft. 

All emblematic jewel 
lery made by us is botli 
correct in design and ser 
viceable. The prices, too, 
are extremely moderate, 
considering the high 
quality and good work 

Our Insignia Department 
will quote on any special 
design, submitting sketches 
and quotations promptly on 
receipt of request. 

N226507. Masonic Links, 

10-kt. loose connections, 


N226508. Masonic 
Cuff Links, stiff con- 
ncctlons. 10-kt., 


N22c..-0 J. 

Masonic Ring, 

10-kt. engraved sides. S12.00 

N226510. Knight 

Templars Ch.irm, 

10-kt.. $10.00 

NZ2f 505. Masonic Signet 
L^-d emljlem. 14- 
kt. sold, S10.00 

N226511. Oddfel 
lows Charm, en 
graved. 10*kt., 


Rite Ring, 14-kt.. 

X226513. Orange 
Lodge ring, 10-kt., 

enumelli-d top. $7.50 


Charm. 10-kt. 
gold. S6.75 

14-kt. gold, set with dia 
monds. $50.00 
same without 

N2265I2. Masoni.- 
ring. 14-kt.. $13 50 

N226516. Chapter Charm, 
white onyx. 14-kt. mount 
ing. S6.50 

_ its of Py- 
harm, SI 1.00 

N226522. Knights of Col 
umbus Ch.irm, R.P., S4.50 

M a s o n i c 

King. 14-kt. 

inlaid gold 

e m 1 1 1 1- m , 


N226526. Masonic 
Rins. 14-kt.. S8.00 

N226519. K. of C 
Charm, chased 

N 226523. Masonic Charm, 
10-kt.. enain- 
tlled Ijorder. ^ *! 

S9.00 -^ 

N22ft52a Ma 
sonic Kmblem 
Ring. 10-kt. de 
sign inlaid with 
gold in black 
onyx. $11.00 

Locket, oblong. 10-kt. 
gold. $15.00 

Charm. 10-kt.. 



N22652S. Order SUTroad Teleg 
raphers Ring. 10-kt.. $7.50 

N226S29. M3B>niY Rin B 
10-kt.. $7 25 


N226530. C.M.G.. 
IS-kt . $20.00 

J22SHT D.S.O. r<22f,5.i: Military N22l5 Dis- N2265SPMilitary N226535. Mons N2265367 Gen 
,,?,A<; ; S t Cross, silver, S2.50 tinguished Con- M edal. sterling. ,,,,,.51.50 Service. Url 


N li V, i- - i 
IS-ht . $25.00 

duct Medal. 


Regalia ami jewels can be supplied if our Insignia Department 

I E 


N227501. Midget Masonic Button, enamelled top. .50 

N227502. Masonic Button, gold top. .65 

N227503. Masonic Button, enamelled centre, gold top, .90 

N227504. Masonic Button, pierced design. gold top. $2-00 

N227SUS. Masonic Button, $1.50 

N 227506. Masonic Button enamelled top, .75 

N227507. Masonic Button, enamelled top, .85 

N 227509 Masonic Button, enam d centre, gold top, $1.25 

N227509. Masonic Button, gold top. $1.00 

N227510. Chapter Button, gold enamelled top, ,75 

N227511. Masonic Chapter Button, enamelled top, .85 

N227512. Chapter Button, enamelled gold top. $1.25 

N227513. Masonic Button, 14-kt. enam d eentre.3.75 
N227514. Octagon shape, enamelled centre, gold top 

button. SI. 75 
N227515. Masonic Button, domed top, raised square 

and compass, enamelled centre, S2.50 
N227516. Masonic Slipper Button, gold, S2.25 

Masonic and Lodge 

IF YOU do not see the style of 
emblem you want in this st-lro 
tion, write us telling us just what 
is needed and we will submit prices. 
The work of our Insignia Depart 
ment is so varied in its character 
that it is practically impossible to 
show here our full capabilities in 
this line. We are able to supply not 
only emblems for all secret societies, 
but make special emblems for new 
organizations, schools, fraternities 
and clubs of every kind. Combina- 
tionsof any emblematic jewellery or 
special mountings can be obtained. 

Emblems for Schools 

CLASS Pins, Medals, etc. We 
ntake a specialty of producing 
class pins according to special 
design. We are glad to furnish 
sketches and prices upon receipt of 
enquiry. The medal is a popular 
form for school award. Prices and 
styles will be sent on application. 

Class Rings: We are glad to fur 
nish designs and prices for class 
rings. Our facilities for this work 
are unexcelled in Canada. 

Articles are illustrated actual size. 

N227517. Mawnic Button, enamelled G. .75 
N227518. Oddfellows Button, ec d top. .65 
N227510. Oddfellows Brooch, gold top. Sl.OO 
N227S20. Oddfellows Brooch, gold top. S1.6S 

. Z 2 >^ X W Z 

7521. Oddfellows Button. 10-kt. gold top, set with 

pearls, $4.00 
N227522. Oddfellows Button, set with pearls, 14-kt.. 

N227523. Knights of Pythias Button, gold enamelled 

top. $1.00 

N227524. Knights of Pythias Button, enamelled gold 
top, $1.75 . 

N227525. K. of C. Button, enamelled gold top, $1.00 
N227526. K. of C. Button, enamelled gold top. $1.35 
N227527. Shriners Button, enam d claws, ruhy star $2.50 
N227528. Shriners Button, gold top. $3.00 


Z Z ~9V Z 

N227529. K. of C, Button, gold top. SI .35 
N227530. Combination Masonic and Oddfellows But 
ton, enamelled, gold top. $1.00 

N227531. Shriners Button, gold top. carved head. $5.00 
N227532. Shrinera Butten, 14-kt. gold, pearl set. $5.50 

N227538. K. of 

C. 4th degree 

Button, gold, 


N227533. Com- N227534. M 
bination Mason- onic Brooch, 10- 

N227537. East 
ern Star Brooch, 
enamelled gold 
top. $2.50 

N227536. East 
ern Star Brooch, 
R.P.. S1.35 

Dinanon wi ason- onic r>iow:ii. i\> ,.;,. R rrt rt n u id 

ic and Oddfel- kt. gold, front om , S ?n 

lows Brooch, pierced back- Kt., 

gold top. $1.50 ground. $1.90 

N227542. N2273S3. Rail- 

Orange Button, road Telegraph- 
gold top. $1.15 ers Button, gold 
top, SI. 35 

N227540. Loyal NZ27541. 
Order of Moose. Orange Lodge 
gold, enamelled Button, gold 
top. $1.25 enamelled top, 


hood R a il way 

Trainmen Button 

gold top, $1.35 

N227547. Brotherhood Loco 
motive Firemen and Engin 
eers Button, gold top. $1.25 

submitted upon 

Brooch, gold enam 
elled top, $2.00 

N227562. Oddfel- 
lows Scarf Pin 10- 

kt., S2.25 

27560. Masonic 

Scarf Pin. 14-kt. .net 

vith pearls, S5.00 

Masonic aprons and regalia can be had from our insignia department 

2 7 





Scarf Pins 

All Pins are in 14-kt. Gold, ex 
cept those shown in the centre group, 
which are either Platinum or 
White Gold as noted 

HOWEVER little a man 
cares for jewellery in the 
ordinary way, he will nearly 
always appreciate the gift of 
a Scarf Pin. 

In the selection which we 
have assembled on this page, 
it will be an easy matter to 
choose something both in 
keeping with the desired ex 
penditure and the personal 
preference of the recipient. 

The workmanship in each 
article is of the very best and 
even if you select a pin cost 
ing no more than a couple of 
dollars you can rest asured. 
that quality and general ap 
pearance will be all that you 
could desire. 

Illustrations are actual size. 







G2285S<r Mothcr-of-pearrsoft Collar 

Links, KoM hall in centre, $5.25 

72. Gold SofTTollar 
Links. $2.50 

The best gifts, after all, are those which \ou yourself would like to receive 




B229001. The first i n^flmBPffiade upon you as you 
look at this watch is that it is "put-of-the-common" 
in design one of the reasons why it is such a great fav 
orite. The case is handmade, and by taking a side view 
of tt, you will see why it is known us the"barrel" shape. 
The movement is our FIDELIS or FAITHFUL, 

and never was a Jjjjl^^ watch more truth 

fully named. i4- .^0^^^^ kt - 8 ld - 


-. . .. . J J<J<r with many lowi;r priced 
watches, it is inrrhaps Opt easy for an "outsider" to 
appreciate the higher price of this watch. The actual 
value is there, however, as the movement is one of our 
very best, the CLIVE. It commends itself strongly to 
those who like "the plain but good." Price in 14-kt. 

gold. $90.00 


"Things Have 

TH E telephone at one time 
was enjoyed only by the 
favored few. To-day it is 
recognized as a great con 
venience in fact , an absolute 
necessity, in every day life. 

Just so with the bracelet or 
wrist watch. It is no longer an 
experiment, but is recognized 
as an indispensable conven 
ience every day and every 
hour of every day it performs 
its quiet and useful service. 

The wrist watch becomes a fixed 
habit in the daily life of those who 
once try it, and they wonder how in 
the world they ever managed with 
out it. No forgetting it, no fumb 
ling in the pocket to find it. there it 
is, always waiting patiently at your 
service, and, if it is of oui quality, 
always answering your enquiry 

B229004. As you will obserWT this watch is. like the 
preceding one. mounted upon a silk nFjbon with gold 
fastener. For adjusting to the wrist, it is a combina 
tion of simplicity and security, and when necessary the 
ribbon can easily be renewed within a very few min 
utes. The movement is our well known 15- jewel 
PICCADILLY. .:n~r Price in 14-kt. gold. 


B229005 You will notice this u-; t tch is unusually small 
in size. Thi^ adds somewhat to it* neatness, whilst pre 
serving at the same time its timekeeping qualities. The 
movement is our FIDELIS, that is, FAITHFUL, one of the 
very finest movements that we can give you. Although 
not a low-priced watch, it is one of our very best values. 
Price in 14-kt. noM. 5125. (K) 

B229006. To those who prefer a little ornamentation, 
this wrist watch will make a strong appeal. It is in ex 
quisite taste, not :it all overdone, the back of the case" 
being perfectly plain. The movement is our reliable 
friend the PICCADILLY. Like all the 1 other ribbon bands 
shown, it can be adjusted in a moment to any wrist. 
The fastening is. of course. 14- 
kt. gold. Price in 14-kt. gold. 

B229007. The movement of this wrist watch is really 
something exceptional. It is known as our CLIVE. and 
will always bring credit to us and satisfaction to you. 
The bracelet is our most approved expansion style, fit 
ting any wrist perfectly. There is also an inside cover 
or back case, which protect? against injury and dust. 
Price in U-kt- gold. $100.00 


**,* ), ? </" t *? a i.4 

> ^:? />4 c - 

., "^XB eaCVi **XVM \c X S V 

U13, inis watch, although very quiet in appearance, will attract im- 
ate attention because of its unusual shape. It is perfectly square with 
:orners, and is in exquisite taste throughout. The movement is our 
ful FIDELIS. Although by no means our lowest priced watch, you would 
never regret the investment. Price in 14-kt. gold. $140.00 

B229014. ThLsisanoTB^B 
<:r rather *hap< . 

and at a comparatively nuxlerate r>ricc. It is known as the "Octagon," 

and contains our favourite 15-jeweI PICCADILLY movement. Like all the 

other fasteners shown on this page, this is of 14-kt. gold, very secure and 

very workable. Price in 14-kt. gold, $60.00 

B229U15. "Cushion sTiaiv" 
iy the name by which this 

watch is known. It is nt ithfi ^.--:tre- nor ruun:i. is really a combination 
of the two shapes. Tin.- dial, you will notice, is exceptionally clear and read 
able, whilst the movement is our old reliable IS-jewel PICCADILLY. Price 
in 14-kt. gold. S7S.OO 


With one of our watches you are "always on time" 

2 9 









watch is 01 

our best gold- 

an appropriate fat __ 

The ribbon can be renewed when 

minutes, $35.0(1 

tted on a silk band with 
of an expansion bracelet. 


Both the 
watch case 
ment is a 
give good satisfact 

10-kt. gold. The move- 
,ay be depended upon to 
.valch has a gold dial, 35.00 

of Course" 

THE expression, "Guaran 
teed of course," is a rec 
ognized slogan of this busi 

If we have the slightest 
suspicion that any article 
offered to our buyers will not 
prove thoroughly satisfactory 
to our patrons whatever 
attraction it may offer it 
never finds a place in our 

We appreciate the fact that 
the greatest asset of our busi 
ness is the confidence of our 
patrons and we spare no ef 
forts to see that this is always 

This is specially true of watches, 
for an unsatisfactory watch in the 
pocket is the poorest sort of recom 
mendation. For our sake, therefore, 
as well as your own, every watch sold 
by us is "Guaranteed of course." 

neat little watch i 
sterling silver, with silk ri 
i*ner. The movement is 01 


in sterling silver case, 
and although stouter 
than the others on the page.1 
eeetionof being clumsy. Th 
YKRNON. and is an excep- 
kecper, 545.00 

. has not the slightest SUR- 

movement is our 15-jewel 

(2i) tionally fine time- 



Hoth the ca^e rmd fateucr of this watch are of solid 
14-kt. j, n!d. The movement too i~ an exceptionally fine 
one. being known as our 15-jewelled VEKNON. with a 
gold dial. This will meet 
the wishes ol those who 
want something really sen 
sible and Rood, $75.00 

B230006. V. 

sold this watch not 

only to many ladies, but to many men engager] in banks 
offices and other indoor work, and it ha--, made a great 
reputation for itself. There are no frills about it. but it 
is a good, plain, sensible 
wrist watch. A most reli 
able 1 5-je welled move- 
^^ ment. Price in sterling sil 
ver case, S20.0U 
Can be supplied with 
either silk ribbon or lea 
ther strap. 


B2J0009. "I his ills., is our best RnM-lill-l. ami has a 15-jcw- 
elled movement. It is also furnished with the silk band and 
artistic gold-filled fastener if desired at the same price. Please 
mention your preference when ordering. S25.0J 

B2300IO. This watch ,, (> 

similar to B23(HK;7 with the 

exception that a silk band and fastener take the \ 

These bands have become very poinihiroflat" !! 

The somewhat unusual octagonal shape of tn is w 

pretVr the out-ol-the ordinary. 

of tlie expansion bracelet. 
-th comfortable anil secure. 
commends it to many who 
Best (jtd-ri!U-i.I. S-10.00 


shape of this watch gives 
a wry pleasing eftVct and makes it one which is bo; 
a fiiit. It lias a 1 5- jewelled PtcCADU,LV movenv-n 
sterling silver case similar in design to B 23001 2. Th 

nd to be appreciated as 

and is "dressed" in a 

price is very moderate. 


B230U12. \Mii-n y.r: 

at thi- 

just love if -i- , ! 

it in our show r^sr U is ^i [w-ri 

no sharp .urnefs. in 14-kt. goli 

really leaves nothing to b 

Sxperience of those who view 
el it. Unusual design with 
i I irr \[>n,i.v movement, it- 
n-priced watcli. (60.00 

ways be<" 
to secure siu bad 
here. This little octagonal 
could desire. The niov..Tn<-nt i 
same as we use in our solid gold 
silver ar 

of wh.-.; 

n silv 

beauty anil is as dainty a; 
ell -d 1 iff \UU.I.Y exactlj 
This one is in stv 

Fifty years experience in fne watches at four 

O K O N T O 





B231Q01. Both sensible and sefWBPPs this wrist watch, especially for 
men s wear. The case is 14-kt, gold, very strong, with an inside back 
case of the ssarae quality, which gives added strength and protcctio 
froi.i dust- The leather bracelet has also a heavy 14-kt. go! 
buckle. The movement is our RAN- 
LEIGH. a splendid timekeeper. Price 

B231004. A watch which would make an excellent 
presentation for either a nurse or doctor, because of its 
long central sweep seconds- hand for taking the 
pulse. Then, too, it has an inside case for extra protec 
tion, also the H|u movement may be re- 
Hed upon iro- ^^^BB^^^ plicitly. In a 14-kt. 
Hold case, ^j^^^^^S^. $90.00 

B23IOQ2. The price of this watcTTTs the same as the preceding one, the 
difference between the two being in size only. This one is slightly 
smaller, making it more suitable for ladies wear or for men 
doing light work. This also has an inside RoM back ca?e, 
Hiving extra protection. Movement 
is our VERNOS. I rice. S75.00 

E231005. This watcIWWxactly the same as above only 
that it has a sterling silver case, with a silver buckle on 
the strap. The cost is just half as much. Price S45-00 

B231008. You wiH hav?Tiard work finding the equal of 
this watch at the price at which we sell it. Thorough 
ly substantial and thoroughly reliable as a timekeeper. 
The case is sterling silver throughout, with an inside 
back which affords extra protection against injury and 
dust. Price in sterling silver case. $20.00 

B231Q03. This "tonneau" shaped watch is one 
of our most expensive men s wrist watches. It 
looks the part and plays the part of a really 
high-class watch. The case is hand-made from 
heavy 14-kt. gold; the shape is quite unique, 
the dial figures are very distinct and the move 
ment is our well known CLWE. You could not 
ask for a better watch. S14U.OO 

A Watch is 

BUYING a watch, something that 
is to be handled and looked at 
and depended upon scores of times 
every day in your life, is something 
entirely different from buying al 
most any other personal effect. 

Clothes are for a season or two 
only; hats become old and old- 
fashioned; shoes wear out, alas! too 
soon; neckties and linen become 
pass$\ but a watch is always with 
you, regulating your movement* by 
night and by day. A wise man, 
therefore, can save money and save 
annoyances innumerable along life s 
journey by purchasing a watch of 
sterling integrity. This is the only 
kind we offer. Further, bear in mind 
every watch leaving this house is 
"guaranteed of course." 

B231006. The movement in tins watch is our 15-jr-\vol 
ST. JAMES, a splendid timekeeper. The case is our best 
gold-filled and its "cushion" shape is quite out of the 
ordinary. Very iiiexpen-ive ,it 

B231007. We can guppryrHWfmewatch. but in a ster 
ling silver case, for S40.00 

B231009. There i 

between this watch and the preceding one. 

which, because of its high qualities, we use in many of 
our best solid gold wrist watches. This one is in sterling 

silver and sells for 530.00 


B231010. As you look at tnTs watch, ask yourself how many 
of your friends who wear wrist watches have one anything 
like it. not many, most likely not any. The shape is known 
as the "rectangular." As a timekeeper you need :wk no 
further. You will find it all here in a sterling silver case. 
It sells at S50.00 

B231011. Very simi 
in size and without i 
men engaged i 

watch is just slightly smaller 
adapted for ladies wear or for 
sterling silver case. S20.00 

B231012. When you look at tfimMWyou would never imagine it could be 

priced so low and yet the case is our very best gold-filled and the movement 

is our 15-jewel ST. JAMES. Price in best gold-filled, 525.00 


mm h to give \oii ii watch that will prai f icri icfahlf and reliable 







B2320Q2, Unless you were an ex 
pert watchmaker you could not. 
distinguish this from the preced 
ing watch. The cases are identical, 
the only difference being that this 
movement is our 17-jewel GREEN 
WICH, a really high grade watch, 
although costing $5.00 less. Price 
in 14-kt. gold. 890.00 

B232001. s watcetu, 

if there is such .1 word. By that we mean it is so 
moderate in size, so strong, and at the same time so 
thin that you would hardly miss it from your pock 
et. It has a very high-grade movement, our 19- 
jewel DOWNING STRKET, with Breguet hairspring, 
patent regulator, etc.. and is adjusted to five differ 
ent positions. The case is of 14;kt. gold and very- 
attractive in its simplicity Price in 14-kt. gold, 

B232004. This is very similar to 
the preceding watch, only it is qui 
best gold-filled case, and not quite 
so thin for the pocket, very com 
fortable none-the-less. Price in 
best gold-filled. $60.00 

Although the 
great majority of 
ladies watches 
sold by us to-day 

there are those who 
still cling lovingly to 
e hunting case. 

B232007. This wa&nMflT worth a second 
look. The case is our best gold-filled, perfectly 
plain and adapted for crest or monogram, if de 
sired. The movement is our ST. TAMES, a good 
15- jewel timepiece. Pricein beat gold-filled. $30.00 
B232O08. The same case exactly as the last 
mentioned, only with a still higher grade I6-jeweI 
movement, the FAIRFAX. Price in best gold-filled 

B232003. No illustration canWlustice to this watch. As 
shown here, it looks much the same as many other 
watches. To prize it at its true value you must see it. 
handle it. and try it a real aristocrat among watches. 
It is an extra thin model. 14-kt. gold case, so "comfy" for 
the pocket, whilst the movement is a 17-jewel adjusted, 
with Breguet hairspring, compensation balance, and 
patent regulator, etc. Price in 14-kt. gold $150.00 

Briefly Stated 

IN explanation of several of the tech 
nical terms used on these watch 
pages, we would say: 

By the Patent Regulator device it is possible to 
regulate a watch down to a much finer point than 
with the regulator used in many other less favoured 

Compensation Balance. By a combination of 
steel and brass, cut through at a certain point and 
fitted with tiny weighting screws at proper inter* 
vals, the expansion and contraction caused by 
changes in temperature are overcome and a regu 
lar rate maintained. This rating wotrid be im 
possible with a solid balance wheel- 
By Adjustment to fltat and Cold we mean, before 
leaving the factory every such watch has been 
tested out in a refrigerator as well as in an oven, to 
provide for all possible changes of temperature 
whilst the watch is being worn. 

The Breguel Patent is an arrangement of the hair 
spring which guards against any sudden jerk or 
jump putting the coils of the hairspring out of 
position, and thus suddenly interfering, with thu 
accuracy of ths timekeeping. 

Again we emphasize the fact that this house 
handles only such watches as it can confidently 

B232005. For a medium priced attractive and 
serviceable watch this should commend itself to 
you- The movement is our 16-jewel CATHCART, 
with Breguet hairspring, compensation balance, 
etc.. and it is housed in a 14-kt. gold case that is 
good for a lifetime. Price in 14-kt. gold. S70.00 
B232006. Exactly the same 14-kt. gold case as 
the last mentioned, only with our 15-jewel, Bre 
guet hairspring, compensation balance. SERVICE 
movement, costing $5.00 less. Price in 14-kt. 
gold, $65.00 

This is another 
double or hunting- 
cased watch, only it 
is in 14-kt. eold. 

B232013. Exactly the same case a: 
the two last mentioned, only with 
our 21-jewel, Breguet hairspring, 
compensation balance, extra adjust 
ed CENTURY movement. The most 
extravagant words at our command 
cannot do justice to this really high 
grade watch. Price in 14-kt. gold, 

B232009. The c.tse is. as you will notico. de 
lightfully simple, and the little extra touch given 
by the monogram adds still further to its beauty. 
The movement is our 15-jewel ST. JAMES, a 
capital little timekeeper. Price in 14-kt. case, 


B2320IO. Exactly the same case as the last 

watch, with our higher grade, 16-jewel, FAIRFAX 

movement. Price in 14-kt. case, $45.00 

B232016. For those who are not pre 
pared to spend quite so much as thv 
preceding watch calls for, we can fur 
nish the same case exactly with our 
21-jewel ROXBOROUGH movement. 
This movement is adjusted to five 
different positions, with Breguet 
hairspring, patent regulator and 
compensation balance. Price 
in 14-kt. gold, 
SI 00. 00 


B232Q14. If you should be asked the time of day and 
the one asking you should catch sight of this watch, 
it would certainly attract and hold his attention be 
cause of its unusual shape. To secure this unique 
shape nothing has. however, been sacrificed. It is the 
same reliable, strong character, only wearing a differ 
ent suit of clothes. The case is very strong, and yet 
quite thin and comfortable for the pocket. The 
movement Us a 17-jewel, patent regulator, compensa 
tion balance, with Breguet hairspring. Something 
that can be relied upon absolutely for satisfaction. 
Price in 14-kt. gold. $150.00 

11232015. If you arc seriously thinking ut buying u 
good watch, a really good watch, something that will 
serve you for life and then go down as an heirloom, 
this is the watch that you want. Where many other 
watches are Content to tick oil the minutes correctly, 
this watch treats with the seconds also. The move 
ment is our 21-jewel CENTURY, with extra adjust 
ments, Breguet hairspring, patent regulator, com 
pensation balance, etc.. and the case id 14-kt. gold, 
very strong, and delightfully comfortable for the 
pocket. Price in 14-kt. gold. $150.00 

In selling you a watch it is your permanent satisfaction for which -we strive 

PRESS LEADER have been author 
ized as standard since the incep 
tion of time service rules in Can 
ada. They are 17- and 19-jewelled 
and 21- and 23-jcwelled respective 
ly, and rive-position adjusted. Each 
movement is accompanied by a 
certificate of rating as per regula 
tions of Kew Observator 


B233010. This is another of the 
same size as B233008 only with a 
higher grade movement, contains 
our 17-jewel CAVENDISH, with pat 
ent regulator, Breguet hairspring, 
compensation balance. A real truth- 
telling friend in best gold- filled 

case, $35.00 

B233011 . This watch also contains 
r 17-jewel CAVENDISH move 
ment, the only difference ii 
that it is dressed in a 
sterling silver case. 
The cost is iden 
tical to the 

S3 5. 00 

B233001. 17-Je 

ADER. gold-filled. 

19- Jewel. EXPRESS LEADER, gold-filled. 

B233003. 21-Jewel, EXPRESS MONARCH, gold-filled, 


B233004. 23-Jewel. EXPRESS MONARCH, gold-filled. 

. When you "pull" this watch out of your 
pocket your friend will ask "What sort of a watch 13 
that?" simply because it is so unusual in shape. 
Best gold-filled thin model case 16- jewel CATHCART 
movement. Price. $50.00 

B233005. The movement in this watch is known as the 
SERVICE, and we guarantee that it will render good ser~ 
MCf. It is a 15-jewel with Breguet hairspring and com 
pensation balance, etc. The case is our best gold-filled, 
with an inside case, giving added protection. With all 
this goodness note the exceptional low cost. 30.00 
B233006. In appearance this watch is iust like the pre-. 
ceding one, the only difference between this and the 
preceding watch is that it contains qur 16- jewel CATH- 
CAHT movement, which also has a compensation balance 
and Breguet hairspring. Price in best gold-filled, $35.00 
B233007. In the case of this watch, it is identical to the 
two above, but the movement is decidedly different. It 
is our DOWNING STREET movement. 19- jewel, adjusted 
to heat and cold. Breguet hairspring, patent regulator. 
compensation balance, etc. The movement should 
really be used in our highest priced gold case, but we put 
it in this gold-filled case for those who want the very 
highest timekeeping Dualities at a moderate price. 
Gold-filled. X.S5.00 

"Manners Makfth 
the Man 

OVER the doorway of one of the old col 
leges of England are inscribed the 
words: "Manners Maketh the Man." 

It is not how the man is dressed but what 
he himself really is. that is the measure of 
his worth. 

This applies equally to the watches upon 
this page; although dressed only in our best 
gold-filled cases they are quite as reliable 
timekeepers their manners are quite as 
good as though clothed in cases of solid gold . 

B233008. This wai 

than the others shown on thi 

gold-filled, with screw back a 

proof. The movement is our 

B233009. In stt-rli 

rger and stouter 
The case is best 
, making it dust- 

SIIKVKE-;, 525.00 




B233016. Same watch as B233015, 
only in a gunmetal case, $15.00 
B233017. The same but in ster 
ling silver. $20.00 

B2330I3. This watch is weTT adapted for a mail (iuing 
light work. The case is our best gold-filled, with screw 
back and front and the movement is a 15-jewel. with 
Breguet hairspring and compensation balance etc 
Price, $25.00 

B233019. The movement of this 
watch is one that generally finds 
its place in a fine gold case. It is 
our 1 7-jewel CAVENDISH with 
patent regulator, compensation 
balance. Breguet hairspring, etc. 
The case is our b^st gold-filled 
you could never imagine it was 
other than an all-gold 14-kt. watch 
Price. $45.00 

B233015. Here is a great watch lur a growing boy or 
a man who is not very particular at having a high- 
grade case. The case is of nickel, just as well finished 
as any sterling or gold-filled case, and the movement 
is a thoroughly good 15-jewel with Bresuet hairspring 
and compensation balance, $15 (M) 

B233018. This watch is intended for those who prefer 
the double or hunting case rather (ban an open face. 
As shown the case lends itself very admirably to the 
engraving of a monogram or crest. It contains our 
reliable SERVICE movement with 15-jewels; Breguet 
hairspring and compensation balance. Price in best 
gold-filled case. S3S.OO 

zA watch is at the same time a necessity tint! a convenience 







G234701. Delecta Pearl Necklet, graduated pearts. length 22 inches, with 14-kt 
gold filigree clasp and presentation case, S50.00 

" Delecta" Pearl 7s[ec^Iaces 

G2347U2. Delecta Pearl Necklet, graduated pearls, length 26 inches, 14-kt. gold filigree clasn 
and presentation case; a magnificent string of selected pearls. S100.00 

The necklaces on this page are composed of an exceptionally high grade of the Delecta pearl, 

beautifully matched and carefully graduated, these longer lengths are exceedingly popular and are only rivalled in beauty by the genuine 
Oriental. With each necklet is supplied a handsome presentation case. 

G234703. Delecta Pearl Necklet, graduated pearls, lenxth 24 inches. 14-kt. gold filigree clasp and 
presentation case; excellent quality. S75.00 

Ptrt iimc; should never touch cither artificial or real Oriental f>dir/s 

"Delectd" Pearls 

( i HE VOGUE for pearl strings continues. They are appro- 
V_> I priate for every occasion, with any costume suitable 
U alike for the young girl or matron and certain to prove 
a most welcome gift. 

Delecta pearls are produced in Paris by a most interesting 
process and are, we believe, the finest of all artificial pearls. 
Made in a solid ball, they will not easily break, while their 
lustre is not impaired by ordinary usage. Every necklace is 
supplied in a suitable case without additional charge. 

G2JS701. Delecta Pear] Necklet, graduated pearls, length 16 inches, with 14-lct Bold 
barrel clasp, $5.00 

G235702. Delecta Pearl Xecklet. graduated pearls, length 16 inches, with ihinestone 
and platinum finish clasp, $10.00 

G235703. Delecta Pearl Necklet, graduated pearls, length 16 inches, with rliincstone 
and platinum finish clasp. $15.00 

G235704. Delecta priirl Necklet, graduated pearls, length 18 inches with rhinestone 
:md platinum finish clasp. S20.00 

G235705. Delecta Pearl Xecklet. graduated pearls, length 20 incht-s. with rhinestonc 
and sterling silver clasp. S25.00 

T)electa Pearls and real Orientals are so much alike, most people cannot tell the difference 




G236707. Veil Pin. rhinestones, 
platinum-finish mount, $1 .75 

G23670I, * rleHd9hip Circle 
Brooch, sterling silver mount, 
set With rhinestones, $6.75 

G23670Z. Bar Pin. rhinestones, 
sterling silver mount, $2.50 

Rhinestone Jewellery 

has, since its introduc 
tion a few years ago, steadily 
increased in favour. The de 
signs on this page are clever 
reproductions of the more 
expensive creations and are 
particularly appropriate for 
out-door wear. The earrings 
are for unpierced ears. 

G236706. Bar Pin, rhinestonea. platinum-finish mount. $6.50 

.-%-.-. ,-- - - 

G236714. Bar Pin. rhinestonea, platinum-finish mount, $6.50 

nes. platinum-finish mount. $8.50 

G236716. Earrings, rhinestones set 
in sterling silver mounts with imi 
tation pearl drops. Screw fastener, 
10~kt. Rold, S11.7S 

G2367 1 9. Button-pearl Earrings, 
gold-filled mounts, pair. $2.00 

G236722. Velvet Neckband with sterling silver mount set 
with rhinestones. $7.75 

G236724. Hair 
Ornament, Bet 
with rhine 
stones. $3.00 

The ideal gift />, after all, that which you yourself would like to have 

G237703. Gold-filled Lingerie 
Clasps, engraved ornamenta 
tion, SI. 00 

G237704. Gold-filled Lin 
gerie Clasps, embossed 
design. SI .00 

Lingerie Clasps, 

Brooches, Handy Pins, 

Hat Pins, &c. 

In Gold-filled and Sterling 
Silver mounts 

npHE articles illustrated on 
A this page afford a wonder 
ful diversity of gift selec 
tions, and you will find it of 
invaluable help in choosing a 
little suitable remembrance 
at a very moderate price. 

With the exception of the 
Baroque pearls all stones 
shown are imitation yet the 
quality of materials and work 
manship is all that can be 

Each pin, brooch or clasp 
is enclosed in a suitable box 
and is sent prepaid to any 
address in the Empire. Ar 
ticles are exact size of the 

G237707. Sterling Silver 

Lingerie Clasps, plain 

design, pair, .75 

G23770S. Sterling Silver Lin- 
i gerie Clasps, engraved orna 
mentation., pair, SI. CO 

G237713. Sterling Silver 

Lingerie Clasps, per 

pair. $1.00 

G237709. Silver Lingerie 

Clasps, patent fasteners. 

engraved, pair, $1.00 

G23/7I1. Silver and enamel Lingerie 

Clasps, patent fasteners, 

pair. $1.50 

\v. G237715. Art Brooch, oxydised mounting, 

coloured porcelain centre, SI. 65 

i> Silver Pm or Bouquet-holder, open 

G237720. Gold-filled 

Handy Pins, pair, 


G237723. Gold-fined Brooch, amethyst 

centre, engine-turned border 

G23772 : Brooch, 

amethyst centre. $1.00 

G237730. Gold-filled Brooc 

enamel forget-me-nots and 

pearl centre, $1.00 

G237727. A sterling silver Bangle. $1.00 

G237731. Gold-filled Bracelet Bangle. $1.00 

*A fifty-cent purchase comma/ills the same careful attention as the thousand-dollar one 




IB / A 

^p ,/^p 

WTUI. fc-vemnj? Dress Set. nine pieces, mother- 
of-pearl, platinum finish mounts. $10.50 

Jewellery for Men 

In Sterling Silver and 
Gold-filled Mountings 

TX/TERE man is permitted to 
*-! adorn himself with but few 
articles of personal jewellery and 
those that he does happen to use 
are absolute necessities. 

We illustrate on this page an as 
sortment of little inexpensive gifts 
for men in the most attractive and 
approved styles that are now being 
worn. Of special note are the silver 
and mother-of-pearl Cuff Links, 
G238706 a most appropriate re 
membrance and something that the 
average man would greatly appre 

G238704. Negligee Set. $3.75 

G238702. Evening Dress Set. five pieces, mother- 
of-pearl, platinum finish mounts. . 

G238705. Set of Shirt Studs, mother-of-pearl, 
platinum finish mounts. $1.75 

erior finish. S3. 00 

Comprising soft collar pin and cuff links 
to match, hammered silver. 

G238707. Sterling Silver Cuff Links. 
stiff connections. .90 

.inks, silver and mother-of-pearl, 
thread centre. SI. 75 

G238708. Sterling Silve 

engraved border. SI. 65 

G238709. Sterling Silver Cuff Links, 
loose connections. SI. 00 

G238710. Gold-filled Cuff Links. 
8tiff connections. 1.SO 

J-olU G238716. Striped Enamel Cuff Links. Jl.OO 

G23872I. Gold-filled Cuff Links. 
t h read border, loose connections. $2 .50 

B238722. Gold-filled Pockct-to-Pocket Chain. 14 inches long, popular model, 15.00 


B238T25. Gold-filled Curl) Chain. Mnxlu length. 
Complete with bar and drop. $4.75 

B238727. Gold-filled Curb Chain, double length. $5.75 Complete with bar and drop. 

We specialize in the art of selecting suitable mementos for all occasions 


Enamel Jewellery 

Mounted in Sterling 

WHEN looking for a 
little inexpensive 
personal gift, the pieces 
shown on this page will 
offer many welcome 

The floral designs are 
in delicate natural col 
ouring, with beautiful 
cream, white and tinted 
backgrounds the gen 
eral effect being striking 
ly dainty. 

The maple leaf pins, in 
particular, are popular selec 
tions, both for their patriotic 
significance and the beauty of 
the highly-coloured leaves. 

The articles are illustrated 
actual size. 


G239703. Maple Leaf 
Brooch Pin. in natur 
al colours. .65 

Silver and 
Pendant, with drop, 
pearl centre. Com 
plete with chain, 

397 (> ~ Another very dainty 
Bar Pin. \vith_cnaniel 
centre, .75 

G239710. Very at- 

V tractive Butter 
fly Brooch, en 
amelled in 
tt. S1.25 

G 2 397 15? 

leaves, finish 1 
al colours. 

x maple 
in natur- 
very dainty 


. __., Brooch Pin. 

enamel centre, with 

rose in natural colours, 


_ G239707. 
Pendant, enamel centre 
and drop, with rose in 
natural colours. 

and is, in design, quite out of t 
ordinary, Sl-00 

G2WT14. Maple Leaf 
Brooch in natural col 
ours, S2.25 

G239717. Enamel Pendant, complete 

with chain, coloured border with rose 

centre in natural colours, SI. 65 

239726. Baby s Bangle, 
complete with animal 
charm, as illustrated. .75 

G23972S. Plain Bracelet with safety chain, sterling silver. 

P/eatt plai f your ^hrisfaias orJcr early 


D24070I. This is a com 
bination Book Mark and 
Paper Knife and comes 
to you in bronze and sil 
ver. SI. 25 

Religious Jewellery 

Jewel Boxes, WVuing 

Sets, &c. 

In Sterling Silver, unless otherwise 

IN THE art of giving gifts 
there is possibly no hap 
pier selection than the choice 
of something which pays a 
silent tribute of respect to the 
recipient. One of the most 
thoughtful selections which 
you can make is a piece of 
religious jewellery, and the 
assortment on this page gives 
you ample opportunity for 
the exercise of your own per 
sonal taste. 

The jewel boxes on the lower half 
of the page represent some of our 
most popular lines and, being the 
manufacturers, we can vouch for 
their superior qualities. The first 
seven articles are illustrated actual 
size, while the remainder of the page 
is one-fif th actual size. 

The writing set and jewel cases 
can be suitably engraved. For chart 
and prices see page 112. 


D240718. Plain Oval Jewel 
Case, 2K inches long. Sll.OO 

D24Q709. Presentation Writing Set with Pad. 22 H * 16 
inches. $69.75 

G 240708. Combination Rosary and 

Photo Case in fine leather. Without 

Rosary, $3.00 Complete. $8.50 

D240719. HANOVER Letter 

Seal. $1.50 

With one script initial specially 
engraved for sealing. .75 extra. 

D240721. Plain oval velvet-lined Jewel 
Case. 3^ inches long. $22.50 

D240722. Patricia engraved, massive, 
Box. velvet lined. 4 , 4 inches long, 

oval Jewel 


We are glad to send photographs and full information about merthandise not illustrated 



silv.-r Thiml.le. .75 S 

Sewing T^ovelties 

SEWING novelties are always a 

me addition to a lady s 
work basket, as they are dainty as 
well as useful. 

KEY rings and chains are gift 
that all men appreciate. Partic 
ular attention is called to the horse 
shoe key chain D241717. 

D241710. Steel Stiletto, sterling 
silver handle, J1.75 

D241712. Stocking Darner, sterling 
sil-.rr handle. SI. 75 

D241715. Snake Key Chain, albo silver S1.2" 

D241717. Horse-shoe Key Chain, sterling silver. Place point orsnce through key 
Key cannot bi- displaced except by reversing the action, SI .50 

if e cheer fit I H refund money in full, should tour selection nut meet :cir/i approval when \</H sec it 

Her Dressing Table Treasures 

f~^C /"ERILY treasures for what other of mi- 

V^\ /lady s dainty possessions share the same 

Ksweet intimacy and render such delicate 

service as her silver toilet articles. Lustrous, use 

ful, enduring silver a daily confidante and an 

everlasting token of the loving thoughts of those 

whose gifts will keep them in remembrance for 

years to come. 

Every woman loves a gift of toiletware. 
About a set built up piece by piece, each commem 
orating an occasion, there is wealth of association 
rivaling the princely gift of an entire assortment. 

"Beverley" Engraved 

Distinctive Sterling 
Silver Toiletware 

"Beverley" and 
"Tudor" Engraved 

*T*HESE two patterns will 
A appeal to all who appreci 
ate the beauty of the hand- 
engraved toilet piece. 

I n shape and form they are 
very similar, each one follow 
ing a different line of decora 
tion, but both being charac 
terized by the same thin 

The nature of the design in these 
patterns lends itself most effectively 
to the engraving of initials or a 
monogram and, undoubtedly, gives 
it that personal distinction the 
very essence of the ideal gift. 

Pieces are illustrated about one- 
third length and width of actual size. 

Engraving prices for entwined 
script monogram per letter: 

Mirror 40 Bonnet Whisk. .15 

Hair Brush. . . .30 Jewel Box 35 

Clothes Brush .30 Velvet Brush. . .20 
Ribbon Box. . .30 Manicure 
Puffjar JO Pieces IS 

D243720. Cloth 
Brush. S19.75 

D243733. Sal 
Jar. S6.25 

D243/30. Puff 
sterling sflv 

D243737. Nail 
Scissors, S5..SO 

We are glad to send photographs and full information regarding merchandise not illustrated 


R Y R I E 



"Patricia" Plain 

"Patricia" Engraved 

"Patricia" Plain and 
Hand Engraved 

FOR THOSE who are attracted 
by the beauty of simplicity, these 
patterns, undoubtedly, will be ap 

The pieces are all well-propor 
tioned, comfortable to hold and to 
use. The silver itself is of heavy 
weight, and all settings such as 
bristles, steel manicure pieces and 
mirror are of finest quality. 

Engraving prices for entwined 
script monogram, per letter: 


Hair Brush ............... 35 

Cloth Brush .............. 35 

Puff Jar .................. 35 

Military Brush ........... 35 

Hair Receiver ............ 20 

ewel Box ............. 35 

elvet Brush ........ 25 

Salve Jar ............... 25 

Pin Tray ............... 25 

Manicure Pieces ......... 15 

1)244702. Cloth 
Brush. SI4.5U 

Note. Due to size of initial re 
quired on these two patterns, the 
engraving charges differ. For other 
styles of engraving see page 112. 

D244706. Ribljon Box 

D244707. Jewel Case, 

1)244716. Nail 

In the art of gift se/efting we are sffcia/ists 

R Y R I E 


"Shot Bead" Pattern 

"Shot Bead" Pattern 

FOR ONE who likes a rather sim 
ple pattern yet very effective 
and rich in appearance, this design 
is most attractive. The perfectly 
plain background, relieved with a 
simple raised bead effect, makes it 
an exceptionally beautiful set, and 
is greatly enhanced with the addi 
tion of a monogram or initial. 

"Portland Bead" 

A MOST attractive pattern with 
pleasing bead border and grace 
ful outline. This design makes a 
suitable one for those desiring to 
take advantage of our year to year 
idea of creating a complete ^set, 
piece by piece, from time to time. 
Engraving prices for entwined 
script monogram per letter: 

Mirror 50 Jewel Box. ... ^5 

Hair Brush.. . .35 Velvet Brush.. .25 

Cloth Brush.. .35 Salve Jar 25 

Puff Jar 35 Pin Tray 25 

MilitaryBrush.35 Manicure 

Hair Receiver .20 Pieces 15 

For other styles of engraving see page 

"Portland Bead" Pattern 

D24S703- Military 
Brushes, pair. S30.UO 

245705. Vel 


D245707. Jewel 
Case. S27.50 

D245710. Manicure 
Scissors, S4.00 

D245706. Ribbon Box. 

D245720. Puff Jar. $15.00 

D245740. Puff Jar. S15.00 

Our year to year idea makes it possible for customers to gradually acquire sets piece t>y piece 


Sterling Silver Vanities 

ANY OF the different articU 
illustrated would make a vcr 

appropriate Rift to a lady, especially 
in these days when vanities are such 
a popular and necessary addition to 
woman s attire. 

Toilet Ware 

WE CONSIDER this pattern 
one of the best obtainable. 
The engine-turned ornamentation 
with just sufficient space for engrav 
ing gives it a very handsome effect 
and adds character to the whole 

Engraving prices for entwined script 
monogram, per letter: 

Mirror 40 Jewel Box 35 

Hair Brush... .30 Velvet Brush. . .20 

Cloth Brush.. .30 Salve Jar 20 


For other styles of engraving see page 

We cannot guarantee to do any engraving on orders received between ^December 1 1 th and 2$th 








= ? 

E247804. Cut-glass Salts 

with sterling silver 

spoons. S2.00 pair 

D247705. Folding Poc 
ket Nail File, sterling 
silver case. SI. 50 

Gifts at $2.00 and 

\ LL THE articles on this 
^^ page are priced at $2.00 
or less. In spite of the low cost 
every one is of just as high 
quality and possesses just as 
much distinctiveness as the 
more expensive gift. 

247810. Corn Holders 

sterling silver rmndlL-s 

per pair. SI. 25 

D247709. Silver-plated Ash 
Tray. S1.50 

D247711. Ash Tiay with cig 
arette extinguisher, silver- 
plated. S2.25 

\ Pocket Knife, two 
blades, $1.50 

O247617. Purse Bag for the 
kiddies. SI. 25 

E247808. Pierced sterlin 
silver Napkin Ring. SI. 7 

E247413. Silver-plated Tea 
Strainer. $1.50 

E247414. Cut-glass 
Mustard with silver- 
plated cover and 
spoon. S1.50 

E247415. Dainty little Almond 

Dish, silver-plate, length 3!t 

inches. S1.25 

D247816 Silver-plated EVERSHARP Pencil 

Has swivels tor six keys 

D247720. GEM Safety Razor. Com 
olete with stropping attachment 

O24762 I.You will never have a hole in youi 
pocket if you use one of these Pi 

Skin Key ^_ Cases, 31.2 

O247623. Handy Work Roll. 
Genuine leather, two spools, 
thimble, needles and pin hold 
er. 3M X 1, * 
inches. S2.00 

O247624. Lady s Visiting Card and Ticket Case. 
Beautifully-made case in brown velvet-finished 
leather, silk lined. S2.00 

O247625. Three-fold Bill Fold, morocco grain. Space for identification 
card, pockets for car tickets, stamps, etc.. $2.00 

M O247627 Laundry Kit in soft leather case. A boon to the lady 
O247626. Spring-side traveller. Closed 3M X 3 inches. 1.7! 

Match Case.Sl.DO 

The question is not where to get goods, it is where to get the most distinctive 

ta*> C<^ 



and Walking Sticks 

ALTHOUGH a very prac- 
-Tx tical gift, an umbrella 
may also be attractive in de 
sign. The ring-handled um 
brellas shownbelow are espec 
ially pleasing and distinctive. 
The suitcase umbrellas are 
very durable and make a use 
ful gift for the traveller. 

G24NSI6. Gentleman s Suitcase Umbrella, sterling silver band. Handle and 
terrule are detachable so that the umbrella may be placed in suitease. $11.50 

C.24&817 Lady s Silver-mounted Suite. tse Umbrell 
Detachable h.miilv and (.-rrule. SX.5U 

G248818. Lady s SuiU ase Umbrella, sterling silver-mounted, ring handle. 
Detachable handle and ferrule, $14.00 

The test gifts, after all, are those which you yourself would like to receive 



D249706. Plain Oval 
Frame. 2 4 
inches. S2.75 

D249704. Plain 
Oval Frame. 
x. 2 l /$ inches, 
SI. 35 

D249705. Plain 

Oval Frame, 1 >s 

x 2 A inches, 


D249701. Plain Frame 
2x2?i inches. S2.5U 

D249702. Plain Frame 
; x3 < inches. S3.50 

Artistic Photo Frames 

\ GOOD picture deserves a fitting 
** frame" with this idea in mind 

our workshops turned out the de 
signs shown on this page. The dainty 
miniature frame, D249712, is 
bronze-gilt and makes a very attrac 
tive and personal gift. 

The measurements indicate the 
size of opening in inches. 

Each frame is enclosed in a suit 
able box. 

D249708. Hand-en 
graved Oval Frame 
x 3 . inches. 

S3. 75 

D249707. Plain Oval Frame. 
3 x 4, inches, S3. 75 

D249703. Plain Frame. 
3x4 ] f inches. S5.25 

D249712. Bronze- 
gold Miniature 
Frame with solid 
back, 2K x 2> in 
ches, S9.00 

D249714. Oval Photo Frame, 
* plain, 3H x VA inches, S4.25 

D249713. Oval Photo 
Frame, hand-en 
graved ornamen- 
ches. S6.25 

D249709. Photo Frame, hand en 
graved corners. 3*4 x 5% inches. 


D249710. Same Frame, plain de 
sign, S6.50 


D249711. Plain Frame. 4K x 6 

inches (standard cabinet). S7. 75 

D249715. Plain D249716. Oval Frame. 3?< 

Oval Frame 4 3 ^ inches, hand-engraved. 50.^3 

x 6H inches, 

D249717. Engine-turne 

D24971S. The same, plain. S24.50 

D249719, Plain. 5 ", x 7 , inches. S16.50 

D249720. The same, engine turned. S21.50 

D249726. Plain Oval 

Photo Frame. 3, i x 6 

inches. S5.7.5 

D249725. Oval Frame 
S inches. $5.75 

D249723. Plain. 3 
D249724. The 

hes. SU.50 
turned. S15.00 

Our guarantee applies equally to the little fifty-cent purchase as to the thousand-dollar one 



in iiiiiimiiiin:n,ii,ni.ii. mini miiiimrnli 

Ivory Toiletware 

HPHIS toiletware combines 
-- the beauty of natural iv 
ory with far greater durabil 
ity. Extremes in temperature 
will not produce the unsightly 
cracks that so often mar the 
genuine article. The mirrors 
are of the finest bevelled plate 
glass and the hair brushes 
contain nothing but the best 
quality of genuine boar 
bristles. It is fully up to the 
high standard that our ivory 
goods have attained. 

The set illustrated may be bought 
as a whole or the pieces one by one, 
from time to time, until the set is 
complete. With the addition of an 
enamel-filled monogram or initial, 
this ivory forms a very dainty and 
acceptable gift. 

yjmiMiiiiiiii fUB! 

T^emember, please, we guarantee the safe arrival of all shipments 

D251701. Twelve pieces. $55.00 

Without monogram, $48.75 

This set is specially recommended as one from which the 
maximum of usefulness can be obtained with the fewest 
possible pieces. The quality of the mirror plate and the 
steel fittings in the manicure pieces is of the same high 
order as in the individual pieces shown opposite. A 
handsome gift. 

The presentation cases, 
in which we furniah this 
ivory ware are distinctly 
above the ordinary in 
quality. They are all 
made in our own work 
shops of seasoned wood, 
covered, blocked and 
padded to hold the pieces 
in position. 

Ivory Toiletware 

In Presentation Cases 

A GIFT of ivory toiletware is 
always considered a gift in 
good taste. It is, of course, consider 
ably cheaper than in sterling silver, 
but the high quality in which our 
goods are supplied is the true secret 
of its continued popularity. 

Monogram and initials are en 
graved at prices below in dark blue 
(the most suitable colour) unless 
otherwise ordered. 



Mirror 60 

Hair Brush 45 

Clothes Brush 45 

Velvet Brush . . . 
Military Brush. . . . 

Hair Receiver 

Puff Jar 

Soap Box 

Jewel Box 

Talcum Holder.. . 
Manicure Pieces. . . 

Entwined Old 
Script English 





D251703. A Brush and Comb Set i 

suitable suggestion for an inexpen; 

sonal gift. Without monogram 

With monogram. 

D251704. Hair Brush. Comb and Mirror. S27.75 

Without monogram, $25.25 

This is a very popular set, especially moderate in cost. There are 
some very attractive sets in hand-painted ivory which are not 
illustrated on this page, but of which we shall be glad to tell you 
upon receipt of your inquiry. The decoration is hand-applied 
by a special process which renders the colour permanent and, of 

course, verv materially enhances the appearance. 


We cannot guarantee to ds any engraving on orders received between December nth and 251/1 


D252701. Has comfortable flat mouthpiece- Leather 
case, ns illustrated. S3.25 

= 1 

D252703. Two Pipes in case. One bull dog and one 
straight. S9.50 

Word about Pipes 

pHE FINEST pipes are made from 
* the straight- grained tough heart of 
Algerian briar root. Judging the qual 
ity of anew pipe is, however, a difficult 
matter indeed. 

Our pipes are the selection of ex 
perts whose intimate knowledge of the 
niceties of pipe-making materials is 
your safeguard. 

The TREBORpipe has qualities which 
will appeal to every smoker, it is me 
chanically simple, easily cleaned and 
thoroughly efficient- We are sure that. 
to many men, it will prove a revelation. 

D252702. Desk Pipe, convenient roomy bowl 

Handy convenience for a writer. Leather case. 


D252705. AOSIAN Cigar 
Tube, S2.50 

D252704. Two Pipes in case. One straight and one 
Desk Pipe. $9.50 

This magnet attracts 
all nicotine and dust 
and prevents entei 

To clean pipe thoroughly, simply 
wipe the magnet occasionally. 

Cooled and purified 
smoke enters here. 

This moisture exit leaves mouthpie 
and sweet. 

D252706. This is the celebrated TREBOR Pipe and is 
made in the finest quality high grade o!d root briar. 
It is not a freak, but one which every man would 
appreciate. It gives a cool, even smoke and is priced at 

D252707. AONIAN Cigarette 
Tube. This is especially hard 
ened and very durable. SI. 75 

D252/08. Straight thin mouthpiece 
with leather case, S3. 25 

D252710. Bull-dog Pipe with leather 
case. S3.5U 




D252709. Bent mouthpiece with leather 
case. S3. 25 

D252711. Thr*v-pii - !. One 

bulldog, one bent and one straight. S13.5U 

5 2 

In the art of gift selecting we are specialists 


I)25,57ul. New oblong-shaped Cigarette Case, 
sttilitm silver, of weight. A favor 
ite presentation model. Holds 1U cigarettes. 

Match Boxes 
Cigarette Cases, 

In Sterling Silver 

CAN YOU think of anything that 
would afford more pleasure to 
the man who smokes than a selec 
tion from this page? These cases are 
made in our own workshops an 
assurance that the quality is all that 
can be desired. They are all of extra 
heavy weight sterling silver. For 
engraving prices see page 112. 

D253702. Thin model Cigarette Case, ster 
ling silver, shaped to the pocket, SIS. 00 

D253703. Oblong-shaped Cigarette Case, in c c c E 
sterling silver, engine-turned ornamentation. 0803 
Holds 10 cigarettes. This is of massive weight t -^~ 
and one of the most effective cases we make, - - Z 2jj 

So many match boxes arc made of 
light weight and do not stand the 
wear and tear, that we have con 
structed this box in. a real substantial 
weight that will give satisfaction. 

D253705. Gentleman s sterling silver Card 
Case, S10.UO 

D2537H7. Hand-en- 
grav-d sterling sil 
ver Match Box. 
Thiais the same box 
as No. D253706 
with the hand-en 
graving. SS.OO 

D2S *7i)S Combination ("ii;ar Cnt- 

ter and Pocket Knife in su-rlinu 

silver A very attractive pocket 

novelty. S2.25 



. Sterling silver 
M ,t 1 c li O a.-c . eiiyi nc - 
uini" I (K i-.n-r!tioii. SS.OO 

D25371 1. Presto Cigarette Case in ni. kel plate. Holds 
10 citian-Ui-s. \\ e Oo not. as a rule, carry a nu-krl- 
plated case in our stock, but this is siu h a popular and 

S tactical model that \\e have included it in our stock. 
y pressing thf projection at each end the top springs 
open and enables one to withdraw a i^arette very 
re.i-lily. H is wi-11 finished and well made S7.v> 

D2S3712. Plain s 

1 i- -. Imtii- a -in^l.- 

row nf eiizarettes. substantial 

weight, very suitable f,.i a umii.)- SIO Oil 

, -Jver 

Case, like pr.>. cdiTitr 
case, nut holds a duuM.- row. 

One of the best values we make 

the two prec -.iJnK eas.-s \\ith very 
effeeiive engine- 1 in ii*-d ornamenta 
tion addeii. 1 hi- , futri- "spot" allow* 
for :m eiTcitive monograTii. Sit IM 

lit with .1 handjonie scroll en 
graved d -sii;n. Makes a \ er\ hand- 
.soinc present at ion pi -ce. Holds 

We want to be your " Family Jew e Her" send its four little repairs 



D254701, ijentlt man * 
Hold -filled Watch 
Chain with pocket 
photo case to hold two 
photos. In presentation 
case, as illustrated, 

025,4702. Evv.ning Dress 
Set. consisting of shirt 
studs, vest buttons and 
cuff links. MuiliL>r-uf- 
pearl, platinum-finish 
mounts. $10.50 

D254703. Pocket -\ad File, sterling silver, 1-50 
D254704. The same in nickel. .40 

Personal Gifts for Men 

Binoculars, Luncheon 
Sets, etc. 

MOST of the articles illustrated 
make very acceptable gifts for 
men, and a large number will be 
found to be of use all the year 

The luncheon set, E2547U, is 
j ust t he thing to complete the equip 
ment of the man who drives his car. 
It is handy, compact, wellarranged 
and its sturdy construction will 
stand up under all the hard knocks 
it will receive. 


1254705. Fine Front.h Prismatic Binoculars, magnifica 
tion eight times. Latest improvements, double focus 
sing, adjustable eye-piece and hingi-d tubes adjustable 
to any sight. Complete with straps and solid hide case 

D254706. Gentleman s three-piece Ebony 

Toilet Set. A very handy thing for any 

man. with initial. S16.25 




1254703. Field Glasses, Powerful range, 
ftn<?t quality French manufacture, hinged 
tubes with sun shields, double focussing. 
Complete with strap in solid hide case, 

G254707. Spring JIFFY Cuff Links for soft cuffs. 
These links make it possible to roll up the shirt 
sleeves without entirely detaching the cuff links. 
The two invisible heads may be unfastened or 
sprung together without removing the links from 
your sleeves. To the busy man just the thing he is 
looking for and the price, as you will notice, is very 
moderate. $1.00 

D254711. Leather Belt, with sterling silver buckle. 
Belt is held by means of a patent slide. S6.50 

D254709. Ebony Military Brushes, finest 
quality biirtAes. in leather case. 13.75 

D254710. Fine Leather Belt for a man. with plain sterling 
silver "slip through" buckle, $5.00 

D254713. Ebony 
Military Brushes. 
smaller size, finest 
quality bristles, 
with silver initials 
and leather case. 

man tu-t:ds a cloth brush 
i hair brush and n comb- 
initial for $25. OU 


Auto Picnic Case, 

fitted for six persons. $31. ( 

We can supply the same case !__ 

four persons for S28.0O- Bottles to fit 

these cases can be supplied. Prices on application. 




Where quality is appreciated your little inexpensive gift will find favour wherever it goes 


ON THIS page are illus 

aVing ! 

fine nickel plate. Has adiust- 
able mirror one side magni 
fying and the other plain. 
Complete as illust rated , 112.00 

trated a number of at 
tractive articles tor men. 

The wall mirror, D255110, 
is one of the most usef u 1 gifts 
fora man who shaves himself. 
It is made of the finest bevel 
glass with nickel frame and 
can be turned to any conven 
ient angle. 

D25570S. best quality 
Corn Whisk with ster 
ling silver-mounted 
handle. $7.00 




E255706. Sterling silver 
Flask, holds one- hall 

pint. SJ1.00 

E255707. The same, in 

silver plate. $12.00 

D2557UV. Sterling silver 
Cigarette. Box. pLiin. 4 x 
3X x IK inches. SJ3.00 


Shaving Brush in ivory 
tube. S2.IK) 

D255712. Sterling silver Cigar Box. lined with cedar 
wood. Size 9 x 5M x 2H inches. $105.00 

1 = 


D25571I. Regular GILLETTE 
Safety Razor. Complete in a 
handsome nickel-plated case. 

D255713. AUTO-STROP 
Safety Razor Outfit in 
nickel-plated presenta 
tion case. Razor strop 
and a dozen blades 


D255714. TWINPLEX 
Rotary Stropper for 
Gilk-tte blades. Rever 
ses itself and strops two 
edges at once. S5.50 

D255115. Oak Cigarette Box. nickel-plated 
mounting. 8 x 4 .;| x 3 inches. Porcelain lined. 
Holds 150 cigarettes and makes a handsome 

gift for his smoking room S12 00 
D255116. The same, in mahogany. $13.50 




H 5 

I2.S5119. Dull Brass Wall 

Barometer with 5-in. dial, 

adjustable to any altitude, 






We will send a copy of this book to four friends here or in the United States 



O256611. English Morocco Bill 

Fold iin-J I-tttt r Case. $6.50 

O256612. English elk grain leather Bill Fold, flap 
nocltets for notes, also places for cards, car tickets, 
etc. Entirely n<".v design, snap fastening, $5.00 

Bill Folds, Cigarette 
Cases, &c. 

In Fine Leathers 

MEN S gifts are so difficult 
to select," is a common 

We bore this in mind when 
the articles on this page were 
assembled and we think that 
from the selection offered you 
will readily find something 
suitable for "him" as a gift. 
Every man uses a wallet of 
some kind or another and, in 
these times, nearly every man 
one meets smokes more or less. 

Our "special" on this page 
is a combination bill fold 
and letter case an article 
many a man longs for. The 
design is quite new and we 
feel sure will prove a great 

The articles are illustrated 
about one-fifth of their actual 

O256613. Special Combination Bill Fold 
and Letter Case. The design is quite 
new- This case has three special com 
partment* for bills and three pockets for 
notes, also card and ticket pockets. 
Made in England, in elk grain leather. 
specially for Canadian men. Size closed 
4 x 7 Inches. Is a splendid Ht and very 
inexpensively priced at S5.00 


Large size Antelope Pouch, 
rubber lined, sterling 
silver shield, $4.00 

O256607. Tobacco Pouch. suede 
leather, rubber lined, S2.75 

O256608. Cigarette 
Case. English tan 
leather, in a solt 
velvet finish, $2.75 

O256609. Combination 
and Change Purse, moi-occo lea 
ther, very compact. $4.00 

O256610. Genuine English Moro 

two separate pockets for bills, also pockets for 
cards, stamps and car tickets. $6.50 

O256614. Bill Fold, genuine black seal leather 

pockets for cards, stamps, identification card and 

mica window. $5.50 

O256615. Three-fold Bill Fold, morocco grain, 
pockets for car tickets, stamps, etc.. $2.00 

O256616. Morocco grain Bill and 

Letter Case, has pockets for cur<is. 

bills stamps and tickets. $3.00* 

O256617. Bill Book, goat seal, memo tablet, pencil and 
ce for bills, che 
for a man. $7.5 

. oo, goa sea, , 

patent holding device for bills, cheques, etc. A useful gitt 

and Letter Case. Holds bills, letters 
cards, car tickets and stamps, $10.0O 

Where quality is appreciated* your little inexpensive gift .will Jind favour wherever it goes 


O257601. Writing Case. London made pebble grain 
morocco, gussetted pockets for paper and envelopes.^ 
blotting pad and penholder. Size of case closed 9 i a 
inches. S6.00 

Writing Accessories 
and Photo Frames 

In Imported Leather 

THIS page shows some 
very attractive gift ar 
ticles in English leather. Writ 
ing cases are almost indis 
pensable to travellers, while 
address books and note books 
always prove themselves very 
useful. Pencil case O257609 
is of exceptionally sturdy con 
struction and will stand up to 
the hard usage of school. 

The photo frames at the 
right are of brown antique 
leather, gold-tooled; strongly 
made and handsome in ap 
pearance. They are priced at 
a reasonable figure and form 
very acceptable gifts. 

Illustrations are about one- 
sixth of the actual size of the 

O2S7606. Ad 
dress Book, gen 
ii i n e leather 
with gold -- It; -:. 
Size 4x3!X ins.. 

These frames are of fine English make, brown antique 
leather and are gold tooled. Sizes quoted represent the 

O2S7607. Fine 
English leather 
Address Book in 
a soft velvet fin 
ish, gold tooled 
\vith gold edges. 
Size 5x4 ins., 

O257608. English pebble grain 
morocco Writing Case, gussetted 
pockets with blotting pad, pen 
antr pencil, lock and key. leather 
handles. Size 9 H X 8 * ins., 9.00 

O257611. Pebble-grain morocco Writing 
Case, leather lined, fitted with :iddrv^ 
book, note book, pen and pencil, blot- 
tine pad U-.itiiLT handles, lo. k and key- 
Size 9J+ x i ins., S12.0D 

O257612. Very superior Attache Writing CaseTpebble- 
grain morocco, leather lined, fitted with two note books, 
paper knife, pen and blotting book with gussetted pockets 
for paper and envelopes- Closed 8x3 ins., $20.00 

O257614. Note Book in English cross- 
grain leather, pockets for notes, stumps, 
etc. Button clasp fasteners, 2 d x 4 ins.. 

Extra refills .IS 


O257615. Writing Case in the new attach*- style, soal 
grain leather. Two books, p.iper knife, p"ti and hi . 
pad. I ucktrt-- for paper and envelop i indies. kry. ClOSed, 12 x.Mns.. $12.00 

/// sending goods to as, please mark your name and address on the wra 



Useful Gifts for 

O258601. Travelling Case for 3 ma 

quality Gentle 

man s Dressing C\isc*. hi,!, k goat sr;il lea t her, leathe 

EVERY article on this page 
has been selected with the 
idea of usefulness in mind 
and, as well as being practi 
cal, each one will last through 
years of hard service. 

They are just the things 
for the man for whom it is 
hard to select gifts. 

025S605 Man s Dressing Case, solid Kngllsh (an hide 
leather fitted with high grade ebony hair brush alass 
and nickel tooth bnuh tub.-, nickel ahavinit soap tube 
turn-back shaving brush, soap box. comb, file tweezers 
and leather-covered mirror. Has loop for safety razor 

0258606. With Wt 

Safety Razor, 

. , nor 

and lOon for safety ra/or. Closed 9!^ x Sins Si? SO 
0258604. With GILLETTE Safety Razor. $37.50 

O258607. Brush and Comb Set, fine soft leather. 

moire lined, pair of hair brushes, cloth brush 

comb, tooth brush and guard. Sixi 7 x 6 \i x 13 4 

inches closed. S13. 50 

O2586Q8. Gentleman s .DressinR Roll, rotitnins two 
ebony hair brushes, comb, soap box. tooth paste tube, 
nickel-plated tooth brush tube and tubes to take shav 
ing soap and shaving brush, perfume 
bottle, tin of t ilcnm pou-J^rand rnnal 
mirror, nail file. This casC is made of 
the new leather fabric and looks and 
wears even better than leather. Size 

closed 10 x 6 x 3 inches. $20.00 

O258609. With a GILLETTE Safety 
Razor. $25.00 

025K610. Man s Travelling Case v 

closed. 7 x 4K x 4 inches. $25-00 

. as 

O2586I2. London hide Gentle 
man s Suit Case. Best English 

make, eight leather corners, bra-is locks, exceptionally strong 
handle, linen lined. Length 24 inches. $40.00 

n-in frame. Fine quality 
bag, 18 inches. 

O258613. Gentleman s pressing 
Case. Black leather fabric. Con 
tains ebony hair brush, soap box. 
nickel-plated tooth brush tube. 
perfume bottle, nickel tubes to 

hold shaving soap. and shaving brush, comb, tooth I 
j paste in case, * 

nail file, mir 
ror and loop for 
safety razor. Size 
closed 9 x 8Ji ins. 


black cow-hide V-.-itni-r. lV;uh<- r lined. Thi 

has leather corners, brass clip^ and lock. $57.50 

O258614. With GILLETTE 

Safety Razor. 520,00 


Black <-ohra-Rrai- 

row-hide leather Suit 
leather lined, fitted 
a. with loop fdr safety 
bag qilalitv brass spriiiK I t 
O258617. \V;Ui i, 

24 x IJ x 6>4 i 

Safety Razor. SI 15.00 

O258618. Black cobra-sr^n co^s -hkU" leather flub 
fitted as illustrated. Han loop for safety razor. 1 S inches 
long by 12 inches deep. SH7..SO 

(guaranteed of course " is a slogan of our business 



O2590U1 Two pairs Scissors in fine nio 
case. Size 5 x 2 ?* i" s -- 54. 

fine morocco : 
- 50 

O259602 Three pairs Scissors in cross-grain morocco 

case lined with moire silk and velvet. This us a most 

useful household sewing-room companion, S6.50 

Manicure Sets and 

THE MANICURE sets we are 
showing this year are of excep 
tionally high quality. The work 
manship and materials are both 
good and the design of the case and 
fittingsleaves nothing to be desired. 
Our special manicure set O259- 
608, illustrated below, is priced at 
sixteendollursand fifty cents. These t 
is of particularly fine workmanship 
and very complete. Itmakesataste- 
ful gift that is just enough put of 
the ordinary to ensure appreciation. 

O25960.S. Him- leather Manicure Case, satin lined, fitted 

with bent ivory handles, nail nJf. cuticle kmfi-. hoot 

stick steel manicure scissors, tweezer ind cleaner. Size 

6H x 3, + ins- $7-50 

O259603. ._ 

Roll, satin lined. Contents: ivory nail o ^ " 

polisher and ^ o ^"-5 >. sc^ 

file, tweezers 

bc^ f 

Manicure Set 
in black pat 
ent case, pop 
lin lined. Con 
tents: buffer, 
nai 1 polls h. 
stick in case, 
nail file, two emery boards and cleaner, wonder 
ful value. 51.25 

J259610. SUNRAY Work 
Baskvt, fitted as illustrat 
ed, gotd-plat -d handled 
pciasors. sterling silver 
thimble, spools, crochet 
hook, need les and pin 
cushion, lock and key. 
10 x 8 , x 3H 
ns., S16.50 

O259608. Genuine leather Manicure Cast:, ^alin lint-d. 
This case contains 18 pieces, as illustrated, with solid 
ivory handles. The best value we have ever pro 
duced Size closed 8 x 3*; ins.. S16.50 

O259606. Genuine leather Manic 
lined, fitted with ivory instrument 
steel scissors. Size closed, 5 H x 

ure Case, satin 
3, as illustrated. 
3 inches. $5.50 

O259609. Twelve-piece Manicure Set, 
embossed leather case, satin lined. The 
ivory handles on this set are very effec 
tive, making it an artistic as well as use 
ful Kitt. Size closed 7 x 3% ins., $11.00 

O250612. Handy leather Work Roll, 

two spools thimblt and needles, pin- 
holder. $2.0(1 

Size 7 x 5 x 1 X nib 
O259611. This is the Attache Box, 

straight grain, lined with silk and velvet, pearl -handled 
instruments, scissors, six spools, measure, buttoner, 

sterling silver thimble, wool, needles, etc. $10.50 



We cheerfully refund money in full should your selection not meet with approval when you see it 




Leather Gifts 


O260601. Compact Poker Set in English long grain 

morocco leather. Contains 96 chn>. two pack-, 

gilt-edged cards and book of rules, S8.50 


O260602. Pocket Cribbage Set. Cards and 
pegs in leather case, S4.00 

ILLUSTRATED here is an 
* assortment of attractive 
gifts in leather. They are 
made of the highest grade 
materials by the best work 
men and are guaranteed to 
wear exceedingly well. 

The folding cravat case, 
Xo. O260608, is especially 
suitable for the man who 
travels. It is London-made, of 
finest leather and is provided 
with hanger which folds when 
case is closed. Its use ensures 
fresh and un wrinkled ties. As 
a Christmas gift it will al 
ways command appreciation. 

The jewel cases are a very 
pleasing gift for a lady. O260- 
604 is especially attractive in 
design and the price is very 

O260604. Lady s Attache-shape, London-made 
Jewel Case, pebble morocco, silk lined. Lift out 
tray and compartments for rings, brooches, neck 
laces, etc.. lock and key. Size 8x 5^ x 2K ins. 


Lady s Fl 
Travelling Jewel 
Case. English pebble morocco, silk lined. Has 
ring compartment and two drawstring pockets 
with lift out tray, lock and key. Size 7x5x2 
inches. 10.00 

O260603. Hand 

O260609. Lady s Jewel Case. English 

pebble morocco with lift out tray. 

lock and key. Size 7 x 4 % x 3 inches. 


0260606. English 

Playing Cards in 

durable leather case 


O2606UH. Gentleman s Folding Cravat Case, London lather, silk lined. Pro- 

vided with polished brass bars and hanger. Keeps ties from creasing or 

soilinc. Size closed 13-!.. x o incfu^. S7 50 

O2606IO. Lady s dainty London-made 

l Casein pebble morocco, silk-lined 
ring compartment 
Size closed ft x 
. S8.50 

0260607. Hri.l 

fine leather case. Con 
tains two packs play- 
\i\K cards, score pad 
and book of rules, 





0260611. Folding Mm 
Music can be carried fi; 

O2606I2. Fine goat seal Music Case. To carry music folded or 
flat. Two locks with keys. Length 15 inches. S10.00 

Our leather goods feature some of the most exclusive French and English importations 

= \ 






i i 





O26I601. Genuine English Morocco Hand Bag, leather- 
covered frame, silk lined, inner division and mirror. 
7 x 6H inches. $16.50 


O261602. Leather Bag, cobra grain, goat skin, silk 
lined, inner division and mirror, $11.00 

^^MBMB^^MT ^-^^- 

l^ew Bags and Purses 

ABAC always pleases a 
woman and it is, there 
fore, a gift that never fails to 
command appreciation. 

No. O261606, illustrated 
just below, is an importation 
from Paris. The material is 
black silk, mounted with steel 
beads. This is a very fine de 
sign at a moderate price. 

O261604. Black Leather Shopping Bag. English make, 
fitted with purse and mirror. Length of frame 8 inches, 


O261603. Lady s Hand Bag. Real English mo 
rocco, silk lined, inner division and mirror 
covered leather frame, $20.00 

O261609. English Back Strap Purse. 

Made of black elk grain roan leather 

and fitted with mirror. S7.50 



2O26160S. Here is a beautiful S15.00 Bag. made of real 
soft morocco. Depth of bag 8 inches, $15.00 

O261608. Super-quality Leather Hand 
Bag. Heavy silk lining, inner division 
and mirror, metal frame, $25.00 

O261610. Back Strap Purse, black 
morocco leather, $7.25 

O26I612. Top Handle Purse, black pebble 

grain goat leather, inner frame, purse and 

mirror, 15.00 

O261611. English Flap-over Bag, 
black grain morocco, inner frame 
fitted with purse and mirror, 88.50 

O2616r37Genume English Morocco Bag, silk 
lined, inner frame fitted with purse, mirror 
and tablet. Has double leather handle. Size 

o c ,/ : u- *, 16.50 

O261614. Fine Grain Goatskin 

Purse. Size closed 7] 4 x 4 inches. 


____^ ^ O261618. A one-piece Bag. Rich black 

O2616I5. Moire Silk Bag. navy blue. O261616. Shopping Bag. Black silk and cotton O261617. BlacIcMoirc b-lk Bag. lined moire silk with a satin stripe, covered 
silk lined. Size 6x 7 inches. $11.50 mixture, covered frame and mirror. $10.0(1 with rich Bilk, 6x8 Inches, S16.50 frame, depth of bag / inches. $12.50 

Our leather goods feature some of the most exclusive French and English importations 



Personal Gifts for 

In Fine Leather Wares 

PERSONAL things like 
collar bags, tie holders, 
whisks, etc., are gifts which 
receive genuine appreciation 
and the selection which we 
have gathered together on 
this page will give you plenty 
of suggestions of suitable little 
presents for any man. 

Our "special" on this page 
is a pair of men s travelling 
slippers in a leather case. 
Most men have occasion to 
travel, so that if you are look 
ing for a gift just a little out 
of the ordinary you may be 
sure that here would be a wise 
choice. Any of the other ar 
ticles, too, would make very 
acceptable gifts. All are made 
in the finest of leather. 

The articles are illustrated about 
one-fifth of their actual size. 

O262604. Nickel Tie 

Hanger with solid leather 

strap, velvet cushion for 

stick pins, etc., S2.2S 


O26260I. Combination Whisk 
Holder and Mirror, fine quality 
bevelled mirror, polished nic 
kel rim. $10.00 

Almost every 
man travels so 
that this pair of 
Men s Travelling 
Slippers, in a lea- 
ther case, is 

bound to be ap 
preciated . They 
are made of soft 
English lambskin 
and have padded 

026260S. Flask in a 
fine leather cover, 
with screw-on drink 
ing cup. The flask 

O262607. Here is the very thing you are looking for, a gift a little out 


the ordinary, most inexpensive and ver 
clusively in England arid specially priced 

0262608. Nickel-plated 
Drinking Cup in a lea 
ther case. SI. 50 


ry appropriate. Made for us ex- 
cd for your con?i< .cration at S5.00 

O262609, Gold-lined nlckel- 

&Iated collapsible Drinking 
up in a fine leather case 


O262606. Corn Whisk in a tan 
leather sheath with leather 
handle. Sl.Sd 



O262610. Suede draw-string Collar Bag. stud 
Docket at side, diameter 7 inches, very roomy, 

O262611. Superior suede leather draw-string 

Collar Bag with metal box in centre for studs. 

buttons, etc.. $4.00 

O262612. This combination Collar and Hand 
kerchief Case is made of superior leather spec 
ially for us in England. $7.50 

*-j-jw^< :r^ f ^f^ f ^tJM ^ ^y-^LS/T 1 ^tASfep^ 

Useful and t attrafttVf things which brighten, up. your own home, make pleasing gifts which help others furnish theirs 


I E 



O263601. Beautiful velvet-finish tan leather 

Card rind Ticket Case for a man- Fits the 

vest pocket. $1.50 

Gifts for Men 

EACH article on this 
page is a gift that a 
man will use and appre 
ciate. They are all made 
of the finest materials 
and are extremely dur 

The combination coat 
and trousers hanger, 
illustrated in the centre 
of the page, is a very 
practical gift. 

Beside being handy and 
compact it is especially de 
signed to keep the clothes in 
perfect order. The hangers, 
when folded, fit into a case and 
take up very little room in a 
travelling bag. 

O263602. Gentleman s Visiting Card and 

Ticket Cast- in fine English morocco, silk 

lined, S2.50 

O263607. Folding Shoe Horn and 
^ Button Hook, nickel-plated in 
! cow-hide case. Size closed 
inches. SI. 00 

0263603. Gentleman s Stud and 

Stick Pin Case, London made 

pebble Rrain morocco. Size closed 

3 x 3 x 1 j* inches. S2.25 

0263604. Shoe Horn in pol 
ished brass. Complete in tan 
velvet-finished leather case. 
Length 4J-4 inches. SI. 50 

0263608. Pig Skin Key Case. SI .25 

O263611. Combination Coat and 
Trousers or Skirt Hanger in lea 
ther case. Size closed 5H x 2 
inches. SI. 25 

O263610. Genuine pie skin Portsea 
Purse. British made. SI. 50 

J = 

O263612. Three Coat Hangers in suede leather case. $2.00 

If for any reason you are dissatisfied return the article at our expense 


O264601. THE FITTED WINDSOR Lady s Travelling Bag. 
Fine quality black cubra grain leather, silk lined with 
ivory fittings, as illustrated. Length 17 inches, 75.00 

When She Travels 

SHE likes to have dainty 
perfection evident in all 
her toilet furnishings. These 
fitted travelling bags and suit 
cases are gifts that gratify 
this wish. A feature of the 
special travelling case, illus 
trated below, is the limousine 
tray containing the toilet set. 
This can be removed and 
carried independently. 



is the same bag as the one immediately above, 

but comes to you without the fittings. It has 

two handles, brass lock and slides, $57.50 

O264603. THE MADISON Lady s Travelling Bag in black 
long grain cowhide leather, silk lined with gathered 
pocket, lock and key and two 
slides. 18 inches long, finest 
quality. S47.50 

Closed 6x3M inches. 
In tine pink leatner. 

O264604. Won? Case, two 
pair scissors, pearl-handled 
stiletto, crochet hook and 
button hook. Contains al: 
silks and three packe 
needlea. Very compac 

si 2. oti 

O264605. Tarty Case. Contains gold-plated brush, 
powder box or perfume case, with mirror inside cover, 
tablet and pencil and pearl-handled button hook. 
bsolutely indispensable when travelling, motoring, 
ht-atre or bridge party. $20-00 

Illustration of 
the limousine 
case closed. This 
fits inside suit 


O264607. THE PULLMAN. 
This is our special Travelling Case for 

ladies. The great feature is the limousine tray. The fittings are con 
tained in this tray which folds up into a box with a handle, making it 
possible to carry the entire set of toilet articles to the dressing room 
without the extra burden of a suit case. Toilet articles, as illustrated, 
are best quality Parisian ivory- Suit case is made of super-quality cobra 
grain goat skin leather and is .silk lined, pockets for blouses, etc. 
Length of case 22 inches. Price $175.00 

O264606. Lady ." Travelling Dressing Case. Fine 
-black goat skin leather, silk lined. Fitted as illus 
trated with handle for carrying, light weight Size 
closed 9*A x 8^3 inches. $40. OU 

O26460S. Lady s Travelling Case. Black 
long grain leather, silk lined, fitted as 
illustration. Size cloned 9 4 ^ 7 inches. 

Lady s Fitted Suit 

Case in medium long grain cowhide with silk 
lining. Fittings: ivory hair brush, cloth brush, 
mirror, s^-ap box, tubes for tooth brush, tooth 
paste and talcum, pomade box. naiT file, button 
hook, cuticle knife, nail polisher and scissors. 22 
inches lone. 51 15.00 

0264610. THE GRO 
Black cobra 

.__ .iKosvENOR Lady s Fitted Suit Case. 
lack cobra grain leather, silk lined, fittings: ivory mir 
ror, hair brush, tooth paste tube, tooth brush tube, soap O26461 1. THE CAVENDISH Lady s Presentation Suit 
box, salve box, nail polisher, comb, file and button ("use This case is of superior quality cobra grain goat 
hook. 22 inches long. $75.00 "skin, silk lined, fitted with shell colored toilet article;,, aa 

illustrated. Has two gathered silk end pockets, two 

"skin, silk lined, fitted with shell colored toilet articles, as 
illustrated. Has two gathered silk end pockets, two 
brass locks and keys with strong handle. Length of case 
22 inches. One of our finest, $150.00 



This Year Tjook shows many suitable gifts and conveniences for the bride s 


Purses, Feminine 
Gifts, Medicine 

AMONG the articles illus 
trated are a number of 
novel and dainty little gifts 
for women. All are well made 
and moderately priced. 

The beauty box No. O265- 
608 is an especially attractive 
article in a new design. It 
contains a mirror, small purse 
and charming French draw 
string puff, and is a gift that 
any woman will appreciate. 

The medicine cases in the 
lower right hand corner are 
especially valuable when trav 
elling. No. O265616 is a com 
plete first aid kit and con 
tains all the articles necessary 
to take care of small acci 

O2656U2. Lady s Money or Jewel Pocket. SI. 00 

O265603. Floral 
Jewel Pocket 
with ribbon 
to hang 


O26560S. Beauty Box. new design, fine leather case. Con 
tains large mirror, petite purse and Parisian draw- 
silk puff. An ideal gift, 3 x 3 } 3 x 2 4 inches. 7.50 

O265616. .vnnjivmr- K.J:W-. IUUIB- 

penaable for travelling. Fine wal 
rus-grain leather. 4 x 2 < x 2 in 
ches. S7.50 


grant Perfume T$ 
Brick. Pro 
vides against mo 
velvet-finished 1 

^^"^^^ ^^^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^H 

O2656IO. Lady s Visiting Card Ticket Case. Vlne^English ^black O265615. Laundry Kit in soft leather case. A boon t. 

and Ticket Case, S2 OU - , i rath( . r _ 2 U v 4 inch,** the lady traveller. 3 ", x 3 inches. SI .75 

pin seal leather, 2>a x 4 inches, 

morocco leather, S4.50 



very article purchased represents the full value of the price you paid for it 


Pocket Fitments 

In Sterling Silver 
unless otherwise mentioned 

EVERY man, professional 
or commercial, has need 
fora knifeor pencil. Fortheir 
very usefulness, he will value 
and appreciate them when 
other gifts have "gone on." 

The fountain pen, D266- 
818 will be appreciated by the 
school boy, or girl, while any 
of the other illustrated artices 
will makeexceptional gifts for 
the grown man. 

Discoloured blades in a pocket 
knife are always unsightly. The 
blades of the knife D266816 are 
made of a special stainless steel and 
will always be unstained and shining. 

Nine models of the handy auto 
matic pencils are illustrated below. 
These pencils are already so well 
known that we hardly need add our 
recommendation. They are just the 
gift for the busy man and woman, 
who are constantly in need of a 

D266808. Sterling silver Pocket KnitV. r-n^int-- turned design 
with space for engraving, three blades and file, S7.00 


The quality of everything illustrated in this book is the finest obtainable 


Waterman s 

" ". " ; , : -. . 4 

THE need for a foun 
tain pen is general. 
and as a gift it has the 
added charm of being 
of "personal" character. 
This assort men t is care 
fully selected to em 
brace the most popular 

Your favorite pen 
a gift from "Canada s 
National Gift House." 

Please mention fine, 
medium or stub point 
when ordering. 

F267803. "The Secretary," abort, thin model, self-filling \s 

F267809. Self-filling, thm model, gold-filled 

Fountain Pens are trulv "Persona! Gifts" 



H268101. Inkstand. 2 s t ins. high. 9 ins. long, 5 ins. 
across, dull brass. A gift that would be welcomed by 
him for his desk at home or in the office. $10.00 

H 2 68 102. Stationery Holder 
dull brass finish. $4.50 

H268103. Inkstand, dull 

brass finish, 4 # ins. 

square at base, height 2 Yi 

ins.. $3.75 

II 268104. Perpetual Cal 
ender Pad, statuary 
bronze. 4 ins. high x 
2| 4 ins. wide, $3.25 

Furnishings for the 
Library Table 

In Brass, Bronze, Etc. 

BOOK consoles, reading lamps, 
writing utensils and similar 
pieces make particularly pleasing 
gifts. While not strictly "personal" 
in character there is about them the 
prospect of daily intimate use which 
adds to their desirability for presen 
tation purposes. The articles on this 
page are made of the very best 
materials and will give long years of 
service and pleasure to the recipient. 

H 268106. Pen and 
Pencil Holder. A 
convenient means 
for keeping pen 
and pencils handy. 
SI. 75 

H268105. Blotter, dull brass, 

5 ins. Ion? x 2 . ins. wide. 


H268108. Pen Tray, dull brass 
finish, 8?i ins. long, $1.90 

1-1 268111. Spike. 

File and Guard. 

dull brass loaded 

at base. $1.90 

H 2681 10. Stamp 

f "* dul1 . bras3 

finish. 3!t ins. at 

base. $1.75 

H268109. Squirrel Nut Bowl in natural 

bronze. 9 ins. across. Operated by 

screw cracker, $6.50 

H268I12. Solid Brass Paper Knife. 
9 ins. long, $2.00 

H2681U. Scimitar Paper Knife, dull 
brass, length 6 ins., $1.00 



H268114. Six-piece Desk Set in statuary bronze with artistic raised decora 
tion. Pad measures 16 x 21 ins. A gift suggestion that would be appreciated 
alike by women as well as men, $25.00 

H26S115. Candlesticks, solid cast 

brass, polished finished, 7, i ins. 
high. Price, S8.75 

>] 2681 17 Five-pieceDesk Set. brass, dull finish. Pad 
measures 12 x 16 ins., 515.00 


H268116. Book Ends, bronze finish. One of 
our most popular gift suggestions. Attrac 
tively priced at $6.00 

H26S120. Desk Lamp, 
bronze finish, adjust 
able shape. Price SI 1.00 

Equipped with 

standard plug 


H268119, Book 
Rack, statuary bronze, 
extending to 24 ins , $5.50 

H 2681 18. Book Consoles, statuary 
bronze, base measures 4 V t ins. 
Exceptional value, 

H268121. Book Consoles. 
statuary bronze, 7, i ins. 
long. The design is of \\fll- 
known "Old World" origin. 


Where quality is appreciated your little inexpensive gift will find favour wherever it goes 


D269101 Tobacco Jai, 
inches high, moist- 
ener inside lid, dull 
brass, $5.00 

IJ 269103- Bronze de luxe Tobacco Jar with pipe 
and match holder attached, (13.00 

For the Man who 

THIS page of practical gifts 
for smokers enables one 
to make a pleasing selection 
of something that is not only 
useful but also ornamental for 
the library or smoking room. 
Articles shown are of brass, 
unless otherwise specified, 
and are moderately priced. 

D269102. Ash Tray, dull brass 
finish. 4H-i n ch base with tilt 
ing tray and cigar rest, S2-25 

D 269104. Cigarette 
Jar. bronze de luxe 
finish. 4 inches high, 
with ash tray, cover 
and rest, 5.50 

D 269106. Smoker s Tray 
with Match Holder. 
Bronze de luxe finish re 
movable glass tray, ?7. 00 

D269105. Ash Tray and 

Pipe Holder, dull brass 

finish, $3.25 

D269108. Nest of four Trays, 
dullbrass. diameter 3 Y* inches. 
with cutter and holder, $4.00 

11269111. Match and Pipe Holder 
Colonial finish. $5-50 

D269110. Floor Lamp with smoker s 
fittings attached* Finished in dull 
bronze and dark real bronze and fit 
ted with extension cord. S37.00 

D269113. Smoker s Set in dull brass. Tray 
nches. Cigar jar, match holder and 
ash tray. A very popular set, $12.00 

D269114. Ash Tray, 4H 

inches. and Match Holder, 

dull finish. 52. 50 

D269112. Cigar Lighter- Antique 
finish, ornamental as well as use 
ful. 15.00 

1)269115. Mahogany Cigar Box, 
domed cover, ball feet, aluminum lined with 
moistencr, holds 50 cigars, size 10 x_7 x4K inches, fitted 
with lock and key. also place fur inscription, 416.00 

D 26911 7. Oak Cigar Bex, 

aluminum lined, with moistener, 

fitted with lock and key. Plate for inscription. 

Size 10 x 7 x 4 , inches holds 50 cigars. S12.00 

No matter what the occasion, we have a suitable gift suggestion 




Clocks for Gifts 

J2/0101. Eight-day Library or Living Room Clock 
solid mahogany mantel case. Striking hours and half- 
hours on cathedral bell. 5-in. convex porcelain dial and 
convex glass with cast brass sash. Height 9>a inches, 
base 8 inches, S30.00 


\SIDE from its constant useful- 
- * ness there is a sentiment which 
endears the clock to its possessor 
and makes it a kind of confidante in 
the quiet hour. Ideal wedding and 
presentation gifts may be selected 
from the clocks shown on this page 
everyone guaranteed to be a good 
reliable timekeeper. 

We also carry a large stock of 
"Grandfather" Clocks and will be 
C-ad to send illustrations, descrip 
tions and prices, upon request. 

:iock. strik- 
5-in. porce- 
cast brass 
sash. Height 9 
inches, base 
11 inches, 

J270103. Eight-day Mahogany Mantel Clock. 4-in. 
porcelain dial. Height 6 * inches, base 11 inches, S2t.OO 

J270104 \\Vatminster Chime Clock, inlaid ma 
hogany case, chimes every quarter hour on Sve 
bells. Has 6-in. convex etched silvered dial. 
Height 14 inches. Handsome piece for the hall or 
fining room $85.00 

J270105. Fifteen-day Mantel Clock, 
mahogany case, striking hour and 
half-hour on cathedral bell. Silvered 
dial with 4?a-in. etched minute sil 
vered circle. S40.00 

J270I06. Eight-day Ma 
hogany Clock, striking 
hour and half-hour on 
atheciral bell, 5-in. por- 
elain dial and convex 
;lass with cast brass sash. 

J270107. Small One-day 
Bedroom Clock, mahog- 
hqgany case. 2-in. porce 
lain dial, height 4>S in 
ches, width 6>j inches. 

J270108 Handsome Mahogany Mantel Clock, eicht-day movement strike, hoi.r 

ami half-hour on cathedral eo n e . 5-in. etched siivertd dial with cas?" ,ri "s h in,l 

convex bevelled glass, height ) inches, width 11", inches $47 50 

dial, cast 

J270111. Eifjht-day 
Bedroom Clock. 2%- 
Jn. porcelain dial in 
laid lines on front 
edge, height 5, -i in 
ches, mahogany case, 
SIS. 00 

J270110. Eight-day Mantel Clock with splendid lever 

movement in solid mahogany case, 1 l A-\n. convex dial 

4 inches in height, width 9 inches, $1 7.00 

J270112. Fine Solid Mahogany Mantel 
Clock, "Tambour" shape, splendid eight-day movement. 

striking hours and half -hours on gong. 5-in. convex di;il. Height 9 * inches, base 
17 inches. A splendid wedding or presentation piece. $45.00 


urn, all risk and guarantee the safe delivery of every article 


K271401. Pie Plate in fine silver plate, glass lining. 
Inexpensive at $4.50 




E271402. Fine Silver-plated Casserole. Di-> 

ameter 7 inches, with glass lining and cover/ 

A most useful household gift, $8.00 

E271404. Fine Cut- 
glass Marmalade 
Pot. silver-plated 
cover and spoon. 


IF YOU feel that you 
do not care to spend 
very much, and yet want 
to give something that is 
distinctive and artistic, 
you will find a number of 
useful suggestions on this 

All of these gifts have been 
specially selected and, al 
though the prices are very 
low, there is no sacrifice of 
either high quality or fine 
workmanship. Each and 
every article is fully up to 
our standard and is covered 
by our guarantee. 

H27I105. DullBi.... 

Crumb Tray and 

Scoop. $3.50 

E271406. Crumbj 

Tray and Scoop in 

best silver plate, 


E27I403. Fine Cut- 
glass Marmalade Jar 
with silver-plated 
cover and spoon, 
S3. 00 

E271410. Fine Silver-plated Roll or Bread Tra 
pierced design. Length 13 inches. S10.00 

E271412. Sil 
ver plated, 
pierced top. 

Trumpet Vase, 5H 

in. high. S2.75;6K 

in., S3. 50; 8 in.. 


E271407. Pierced Silver-plated 

Butter Dish with Knife, glass 

lining, S2.75 

E271408. Syrup Jug in 
cut glass with line sil 
ver-plated cover. S3. 50 

E271411. Silver-plated Butter Dish 
and Knife. Verv inexpensive at S4.00 

E271409. Covered Butter Dish. 

pierced silver plate, glass lining, 


H271U5. Fine Cut-glass Berry- 
Bowl. 8 inches diameter. SS.25 

H271410. Silver-plated Tea 
Strainer and Stand. S2.50 

E271414. Fine 
Trumpet Vase, 
6Hi inches high, 

E271413. Trum 
pet Vase. 8 in 
ches high, fine 

er pi ; 




E271418. Mayonnaise Bowl 
and Spoon in fine silver 
plate, glass lining, S5.50 

J271122. Small One-day Bedroom 

Clock, mahogany case. 2-inch 

porcelain dial, height 4^ inches. 

width 6H inches, S8.00 

E271419. Dainty Bonbon 

Dish, silver plate. 4 inches 

diameter. S1.25 

E271420. Fine Silver-plated 
Pierced Comport. Diameter 
inches, $6.00 

H27M21. Fine Polished Braes 
Candlesticks, 56.00 

E271423. Fine Silver-plated 

Teapot Stand with asbestos 

mat lining. $3.00 

E271424. Sandwich or Cake Plate, fine 

pierced hard metal silver plate. Diameter 

10 inches. S7.SO 

H271425. Book-Ends, bronze finish- These con 
soles are very substantially weighted and wilt 
prove a boon to the book lover, S6.00 


Our guarantft apfliff to every article from the least expensive to the most costly 



D272702. Man-in-the-moon 

Rattle in sterling silver on 

good ivory ring. S3. 00 

HERE are a number of at 
tractive and useful gifts 
for the kiddies. 

The baby shoe, A272810, 
is perhaps the very best 
memento of childhood days. 
By a special process the little 
shoe is covered with a coat of 
metaland rendered practically 

D2 72706. Celluloid Baby- 
Rattle and Toy with silk 
ribbon, S2.25 

The name and date cap 
be etched on the sole 
for .75 extra. 

C272708. Heart Pendant with 
chain in 10-kt. gold. $3.25 

<~uvenir of baby days. In bronze or 
silver. ($2.50 each). $5.00 per pair 
A272811. In gold. ($4.00 each). 
$8.00 per pair 

floods sent on approval on receipt of usual references 

E.273&03. E273804 

Pierced. 1 Hand-en 

iuch wide, graved, 

$2.75 $3.75 

E273&01. E273802. 

Bead Pat- SAXON 1 in. 

tern. H in. wide, $2.25 
wide. 52.00 

Sterling Silver 
Napkin Rings. 
Quality and fin 
ish exact as 
those we make 
for the grown 

Silverware or 
Tiny Tots 



Baby Spoon, 


BABY S first spoon or cup is not 
only of practical, everyday use 
during babyhood, but becomes one 
of "mother s" most treasured pos 
sessions in after years. Here is a fine 
assortment of baby silver all 
sterling unless otherwise stated. 
Engraved with baby s name or 
initials, a selection from this page 
will be doubly appreciated. See page 
112 for prices on engraving. 

E273811. Initia 

Napkin Clips, 




E273820. Heavy sterling 
Cup gold-lined. 2 ^ inche 

E273822. Heavy ring- 
handled Spoon, in case. 

E273824. Sterling silver, gold 

E273S23. Silver-plated, gold- lined. 2 4 inches high. SS.Oi) 
lined. 2 ; inches high. $4.50 

E273825. Sterling silver Porrinser. 
pierced handle. 4H inches diam 
eter. $19.00 

E27J626. Very hea . 
Presentation Cup. go; 

E273827. Sterling, substan 

tial weight, gold-lined. 2K 

inches high. $10.00 

E27382S. Fine silver-plated 
Cup. gilt-lined, height 3!-* 
inches. S4 50 



E273S29. Sterling silver Knife. Fork and Spoon Set, in 
attractive imitation leather case. S10.00 

Our silver soap is suitable for cleaning silverware, gold, jewellery and cut glass. Shown on order form at hack of book 



Cut Crystal Tableware 


H274101. This is a very 

rich brilliant-cut Berry 

Bowl. 8-inch diameter, 


H274102. 4}4-inch Nappie. 

matches above bowl, doz , 


H274105. Butter Plate, 

6 inches. SS.SO 

Illustrated end up so that you can see the 
fine cutting 

A FEATURE which has al- 
ways distinguished our 
displays of rich cut glass 
is the absence of poor quality 
cutting and commonplace 
designs. Our stocks represent 
the brilliant crystal effects of 
the most celebrated makers in 
the world, affording a wonder 
ful diversity of gift selections 
for all occasions. 

No. H274112 is a beautiful 
specimen of the glass cutters 
skill and is an exclusive de 
sign with us. No. H 2 74 103- 
104 would make an ideal 
wedding or anniversary gift 
beautiful, useful and sure to 
be appreciated. 

All cut glass ware is carefully 
packed and safe delivery is 
guaranteed, so that far-away 
customers may always rely on 
a satisfactory purchase from 
our stocks. 

H274103. The design of 
this 8-inch Berry Bowl 
is a little out of the or 
dinary; frosted stripe 
patterns 513.50 

H274104. This Nappie, 4M 

inch diameter, matches the 

above design and sells for 

S40.00 doz. 

H274106. Bow , cut and engraved. S-inch 
diameter, specially priced at $13.50 

H274107. 454-inch 

Nappie. matches 

abovf bowl, doz., 


H274108. Comport, cut and 

engraved, butterfly and 

flower design, 6 inches high. 

5 inches across, S6.50 

H274109. Berry Set, 8-inch Bowl and six 4K-inch Nappies 

to match. S25.00 

H274110. We can sell the Bowl only for S8.25 
This is a very handsome and elegant table appointment and 
would make a useful and appreciated gift 

H2 74 11 1 .Two-handled Bu tier 

Dish, shown end up. floral 

design, 4-00 



H274I13. Rose Bowl, floral decor 
ations, flower net included, diam 
eter 7 inches. A handsome table 
centrepiece. $20.00 

H274112. 10-inch Nappie. very rich design, as 

illustrated, with server, $25.00 
H274118. Salad Servers only, $5.50 

74114. Water Pitcher and 

six Tumblers, complete. $44. 00 
H274115, Pitcher only. $22.00 

cut. Pitcher and glasses 
.are of sensible and use- 
Fful shape and make a 
gift which is ornamen- 



tal aa well as practical. H274H6. Water or Lemonade Set. pitcher an. 

to match, S22.00 

d six tumblers 


We prepay all charges and guarantee safe delivery on all cut glass to any address in Canada 


H275102. Mayonnaise or Sauce Dish, floral 

natirrn, fluted edge. S7.75 

H275101. Footed Fern Dish. 8-inch diameter 
removable silver-plate lining, $13-50 

Gifts in Fine Cut 
Gloss Ware 

GLASS lends a rich- 
ness and brilliancy to the 
dining table and is the pride 
of every housewife. All pieces 
shown in this book are cut by 
hand from the best imported 
blanks, affording a wonderful 
diversity of gift selections at 
moderate prices. 

H2/5104. Comport, very effective cutting 
moderately priced at S6.60 

H275103. Spoon Tray or Pickle Dish, 7 inche 
long, showing reverse side, S5.50 

H275105. Bonbon or Olive Dish. 6 

inches across, tilted to show cut. 


H275107. Water Set Carafe and six Tumblers to match 

Very moderately priced at S20.00 
H275108. We can supply the Jug only for S9.00 

H275111. Nappie, 6 inches, 
brilliant cut. S4.SO 

H275109. Trumpet Vase. 

10 inches high, in a very 

effective floral design, 


H275112. Celery Dish. 11 inches long, massive 
weight, beautiful deep- cut pattern, S8.25 

H 2 75 110. Vase, deep mitre- 
cut floral design, height 9 
inches. S10.00 

H275115. Sugar and Cream, floral pattern, extra 
heavy weight, per pair. S9.00 

H2751I4. Sugar and Cream, extra heavy weight 
per pair. $7.25 

The bat gifts after all are those u-hich \ou yourself would like to receive 






H276102. Rich deep- 
cut Water Tumbler, 

doz., S30.00 
Matches Water 
Pitcher H276120 

H276101. Extra heavy 
Crystal, floral design, 

doz.. S33.00 

Matches Pitcher 


H276104, Wuur 

Tumbler, one- 
half pint, doz. 

H276105. Handled Bonbon 
Dish, 6-in. diameter. S3. 85 

Rich Cut Crystal 

HERE are other beauti 
ful pieces from which 
you may select Christmas, 
XYedding, Anniversary and 
Birthday gifts of happy ap 
propriateness. Cut glass is 
always useful as well as orna 
mental and, although every 
piece of crystal in our stock 
is hand cut and polished, it is 
most reasonably priced. 

The berry set, No. H276113- 
114, with engraved berry 
design in rich grey finish, is 
particularly good value and 
would make a highly prized 

Remember, when purchas 
ing by mail, you receive the 
same guarantee of quality 
and your parcel arrives in the 
same good order and condi 
tion as though you bought it 
personally at our store. 

Sugar and Cream, 

H276109. Three-footed Sandwich 

Plate, floral pattern, fluted edoe 


H276110. Butter Dish, deep- 
cut design. S5.50 

H276113. Footed Berry Bowl, engraved berry 
design, in rich grey finish. S8.2S 

H276114. Berry or Sherbet Glasses to match 
doz., S20.00 

H2761 16. Sugar and Cream, deep cut, $16.50 

H276117. Celery Tray, 11 inches long, $8.25 

Tumblers to match see 

For Tumblers to match, see 

H276118. Lemonade Set, pitcher an 
H276119. We can sunolv 

floral decoration, set. S11.UO 
ly for SI 1.00 doz. 


deep-cut, massive piece, 
for $15.00 

1276121. Very dainty transparent Rock Crystal set of sin, $6.60 

H276122. Water Pitcher, holds 
three pints. $13.75 


No matter what the occasion , we have a suitable gift suggestion 

/.j, pini 

H277201. Bouillon Cup. H277202. Tea Cup and 
$3.25 Saucer, Done shape. $2. 50 

H277203. Reception Cup and Saucer, S3. 75 

H277204. After-dinner 

Dffee Cup and Sauce 

Doric shape, S2.50 

Saucer. Athens shape. 

Coalport China 

Indian Tree Pattern 

AN excellent gift sugges 
tion for any occasion is 
this fine Coalport china with 
the design in natural colorings 
of rose, green and blue with a 
burnished gold border. It is 
an "open stock" pattern so 
that pieces can be obtained 
from time to time as needed. 

H277209. Jug. 

H277208. Covered 
Hot Water Jug. 
China cover, $4 .50 


H277210. Jug, 

H277211. Jug. 


H277206. Bowl. H277207. Tea Cup and 

52 SI) Saucer, Oxford shape, 


H277213. Deep Comport. 
diameter 7 inches. S6.00 

H277212. Low Comport, diam 
eter 8 inches. S7 00 

H2772I4. Covered 
Susai Box. $4.0<1 

H277216 Cream Jug. 

H27721S. Tea Pot. $6.00 

This little Tea Service is in 
expensive and will make a 
very suitable and appreci 
ated gift. 

H277219.Saltand Pepper Shakers. 
H277218. Oval Biscuit Dish, length Der Da i r 52 75 

7 inches. S3.00 

H277221. Fruit Saucers, diameter 4 
inches, doz.S18.00 

H277217. Mayonnaise Jowl 
and Stand. $4.00 

H277220. Sugar and Cream, per pair. $3.75 

H277222. Salad Bowl. 9 inches, 

H277223. Covered Muffin Dish 
diameter 8 inches. S7.50 

H277224. Tea Pot Stand, 

H277225. 10-Inch Dinner H277226. 8-inch H277227. 7-inch H2( / 228. 6-mch H2,, 229. 5-m. Bread 
Mate, dozen, 539.00 Entree Plate, Cheese Plate, Tea Plate doz., and Butter Plate, 
dozen S33.00 dozen. $28.00 S24.00 dozen. $18.00 

H277230. Cake Plate. $3.50 

We prepay all charges on china, assume all risk and guarantee its safe delivery 

H278201. Tea Cup an.! 

Saucer, Coalport China 

cobalt blue border with 

pink roses, $4.50 

H2 / 82(12. Tea Cup and Saucer 
with black silhouette figure 
decoration in Crown Stafford 
shire China, SI, 50 

_ Jup 

Saucer, * Minton China, 

dark blue willow pattern, 


H278207.TeaCupand Saucer, 

with pink bird of paradis 

decoration, Minton China. 


Fine English China 

TO THE woman whose 
hobby it is to collect odd 
pieces of fine china, the 
articles shown on this page 
will most certainly prove in 

The photographs cannot, 
unfortunately, reproduce the 
beauty of the colorings. The 
Japanese willow pattern, for 
instance, as well as the pink 
rose pattern, are fine exam 
ples of decorative pottery and 
make very acceptable gifts. 

The selection that we show 
is happily inexpensive and yet 
it consists of some very choice 
bits in several exclusive dec 

Carriage charges on these 
goods are prepaid and we 
guarantee their safe delivery. 

Illustrations are about one- 
fifth of their actual size. 

H278203. Dainty Sugar and Cream in Coal- 
port Lhina. decoration is in the form of quaint 
old flower fjrouns per pair, $4 00 

H278204. Tea Cup and Sau 
cer, Coalport China, matches 
above sugar and cream. S2.5 

11278206. Tea Cup and 
cer. brown border with no 
Coalport China, 

H278208.TeaCupand Saucer. 
Crown Staffordshire China, 
design in groups of roses with 
blue tracery ground and green 
edge. $1.50 

H278209. Tea Cup ami S.itu er 
Crown Staffordshire China, 
lilac with black edge. SI. 50 


H278210. TeaCup and Saucer 

Crown Staffordshire China, 

pheasant and flower design in 

green and pink, SI. 75 

H27K2I1 Marmalade Jar. an 
attractive representation of an 
orange on a saucer, flower 
handle, natural colors. S4.50 

H278212. Complete set in Crown Staffordshire China, 
consisting of teapot, sugar and cream, with six cups and 
saucers, in an attractive design of pink roses with a turquoise 
blue knot. As illustrated, on fine inlaid mahogany tray with 

brass handles. S36.00 
This is a very fine presentation gift. 

H278213. We can supply the set only, without the tray, 
for S25.00 


i s = 


H2782 14. Tea Cup and Saucer. 
Chintz pattern in natural col 
orings Crown Staffordshire 
China. 81.75 

H278216. Covered Muffin Dish. Crown 

Staffordshire China, matches set Xu, 

H278212. S5.00 

These three Jugs are 
in Crown Stafford 
shire China, the deco 
ration is the same as 
No. H278212. 

H278215. Salve or 
Powder Box, Crown 
Staffordshire China, 
turquoise blue dec 
oration, $1.25 

H27821S.TeaCupand Saucer. 

Crown .Staffordshire China 

matches set No. H2 78212, 


H278217. Honey Pot, 

Crown Staffordshire 

China, matches set No. 

H278212. S3.00 

Comport, four inches 
hlgh.Crown Stafford 
shire China, decora 
tion as No- H278212. 

H278222. Bread or Cake Plate. Crown Staf 
fordshire C liina same design as No. H27821Z. 



H27822.S . Mayonnaise Dish. Crown 

Staffordshire China. decoration s-,mu- 

as No. H278212. $3.00 

H278224. f2.25 

People often select a gift from our \car Book, then choose something like it for their wn home 



H279201. Reception Cup and Tray, S4.50 

These different pieces 
have enamelled border 
design with garland of 
roses in natural colours. 

H279203. Tea Cup and 
Saucer. $2.50 

H279205. Fruit Saucer, 
5 inches, doz., $17.00 

Fine Gifts in 
English China 

IF YOU are looking for 
something different 
from the ordinary run. of 
gifts the selections on 
this page will surely fill 
your requirements. For 
Weddings and Anniver 
saries, nothing is more 
appreciated than "some 
thing in chinaware." 

Although inexpensive in 
price, the pieces shown here 
are of excellent quality and 
beautifully decorated. Set 
H279212-13-14, consisting of 
tea pot, cream j ug andcovered 
sugar jar, would make a par 
ticularly desirable gift. Also 
the cake plate H279226 is 
another good suggestion. 

H279202. Reception Cup and Tray. $3.75 

This pattern has a tur 
quoise blue border with 
small pink roses and is 
a very attractive and 
popular design. 

H 2 79204. Tea Cup and 

Saucer, $2.50 

H279206. Butter Tray. $4.50 

H279207. Sugar Bow!. H27920S. Cream JUK. 

H279210. Plate, 
doz., S17 

H279211. Plate 

7 inches, doz. 


H279213. Tea Pot. S8.50 

These three pieces make a dainty 

little set and would be an 

appreciated gift. 

H279214. Cream Jus. 

.. T ar H279217. Cream 
Bowl. $1.40 j ug S 2.00 

The pattern and de 
sign of these two 

pieces arealittleout H2792I5. Plate. 5 inches, 
of the ordinary- doz., $17.00 

They make a very 
attractive gift. 

H l 792 , 18 i4 S oS ar H27921P. Cream 

Bowl. S4.0U Jug S3 OQ 

H279227. Spoon Tray. 8 inches long. $3.50 

We prepay all charges, assume all risks and guarantee safe delivery on china 



Family Silverware 

gROM time immemorial woman s pride in 
home possessions has centered in her silver 
ware. Into it is woven all the cherished 
memories of family, friendships, hospitality, 
honour and tradition. No wonder it has become 
such an indispensable appointment in the well- 
furnished home. The charm of silverware is 
compelling when new but absolutely irresis 
tible when you ve owned it and used it and 
lived with it for years. Then, too, silverware is 
such an enduring possession. It lasts for ages 
its worth enhanced with the passing time. 


Jktarie ^Antoinette 

Tea Table Confidences 

OF ALL silverware the tea service is the 
most cherished. At first a gift prized 
because of the donor and the treasured 
memories of the occasion which it recalls then 
an heirloom, enriched with tender reminiscences 
of tea-table confidences and delicate memories. 
Artistic in conception, and perfect in craft- 
manship, the MARIE ANTOINETTE Tea Service 
is especially designed to fill this honoured place. 

Photographs and complete description 
sent upon request 


Presentation Silver 

DESIGNERS in English 
silver, dating from the 
reign oi William and Mary, 
dropped the former very florid 
designsand articles were made 
much more severe and simple; 
thus giving us a foretaste of the 
QUEEN ANNE period. 

Early eighteenth century sil 
ver is noted for its purity and 
simplicity of design. In those 
days the quantity of silver 
manufactured was very large, 
far exceeding that of any for 
mer time and the beauty and 
gracefulness of the designs 
were far superior to any that 
had been produced up to then. 

The tea services illustrated on 
these pages follow the best tradi 
tions of this period, the designs of 
which have never been excelled. The 
silver manufactured during that 
period is much so_ught after to-day 
at very high prices beauty of 
form being the chief characteristics 
rather than elaborate ornamenta 







All pieces are fitted with flush 
concealed joints and heavily 
re-inforced covers which add 
very much both to its value 
and appearance. 

This pattern is simple 
in design, butsufficient- 
ly.relieved by the finest 
hand-engraving to 
make of it one of the 
best Tea Services we 


E282801. Coffee Pot. capacity 2K pints. $100 00 
E2S2802. Hot Water Kettle. S185.00 
E2S2S03. Tea-Pot, capacity 2, 4 pints. $93.00 
E282304. Sugar. S35.00 
E28280S. Cream. S35.00 

E282S06. Massive Sterling Silver Tray hand- 
engraved to match, length 22 inches. S360.00 

E282807. Tea. Coffee. Cream and Sugar on 

y 4 ray >- ! T ilar No E 2S1S S280.00 
E282S08 Tea. Coffee. Hot Water Kettle. Cream 
T 1 " n mah 8 ! "- ty. $465.00 
Waste Bowl <not """rated). S30.00 
p lve pieces complete on Sterling Silver 
Tray, as illustrated. Price $810.00 

E282812. Sauce Boat in sterling 

silver, hand-engraved EARLY 

ENGLISH design, capacity % 

pint. $38.00 



E282811. Very handsome and massive sterling 

silver hand-engraved Bread Tray in the EARLY 

ENGLISH design, $40.00 

E282819. Hot Water Kettle 

2 , pints. S155.00 
E282820. Mahogany Tray, 
Plate glass lining over bottom 

Length 25 inches. $13.50 

E282821. Waste Bo%vl (not 

illustrated). S30.00 

E282813. EARLY ENGLISH sterling silver hand- 
engraved Sandwich Plate. Diameter 9 inches 

E282822. Tea. Coffee. Cream 
and Sugar, on mahoganv tray. 


E282823. Tea Service, five 
pieces on tray, as illustrated. 


E282814. Hot Water Jug. hand-engraved 
sterling silver, ebony handle. EARLY ENG 
LISH design, capacity ly, pints, $85.00 


KJ^Jli ? e ff Po n capacity 2 . Pints, $80.00 E2S2817. Creamjug. $33.00 
2816. Coffee Pot, 2% pints. $89.00 E282818. Sugar Bowl. S33.00 

. ._ -<v:>>-. - : &**.,.. THfrffl 

*GP* -&V&?* ^PyL^r 1 ^^ 

Our stamp on tiny article ii a guarantee of its 

E283SOI. Coffee Pot. 9 inches, $98.00 

E283802. Hot Water Kettle, stand and lamp. 

complete, $172.00 

E283803. Teapot, height 6 inches, $92.00 
E283804. Cream Jug. 3X inches. S39.00 
E28380S. Sugar Bowl, height 3! * inches, S39.00 

E283806. Silver-plated Tray, length 22 inches. 


E283807. TUDOR ENGRAVED Tea and Coffee Ser 
vice in sterling silver, four pieces, without kettle 

with silver-plated tray. $348.00 

E283808. Complete with kettle, as illustrated, 


Good Silverware 
an Investment 

IF YOU are looking for a 
gift that carries the assur 
ance of lasting beauty with a 
practicality not found in the 
lines commonly offered as ar 
tistic, any of the Tea Services 
illustrated on this or the pre 
ceding page would be very 
fitting, and undoubtedly 
would receive the warmest, 
appreciation from the recipi 
ent long after the giving. 

Solid silverware is more than a 
gift. It is one of the finest invest 
ments. The money that is annually 
spent on trifles would, if united in 
the purchase of good silverware, con 
stitute a permanent gift and a hand 
some addition to the home. The 
bowl illustrated under E283827 can 
be used for a multitude of purposes 
either as a salad, fruit, punch or 
flower bowl, and makes an excep 
tionally fine anniversary gift. 

E283809. QUEEN ANNE Hot 

Water Jug. sterling silver, 


E283810. QUEEN ANNE Sauce 

Boat, sterling silver, capacity 

one-Half pint, S32.00 

E2838I1. QUEEN ANNE after- 
dinner Coffee Pot, sterling sil 
ver, capacity one-half pint, 

E283S12. Teapot, height 6 l /i inches, capacity 1% 

pints, $48.00 
E283813. Hot Water Kettle, capacity three pints, 

height 12 inches, S130.00 
E283814. Coffee Pot, height 9 inches, capacity 2</t 

pints, $60.00 

E283815. Sugar Bowl, $20.00 
E283816. Cream Jug, $20.00 

E283817. Mahogany Tray, length 24M inches 


E283818. Waste Bowl, not illustrated. $18.00 
E283819. Sterling Silver, QUEEN ANNE Tea Ser 
vice complete with mahogany tray, without hot 

water kettle, $160.00 

E283820. QUEEN ANNE Sterling Silver Tea Service, 
complete as shown, with mahogany tray. $290.00 

E283821. QUEEN ANNE Bread Tray, 
sterling silver, length 1 1 inches. 36.00 

E283822. Tea Pot. $34.00 
E283823. Cream Jug. $11.00 
E283824. Sugar Bowl, $11.00 

E283825. Mahogany Tray, round, 
glass top. diameter 14 inches. $10.00 
E283826. QUEEN ANNE sterling silver 
Afternoon Tea Set with tray. $66.00 

E283827. Hand-engraved Flower or Fruit Bowl, dian 
9 inches, with glass holder, as illustrated. $85.0 
E283828. Glass Holder only for flowers. SI. 00 

We specialize in the art of selecting suitable mementas for all occasions 

E284801. A Cake or Sandwich Dish is always 
an appreciated gift. This one has a plain yet 
attractive design, and it is always a useful 
article. It measures T 1 , inches 
across. J20.00 

E284803. This is a very 

dainty Almond Dish. 3 i 

inches long. A small yet 

appreciated gift. $1.75 

E284S02. No matter how delicious the marmalade it cer 
tainly would prove more enticing in this handsome 
pierced Marmalade Jar with glass lining -and a spoon. 

E284808. This is a very attractive Butter 

Dish, with sterling silver pierced frame 

and cut glass lining, J10.00 

A DAINTY bit of silver is 
^- always a welcome gift 
particularly for weddings and 
anniversaries. In many homes 
will be found valued collec 
tions of "Family Silver" 
passed down from generation 
to generation, rich in senti 
mental association and rever 
ed for its years of service. 

The articles illustrated on 
this page offer many suitable 
suggestions for those contem 
plating a gift that will be last 
ing. Every piece is a produc 
tion of our own silver factory, 
is beautifully made and of the 
finest workmanship and deco 

E284804. Hand-engraved design combined with a pierced 
border. This M acaroon or Sandwich Comport is an excep 
tional gift and one that would be appreciated, $25.00 

E2W806. Very popular 

pierced Almond Dish 

4 inches long, $3.00 

E284805. Dainty pierced 
Bonbon Basket, $4.75 

E284809. This Butter Dish is of very 
attractive appearance and is finely 
pierced with a glass container, diam 
eter .6 inches, $13.50 

E28481I. Handsome pierced Bread Tray. The design is 

greatly enhanced by a fine decoration of hand-engraving. 

A very inexpensive and useful gift, 828.00 

Combined with hand- 
piercing and a chased 
edge, these footed AJ- 
mondor BcnbonDishcs 
present an attractive 
design and one which 
will be greatly appre 
ciated by the recipient. 

E2S48U, $10.00 


A table is not completely set unless 
it has a centrt decoration of some 
sort. Any one, or a combination of 
these Tiumpet Vases would lend 
themselves admirably to this pur 
pose. The workmanship is of 
the best and the design very 

E2M812. Pierced Butter Dish 
with glass lining. $15. Ou 

) = 

E28481S 6K inches E284810. 5K inches 

high, $S.OO high. $6.00 

E284817. IM inches 
high, $10.00 

E2S4816. 10!i inches 
high. $24.00 

It is gracefully proportioned 

and is one of our best 


E284820. Pierced Sandwich or Cake Plate. For those 
who appreciate a more simple pattern, this Sandwich 
or Cake Plate would be appreciated. $18.00 

E284821. This is a very stately and massive 

hand-pierced Comport, measuring 9 inches 

in diameter. $50.00 

E284822. Fine pierced Sandwich Plate, 8M inches 
in diameter. Inexpensive at $28.00 

No matter zvhat the occasion we have a suitable gift suggestion 


E285801. JACOBEAN Sauce 
Boat, holds ; 4 pint. $18.00 

E285802. Heavy weight 
Sauce Boat, neat design, 
capacity half pint, S30.00 

E285C03. Candle 
sticks are always 
appreciated as a 
gift. pair. $35.00 

Presentation Pieces 

In Sterling Silver 

FOR weddings, anniversar 
ies and similar occasions 
it is hard to imagine a finer 
gift than an artistic piece of 
sterling silver. It is beautiful, 
useful, lasting, enduring 
from one generation to anoth 
er and its daily use keeps 
the giver in continual kind re 

The articles shown on this 
page are a few suggestions of 
moderately priced pieces of 
our own manufacture. They 
are all of substantial weight 
and of the very highest stand 
ard of quality. Illustrations 
are one-quarter actual size. 

The Table Cluster would 
make a much appreciated gift 
as also would the Georgian 
Almond and Donbon Dishes. 

E285804. Sugar 
Dredger. 7 in 
ches high. grace 
fully modelled. 

E285805. Sugar 
Dredger. 6 3 in 
ches high. EARLY 
ENGLISH design, 



E285806. This is a very hand 
some Sugar Dredger in the 
TUDOR hand- engraved design. 
ly, inches high, $25.00 

E285808. The frame of this 
Marmalade Pot is daintily 
pierced while the glass pot 
itself is in a neat design. 
Complete with silver cover 
and spoon, SIS. 00 

E285807. COLONIAL 
style Candlestick, 
with a hand-engrav 
ed wreath, height 7 
inches, pair, $31.00 

E285809. Macaroon or Cake Dish 

fine pierced silver DUCHESS design 







E285812. Dainty pierced Bon 
bon Basket, measuring 6 in 
ches across, and has a movable 
handle. $15.00 

E285811. An attractive five-piece Table Cluster of the very 
best workmanship. The centre vase is 10 inches high, while 
the four smaller ones with chain attachments measure 6^ 
inches. Undoubtedly, this is an elegant table decoration and 
is inexpensively priced at S65.00 

E285810. Fine pierced Com 
port, measuring 5 inches 
across by 5?< inches high, 

E285815. Fine Cut-glass 

Marmalade Jar. Sterling 

silver cover and spoon, 


This set would make a very admirable 

and handsome gift. The design is taken 

from the GEORGIAN period. 

E285816. Pierced Sandwich or Cake Plate, hav 
ing fine decoration, hand-engraved, very heavy 
stock, diameter 9 inches, $38.00 

E285817. Wreath engraved Cake or Sand 
wich Plate with pierced edge, diameter 
1% inches. $22.50 

E285818. Cake or Sandwich Comport 
one of the newer creations, diameter 
inches, $22.50 


Wt furnish a suitable presentatio-n box with evrrf article 




Useful Table Accessories 

All in Sterling Silver, unless 
otherwise mentioned 

NOTHING that you can buy 
possesses more lasting or great 
er intrinsic value than does good 
table silver. Illustrated on this 
page is a selection of dainty little 
articles for table use all very ap 
propriate gifts. 

You may rest assured, too, that 
the same substantial weight and 
high-grade workmanship noted in 
pur more costly and exclusive pieces 
is also a characteristic of these less 
expensive articles. 

E286807. BEAD E286808. SAXON 

pattern. H inches pattern, K inche 

wide, $2.00 wide. $1-60 

E286809. Thread 

border, one inch 

wide, 52.25 

E286S10, Pierced 

design, one inch 

wide, $2.75 

thread pattern. 1 % in 
ches wide, S3. 00 

E286815. Oblong shape, 
length 2 inches, 54.00 

This outline shows you the shape of the two 
napkin rings immediately above. These rings 
are in extra heavy weight and are identical 
in size aad proportion except for the en 
gine-turned decoration on E2868 16 and being 
the production of our own silver workshop 
can be thoroughly recommended by us. We 
can vouch for their workmanship and finish. 

286816. Oblong shape. 

engine t urned design. 

length 2 int-hrs. $5.00 

E286812. Blue Bell 
wreath, hand en 
graved. I. 1 4 inches, 
S3. 75 

E286814. Louis XV Tea 
Strainer. $4.00 

E286817. Ovalsliape. rn- 
gine turned design, 2 in 
ches. 6.00 

This is the new oval shape and is 

made in extra heavy weight. It has 

a nice engine-turned decoration 

with space for engraving. 

E286818, Dainty Almond or Bon 
bon Dish. 3K inches long. $1.75 

L orn Holders with sterling silver handles 
per pair. $1.25 

H286821. COL- 


Knife Rest, 

pair. $4.50 

E286820. This bell is a 
great convenience on 
your dining table, ster 
ling silver handles, 

E286822. Useful little Tea 
Strainer Stand, in cut crys 
tal. $1.00 

E286823. Initial Nap 
kin Clip. We can sup 
ply these for all initials. 

E286824. Sweet-toned 

Sterling Silver Table 

Bell. $5.50 

Regardless of -where you live, you are at perfect liberty to buy from any branch or either house 

Salts, Mustards, 

This set is in the .TAMES 
I design. Always a pop 
ular pattern. 

HAVE you ever considered how 
many minor articles there are, 
both pretty and useful that may be 
selected at very reasonable prices 
from our splendid assortment of 
sterling silver? 

A gift of silver, presented in a 
case, always takes on an added ap 
pearance. Particularly salts and 
peppers, which are also so useful. 

E287821. Individual 

Pepper. $1.40 

E287822. Individual 

Salt. SI .40 

E287816. Pepper 

each $3.75 

E287817. Salt, each 


E287825. Oak Pepper 

Grinder, sterling silver 

mounted, $3.75 

E287827. Among the inexpensive Rift sug 
gestions this is a real bargain. Pair of fine 
cut-glass Salts and Spoons. Complete. 

our silver is made in heavy substantial weight to /as t for years 



O I LVER is perhaps the 

E288801. Four Individual Almond Dishes in 
Presentation Case, complete, as shown. This 
little set will make an ideal Wedding Presenta 
tion. Inexpensively priced at $9.50 

most favoured of all 
gifts for wedding presen 
tation. We illustrate on 
this page a few well- 
chosen suggestions, all of 
which have individual 
merit that will appeal to 
the recipient, while the 
Presentation Cases 
which are included at the 
prices quoted, add great 
ly to the pleasure of the 

E288802. Twelve small SAXON Tea Spoons. 

complete as shown. A very dainty and well- 

aDpearing gift, $19.50 

F2S8804. Four Cut Glass Salts with ster 
ling silver spoons. This little gift can be 
put into use at practically every meal, 



E288803. Four hand-pierced Bonbon or 

Almond Dishes in attractive silk-lined 

case. A practical gift, $14.50 

-d Almond 
. C288803, 




E288805. Butter Dish and Knife, glasa lining 
Useful on any table at any meal, $18.50 

E288806. A handsome presentation case containing one large 
Almond Dish, 8 inches long and 6 small individual dishes to 
match. An exceptional gift, and considering quality, design 
and general appearance, it is very moderately priced. $28.00 

E288808. Two Almond Dishes in at 
tractive silk-lined presentation case. 
A well-appearing gift, and one that 
would be appreciated, $5.50 


E288810. Two Napkin 

Rings, wreath design, 

in neat presentation 

case. Complete as 

shown, $11.00 

H 288811. Apair 
of extra heavy COLONIAL Cut 
Glass Knife Rests, attractive 
ly cased. S6.00 

E288809. Three-piece QUEEN ANNE Five O clock Tea Ser 
vice. Tea pot holds one pint. This makes an exceptionally 
attractive gift and one that would be r ft into use every 
afternoon in the year, $6.3.00 

E288812. Hand-pierced footed Bonbon Dishes, 
3^-inch diameter, $10.00 

E288813. QUEEN ANNE Sugar and 

Cream, small size, in plush-lined 

presentation case, $26.00 

; i 


If fvu have moved since this Tear *Book was sent to you, please advise us 



frfajV^T. v,,_ - 


Our "Georgian" Pattern 

In Sterling Silver 

THIS pattern embodies the distinguish 
ing characteristics of the Georgian 
period, from which it takes its name. There 
is about it a simplicity and beauty that in 
sures its being perpetually correct there 
fore an excellent family pattern. It is made 
in pur own workshops In heavy substantial 
weights to last for generations. The 
addition of crest or monogram further en- 
liancesits beauty. 

In addition to the articles illustrated we 
stock the following: 

K2S98I9. Coffee Spoons. ea..$1.50;doz.. $16.50 
E289320. Small Tea Spoons, each. $1.85; per 

do/en. S20-00 
E2S9821. Dinner Knives, silver handles, stain 

less steel blades; per dozen. $50.00 
E289822. Soup Spoons, round bowl. $60.00 
E289823. Bouillon Spoons, Kilt bowl 40.00 
H>* )24. Orange Spoon. gilt bowl. do*.. M2. 00 
K289S25. Oyster Forks, per dozen. $30.00 
K2S9S26. Butter Spreaders, per dozen. $40.00 
E2K9827. Ice Cream Spoons. 530,00 

H i 

i, steel 

blade, pairs. $15. OO 
E289830. Game Carvers, silver handles. 

blades $15.00 
E289831. Steel, each. $7.50 
Engraving: Single script initial. .85 per dozen. 
1 lain Old Enslish. $1 00 per dozen. For other 
engraving prices see paje 112. 

Constructive Gift Making 

IT IS a beautiful custom when a baby girl 
is christened to present her with a set of 
silver spoons. Then a spoon on her birth 
day, a few pieces at Christmas and other odd 
times, will soon result in a serviceable set. 
We have made provision for just this kind 
of gift making this and other patterns are 
carried year after year and the price of single 
pieces is almost the same as by the dozen. 

E289817. Six Small Tea Spoons in 

flannel roll. $10.00 

E289818. Twelve Small Tea Spoons 

in flannel roll, $20.00 


zSl Jifty cent purchase commands the same careful attention as a thousand dollar one 



Our "Norman" Pattern 

Sterling Silver Tableware 

ONE of our finest and most popular 
patterns. Assuggested by the name 
the design embodies the traditional 
characteristics of the Norman School, 
with the addition of a delicate hairline 

As typical of all our sterling silver 

r sterling suvei 
knives, forks and spoons, the Norrnan 

is furnished in hta vy s u bstantia] 
weights only. Additional pieces can be 
secured at any time, making possible 
the col lection of a service, piece by piece. 
Sample pieces gladly sent on ap- 
rp val to de monst rate we igh t and 
nish. In addition to the articles il 
lustrated, we stock the fo 
E290823 Coffee Spoons, dozen $15.50 
E290824. Smalt Tea Spoons, per 

dozen, $19.00 

E290825, Dessert Spoons, doz. $50.00 
E290826. Table Spoons, dozen $73.00 
E290827. Soup Spoons, round bowl 

per dozen. $52.00 

E290828. Dinner Forks, dozen $73.00 
E290829. Dinner Knives, stainless 

blades, per dozen, $50.00 
E290830. Bouillon Spoons, per 

dozen $40.00 

F290831. Oyster Forks, dozen $27.00 
E290832. Orange or Grape Fruit 

Spoons, per dozen, $43.00 
E290833. Meat Carvers, $15.00 
E290S34. Game Carvers, $15.00 
E290835. Steel, $7.50 

Engraving. Single script initial, doz. 
.85. Old English plain, doz. $1.00. For 
other engraving prices, see page 112. 
Half doz. quantities sold at doz. rates. 

E290820. Twelve Small Tea Spoons in flannel roll. $19.00 
E29082I. Six Small Tea Spoons in flannel roll. $9.50 

E290818. Mayonnaise 
Ladle, $4.50 

If for any reason you are dissatisfied, return the article at our expense 

_ i, 


T O R O N 

E291S33. Presentation Cabinet 
(151 pieces). S65 1.00 

"Old English" 

Sterling Silver Tableware 

THIS pattern is an exact reproduction of 
the Old English hand-forged spoon with 
its strong well-rounded ahank. 

The addition of a crest, monogram or 
single letter, in either script or Old English. 
gives just sufficient decoration to relieve 
it of severe plainness. It is a pattern one 
will not tire of and its strength assures gen 
erations of usefulness. Made in extra heavy 
weight only. 

Half dozens are sold at dozen rate. In 
addition, being our own production, pieces 
can be secured at all times 

In addition to the articles illustrated we 
stock the following: 
E291820. Coffee Spoons, each, $1.45; per 

dozen. $16.00 
E291821. Small Tea Spoons, each, $1.85; 

per dozen $20.00 

E291822. Dinner Knives, sterling silver 
handles, stainless steel blades, per dozen. 

E291823. Soup Spoons, round bowls, per 

dozen. $55.00 
E291824. Bouillon Spoons, gilt bowls, per 

dozen. $35.00 
E291825. Orange or Grape Fruit 

Spoons, per dozen. $42.00 
E291826. Oyster Forks, per dozen. $27.50 
E29I827. Butter Spreaders, per dozen. 

E291828. Ice Cream Spoons, per dozen, 

E291829, Individual Salad Forks, per 

dozen. $40.00 

E291830. Meat Carver, sterling silver han 
dles, steel blades. $15.00 
E291831. Game Carvers, sterling silver 

handles, steel blades. $15. 
E291832. Steel, $7.50 

All prices subject to change after January ist y FQ2I 



Our Saxon Pattern 

Sterling Silver Tableware 

HE popularity of this pattern 
grows year by year. Characteri/ed 

by great simplicity, the graceful outline 

and delicate hairline d 

peals strongly to all lovers of artistic- 
silverware. It is very moderate in 

price, yet made in substantial weight 
to render lifetime service. 

In addition to the articles illustrated, 
we stock the following : 

E292828. Coffee Spoons, Jll.OO 
E292829. Small Tea Spoons, each 

$1.65, per dozen. $17.50 
E292830. Dinner Knives, sterling silver 
handles, stainless steel blades, extra 

heavy weight, per dozen, $50.00 
E292831. Soup Spoons, round bowl, 


E292832. Bouillon Spoons, gilt bowls. 

E292833. Orange Spoons, gilt bowls, 

E292834. Butter Spreaders. $33.00 
E292835. Ice Cream Spoons, gilt bowls, 

per dozen. $27.50 

E292836. Salad Forks, per dozen. $35 .00 
E29283?. Meat Carvers, sterling silver 
handles, steel blades, per dozen. $15.00 
E292838. Game Carvers sterlinc silver 
handles, steel blades, per pair, $15.00 
E292839. Steel $7.50 

Engraving: Single script initial, doz. 
.85. Old English plain, doz. $1.00. For 

other engraving prices see pafie 112. 
Half doz. cjuantities sold at doz. rates. 

E292826, Six Small Tea Spoons 

in roll, $8.75 

E292827. Twelve Small Tea 
Spoons in roll, $17.50 

EJ2 92821. Gravy Ladle, 

9 2 

We replate and repair all silver in our workshops 




Sterling Silver Tableware 

THEdesifin of this pattern is adop 
ted from a period in French 
decoration distinguished for dignity 
and elegance. There is about its 
semi-conventional lines an appear 
ance of great refinement en 
hanced by its sharp clear-cut fea 
tures, while the silver itself is of ex 
tra heavy weight and strength. It 
is a pattern we have no hesitation 
in recommending for those to whom 
superior decoration appeals. 

In addition to the articles illus 
trated we stock the following: 

E293S22. Coffee Spoons, each, $1.40, 

per dozen, $15. 00 
E293823. Small Tea Spoons, each. 

$1.85 ; per dozen. $20.00 
E293824. Orange Spoons, doz., $42.00 
E293H25. Bouillon Spoons, doz.. $40.00 
E293K26. Soup Spoons, round bowl, 

per dozen, $55.00 

E293827. Oyster Forks, doz., $22.00 
E293828. Salad Forks, doz.. $40.00 
E293829. Meat Carvers, per pair. 

E293830. Game Carvers, per pair. 

E293831. Steel, $7.50 

aving: Single script initial, doz. 
.85. Old English plain, doz. $1.00. For 
other engraving prices, see page 112. 
Half doz. quantities sold at doz. rates. 

93821. Six Small Tea Spoons in flannel 

roll. S10.00 

E293832. Twelve Small Tea Spoons in 
flannel roll. S20.00 

n iraiw flannel roll is supplied 

with all half dozen or dozen 


In addressing all parcels to us, please write four name on the outside 









Fine Presentation Chests 

I / HE HANDSOME chests in which our silverware is con- 
V> I tained are made by skilled cabinet makers in our own 
*~x workshop. The wood is carefully selected, thoroughly 
seasoned mahogany or oak, constituting not only a worthy com 
partment for the silver but a handsome furnishing. 



12 Tea Spoons 

6 Dessert Spoons 

6 Table Spoons 

6 Dessert Forks 

6 Dinner Forks 

6 Dessert Knives 

6 Dinner Knives 

Sugar Spoon 

Butter Knife 

Cabinet No. 1 
Size 11 x 17 M " 
(Solid Oak) 


12 Tea Spoons 
12 Dessert Spoons 
6 Table Spoons 
12 Dessert Forks 
12 Dinner Forks 
12 Dessert Knives 
12 Dinner Knives 

Cold Meat Fork 

Berry Spoon 

Sugar Spoon 

Butter Knife 



E29480I. Heavy weight. S164.00 
E294802. Extra heavy weight. $185.00 

E294803. Extra heavy weight. S209.00 

E294S04. Heavy weight. 5200.00 

E294805. Extra heavy weight. S214.00 

E294S06. Extra heavy weight. $198.00 

This cabinet is supplied with white-handled stainless steel cutlery. 


12 Coffee Spoons 
12 Tea Spoons 
12 Dessert Spoons 
12 Table Spoons 
12 Dessert Forks 
12 Dinner Forks 
12 Orange Spoons 
12 Butter Spreaders 
12 Bouillon Spoons 
<iravv Ladle 
Cream Ladle 
Sugar Spoon 
Preserve Spoon 
Butter Knife 
Berry Spoon 
Salad Spoon 
Salad Fork 
Pair Su^ iir Tonga 
Tomato Server 
Cold Meat Fork 
Pie Knife 
Pickle Fork 
12 Dessert Knives 
12 Table Kn 

Pair Guard Carvers 
Pair Game Carvers 

Ibinet No 5 

ize 17 x 22 H inches 

(Solid Oakor Mahogany) 

Can be supplied in the following patterns and weights: 

E294S13. Heavy weight. $630.00 
E294814. Extra heavy weight. $668.00 

E294816. Extra h-avy weight. $729.00 

E294S17. Extra heavy weight, S769.00 

E294815. Extra heavy weight, $738.00 E29481X. Extra heavy weight. $699.00 
Sterling silver handled, stainless steel cutlery supplied with this cabinet. 

Cabinet Xo. 2 

SfT4 I 17M inches 

(Solid Oak) 



E294810. Extra heavy weight. $325.00 


E294807. Heavy weight, $265.00 
E294808. Extra heavy weight. $298.00 


E294809. Extra heavy weight, $339.00 E294812. Extra heavyweight. $320.00 
This cabinet is supplied with white-handled stainless steel cutlery. 


12 Tea Spoons 
12 Dessert Spoons 
12 Table Spoons 
12 Dessert Forks 
12 Table Forks 
12 Dessert Knives 
12 Table Knives 

Pair Guard Carvers 
Pair Game Carvers 

Pair Salad Servers 
Berry Spoon 
Butter Knife 
Sugar Spoon 
Cold Meat Fork 
Gravy Ladle 
Pickle Fork 
Tomato Server 
Mayonnaise Ladle 
Sugar Tongs 

.net No ! 

2(1 inches 
tak or Mahogany) 



E294819. Heavy weight. $476.00 
E294820. Extra heavy weight. $514.00 


E294822. Kxtra heavy wvislit. J5JO.OO 


E294823. Extra heavy weight. $583.00 


E294821. Extra heavy weight. $565.00 E294,24. Extra heavy weight. $546.00 
Sterling silver handled, stainless steel cutlery supplied with this cabinet. 


piece in this Tear ^Rotk is exactly ai describe J and illustrated 

O K O N T O 

E29540I. Square-nandlea DinnW K.RIV&9. Mamless steel blades, doz., $20.00 

E295425. Carving Set of three pieces, 
stag handles, well cased and moderate 
ly priced at S9.00 

3 steel blades, doz., $20.00 

E295404. Round-handled Dessert Knives, stainless steel blades, doz.. $18.00 

E295424. Guard Carvers. Game Carvers 
and Steel, stag handle, shaped Sherru-ld 
blades, sterling silver f err ules. wel 1 
made, set in presentation case, $15.00 

E295406. Meat Carver and Fork, 
round handles, stainless steel 

blades, pair. $6.00 

E295407. The same, with square 

handles, stainless steel blades. 


E295408. Game Carver 
and Fork, square hand 
les, stainless steel 
blades, pair, $6.00 

E2954C9. Steel, square handle. $2.00 E2954IO. The sa 

Fine solid Mahogany Cabinet, containing 100 pieces 

in fine silver-plate, can be supplied in the following 


E2954I6. ESSEX. $250.00 

E295417. LONDON THREAP. $250.00 

E295418. ADAM. S267.00 

E295419. SHERATON. $267.00 

Solid Oak Cabinet, containing 70 pieces m fine sil- 
in the following patterns: 

Fine solid Oak Cabinet, containing 4S pieces in tin 
silver-plate, can be supplied in the following pattern: 

ver-plate, can be supplied 

E295412. ESSEX, S130.OO 
E295413. LONDON THREAD. $128.00 
E295414. ADAM. $153-00 
E295415. SHERATON. $153.00 

E295420. ESSEX. S71 oo 
E29542I. LONDON THREAD, S71.00" 
E295422. ADAM, $84.00 
E295423 SHERATON. 584.00 

We cannot guarantee to do engraving hetu-een December / 1 th ami 2$t 

"Essex" Pattern 

In Fine Silver Plate 

THE Essex is one of our newest 
and most popular patterns, and 
derives its name from one of the 
oldest counties in the British Em 
pire. The dignity of line and quaint 
style of decoration followed by the 
Early English silversmiths is faith 
fully reproduced. An engraved in 
itial or monogram, if desired, is a 
pleasing addition to its beauty. 

The following pieces are also 
stocked, but not illustrated: 
E296422. Coffee Spoons, per dozen, 

E296423. Small Tea Spoons, per dozen, 

E296424. Table Spoons, per dozen, 

E296425. Bouillon Spoons, per dozen, 

S 13.25 
E296426. Orange or Grape Fruit 

Spoons, per dozen, $11.00 
E296427. Guard Carvers and Steel, 

three pieces for $13.75 

E296428. Game Carvers, per pair, 


Dozens and half-dozens furnished 
in convenient flannel rolls without 
additional charge. 

For engraving prices see page 112. 


E296419. 6 Tea Spoons in flannel roll. S3. 85 
E2964.2U. 12 Tea Spoons in flannel roll. $7.75 

Dozens and half-dozens furnished in convenient 
flannel rolls without additional charge 



Our stamp on any article is a guarantee of its quality 

R Y R I E 


"London Thread" 

Fine Silver Plate 

THIS graceful Eighteenth Cen 
tury pattern has a neat thread 
border ending in a delicate scroll, 
which is just sufficiently decorative 
to relieve its severe plainness and 
makes it one of our finest patterns. 

All our silver-plated knives, forks 
and spoons are made by depositing 
upon a solid nickel silver base a 
heavy plate of pure silver of suffi 
cient thickness to withstand the 
constant wear of many years. 

The following pieces are also 
stocked, but not illustrated: 

E297424. Soup Spoons, round bowl, 

per dozen. $14.85 
E297425. Coffee Spoons, per dozen, 


E297426. Game Carvers, pair, $8.25 

E297427. Guard Carvers and Steel, 3 

pieces, 16.50 

Dozens and half-dozens furnished 
in convenient flannel rolls without 
additional charge. Engraving single 
script initial, .85 doz. Old English 
plain, $1.00 doz. For other engrav 
ing prices see page 112. 

People often select a gift from our Year Book, then choose something like it for their nr:v home 


1 T 


Community Plate 

THE main attraction of this pat 
tern is in the fact that it is 
neither too elaborate nor yet too 
plain. The simple border is very 
effective and makes the design one 
which we feel sure wiii prove very 

In addition to the pieces illus 
trated we also stock the following: 

E298424. Coffee Spoons, per dozen, 

E298425. Soup Spoons, per dozen. 

E298426. Bouillon Spoons, per dozen. 

E298427. Orange Spoons, per dozen. 

E298428. Three-piece Carving Set. 

E298429. Game Carvers, $1 1.00 

A neat flannel roll is furnished 
with all dozen or half-dozen orders. 
The engraving of an initial or mono 
gram lends itself very effectively to 
this pattern. For engraving prices 
see page 1 12. 

Purchasing your Community sil 
ver from us secures for your gift an 
added distinction. 

E298423. 6 small Tea Spoons in flannel roll. $4.95 
E298430. 12 small Tea Snoons in flannel roll. $9.90 

Engraving styles and prices are shown on page ri2 


Community Plate 

THE ADAM is considered 
by many to be the most 
beautiful pattern in Commun 
ity plate. Characterized by 
an air of refinement, this pat 
tern is sure to meet with your 
favor and, as in the case of all 
goods in this catalogue, we 
guarantee the quality. 

With orders for half-dozens 
or dozens in spoons and forks 
we furnish flannel rolls with 
out additional charge. 

In addition to the articles illus 
trated, we stock the following: 

E299426. Coffee Spoons, per dozen, 

E299427. Soup Spoons, round bowl, 
r d 

E299428. 3-piece Set Carvers, set 

E299429. Game Carvers, pair, $11.00 

E299430. Orange Spoons, per dozen, 

E29943I. Bouillon Spoons, per dozen, 

orders for half-do 
Bozens in spoons and forks we 
Furnish flannel rolls without 

additional charge. 

E299425. Twelve Small Tea Spoons in flannel 
roll. $9.90 

On any article afected, prices in this Tear Book include the IO% government tax 




E300401. Useful Muffin Dish, pierced Border, 
diameter 8,^ inches, J.J5.00 

lijvmtu*. Butter Dish, with glass 
lining and silver plated cover. In 
expensive at $7.25 

E300403. Sauce Boat in fine 

silver plate. Capacity K 

pint. $11.00 

Tea Sets, Entree 
Dishes, Etc 

In Fine Silver Plate 

A WELL appointed table is 
the housewife s pride and 
delight, so a gift of any of the 
articles illustrated on this page 
will be sure to please. 

the first consideration should 
be the wearing qualities. Our 
silver plate is made in one 
quality "the best." Being 
manufacturers of our own 
plate, we know that its work 
manship, finish and dura 
bility are of the very highest 
order. Furthermore it has that 
fine "sterling silver" appear 
ance which is produced by 
our own methods of harden 
ing, finishing and burnishing. 

Illustrations are about one- 
sixth actual size of the 


E300404. Entree Dish, length 11 inches, re 
movable handle so that cover may be used for 
separate dish if required. $25.00 


- Same design as abov 
inches. $22.00 

E300406. Fruit pish, in a hand 
some pierced design. 8% inches 
diameter, $15.00 

E3G04C7. Hot Water Jng. QUEEN 

ANNE pattern, 8 inches high, 


E300409. Comport in a 
fine pierced design. 7K 
inches diameter, $10.00 

E300408. Here is a handsome Five-piece Table Centre 
piece, four small vases with large centre one 
connected with chains, $20.00 

E300410. Handsome Table Centre 
piece for flowers. A very graceful 
design. Inexpensively priced at 

E300411. Four-piece QUEEN ANNE Tea Service. Complete 

on mahogany tray, as: illustrated, $75.00 

E300412. Tea-pot. Sugar and. Cream 

only on tray. $50.00 

E300413. Fine sil 
ver-plated Flower 
Basket in a pierced 
design. $20.00 

E300415. Five-piece 
Set. Complete oq 
befit quality silver- 
plated engraved tray. 

E300414. Well and Tree 

for the mist 

A most handsome gift 

Pieces are priced individually as follows: 

E300416. Coffee Pot. $33.00 .E3004I9. Cream Jng. $13.50 

c-inriii? Ten pf >nn E300420. Sugar Bowl, $13.50 

E300421. Tray, engraved design. 
E300418. Hot Water Kettle. $60.00 22 inches long. $45.00 


f iisuimf all risks and guarantee the safe delivery of every package 


E30I401. Fine silver-plate Cake or Sandwich 

Basket. 8 4 inches across with movable handle. 

Tills design is very popular and is hand-pierced . 

Sit. 00 

Gifts in 
Fine Silverplate 

HPHE kind of gifts which 
- please housekeepers or 
namental, serviceable, appro 
priate always a safe choice 
for weddings, anniversaries 
and other occasions when a 
gift for home use is in order. 

We guarantee our silver- 
plate in quality, durability 
and general finish to be the 
best that can be produced 

The tea services shown on this 
page would make exceedingly hand 
some gifts, particularly the beauti 
fully engraved OLD ENGLISH set. 

The mahogany trays at the bot 
tom of the page are also popular gift 
selections. No. E301419 is a fine in 
laid tray that would be highly 
prized by any bride or housekeeper 
because of its great convenience for 
social and every day usage, as well 
as its ornamental value. 

E301402. Fine silver-plate Cake Basket, 9 
inches diameter In a neat attractive hand- 
pierced design. $11.00 

E301403. Silver-plate Cake or Bonbon Basket, 

diameter 7 inches. Attractive hand-pierced 

design, S5.00 





E301404. Handsome hand-pierce d Cake or 

Sandwich Plate. Very elaborately designed 

with hand-piercing. This is undoubtedly a 

fine piece of workmanship. $9.00 

E30140S. Silver-plated Butter 

Dish and Knife. Glass lining. 


E301406. COLONIAL Tea Service. Four pieces on 25-inch mahogany inlaid tray 

in fine silver-plate, as illustrated. $61.50 
E301407. Coffee Pot. $16.00 
E301408. Tea Pot, $15.00 
E301409. Sugar Bowl. $10.50 
E301410. Cream Jug. $9.00 
E301411. Mahogany Tray, silver-plated handles. $11 00 




KS01412. OLD ENGLISH fine silver-plated Tea Service, five pieces un 
" inlaid mahogany tray. Complete as illustrated, $148. J 
E301413. Coffee Pot. S27.00 
E301414. Tea Pot. $24. (10 
E30I415. Sugar Bowl. S16.50 
E301416. Cream Jug, $12.00 

E301417. Mahogany Inlaid Tray, glass bottom. S13.50 
E301418. Hot Water Kettle. S55.0U 

E301419. Fine Mahogany Inlaid Tray. 25 inches 
long. Silver-plated handles. As a gift, a tea tray 
is very appropriate. It is something which the 
recipient takes a great deal of delight in. and 
which can be put into use on almost every social. 
as well as other occasions. The two trays we illus 
trate on this page are of finest quality and work 
manship. Una one is 

ed at $11.00 

E301420. Fine Mahogany Tray Inlaid. 25 inches long, glass-covered bottom 
silver-plated handles, $13.50 

~*e S^,^ ^t3ferf* ^X.:. 

If for any reason fna tire dissatisfied, return the article at our expense 



O R O N 

E302402. This Fern Dish makes a very nice table 

centre and has a removable lining. Diameter 7 

inches. S8.00 

E302401. Round Casserole in fine pierced silver 

plate, "Pyrex" glass lining, cut glass cover 

diameter " 

Gifts in Fine Silver 
blated Ware 

E302403 . Oval Casserole, fine pierced silver-plate, 

decorated glass cover, same design as above, 8 

inches diameter, "Pyrex" lining, $11.00 

OFTENTIMES some household 

v^/ necessity of particular worth 
will be more appreciated than any 
thing else you might give. The casse 
roles and pie plates, illustrated on 
this page, have transparent, remov 
able, fire-proof glass linings. They 
are serviceable, sanitary , easy to keep 
clean and insure best cooking results. 
The flower basket, fern dish, 
candlestick, bread tray and sugar 
and cream are other pleasing, inex 
pensively-priced gift suggestions. 

E302404. Fine pierced silver-plated fireproof Pie 
Plate, glass lining. $4.50 


E302405. Silver-plate Casserole in a fine-pierced 
design, fireproof glass lining. $8.00 

E302409 This Cake or Fruit Basket is in a fine 
pierced silver-plated pattern and makes a very 
handsome gift. 8>j inches diameter, $15.00 

E302412 Silver-plated Sandwich Plate in a very 

elaborate and finely pierced design, 9 inches 

diameter. Moderately priced at $7.25 

s complete with 
holder. Height 
of handle 16 in 

E302407. Pie Plate in fine silver-plate. .Matches 
casserole E302401 and E.102403. "Pyre" glass 



E302408. Plain silver-plated Bake Dish diameter 
8 inches, $13.25 

K302411. Hand-engraved fine silver-plated Bake 
Dish. This is something that would be immensely 
appreciated by the mistress of the hous-, $28.00 

E302410. This is a very 
elaborate Flower Bask 
et in fine pierced silver- 
plate, 820.00 

E302414. Dainty pierced 
silver-plated Comport. 
Height 7 inches, diameter 6 V 
inches. $9.00 

= I 



E302413. Roll or Bread Tray in fine silver-plate. 
Length 11 inches. $10.00 

E302415. Candlestick, 
in fine silver-plate. 
Height 8 inches. $8.00 

I O2 

Our silver soap is suitable for cleaning silverware, gold, jewellery and cut glass 

E303401. Butter Dish, hi fine pierced silver- 
plate, with glass lining and butter knife. $3.60 

E303402. This dainty Butter Dish has a. finely 

pierced border and comes with knife and glass 

lining, 7 inches diameter, $4.00 

E303406. The pierced work of this Butter Dish 

is vely effective. Complete with glass lining and 

knife, $2.75 

Plated Ware for 
the Table 

GIFTS which matrons and 
bachelor maids like to 
have and use in their daily 
housekeeping. They are all 
of the very best quality of 
silver plate, and possess that 
durability, beauty of design 
and superior workmanship 
which is characteristic of all 
of our products. 

This page shows a wide 
variety of selections, yet 
everything is moderately 
priced and well within the 
means of all. 

The egg stand, cups and spoons 
are out-of-the-ordinary gifts that 
would give lasting pleasure. The 
bread board, too, or the pierced 
cake or fruit basket would be sure 
to be appreciated. 

The illustrations are about one- 
quarter of the actual size of the 
pieces shown. 

303403. Tea Strainer and Stand in fine silver- 
plate. An inexpensive little gift. $2.50 

E303404. Table Bell. 

in fine silver-plate, 




E30340S. Tea Strain 
er, in fine silver-plate 
with a cut crystal 
stand. S2.00 

E303407. Spoon Holder in a fine pierced design. 
silver-plate. Holds twelve tea spoons. 56.50 

E303408 Dainty little But 
ter Dish and Knife in fine 
silver-plate, glass lining. 

E303413. Pierced Almond 
Dish. 4 inches. $1.25 

E303410. Cut-glass 

Mustard Pot with fine 

silver-plated cover and 

spoon. $1.50 

E303412. Attractive cut- 
glass Marmalade Jar with 
silver-plated cover and 
spoon, $3.00 

E303411. Cut-glass Mar 
malade Jar with fine sil 
ver-plated cover and 
spoon, $5.50 

E303414. Pierced silver-plated Mayon 
naise Bowl with ladle, glass 
lining, diameter 5 

E303415. Bonbon Dish in a fine 
pierced design. Moderately priced 
at $3.25 


E303416. Teapot Stand with feet in fine 

pierced design, silver-plate, diameter 6 

inches. $2.75 

E303417. Egg Stand in fine saver- 
plate, silver-plated Egg Cups and 
Spoons. Particularly good value at 

E3034I8. The piercing on this Comport is par 
ticularly fine and we consider it very moderately 
priced at $8.75. Diameter 7K inches. 

303419. This handsome Bread Board has a solid hard wood 

bottom with a fine pierced silver-plated border. It may also 

be used as a serving tray, $10.00 

Has a movable handle and is 
without a doubt a very hand 
some gift suggestion. 

E303420. Fine pierced Cake or Fruit Basket. 
Diameter 7K inches. 10.00 

Send your order to our nearest branch 




H304101. Here in a very- dainty 
little TableLarop with a Flemish- 
finished base and decorated glass 
shade. Sinchesindiameter, SI 5-00 


Gifts in 
Fine Mahogany W are 

A PRETTY lamp goes about twice 
IX as far in furnishing a room as 
any other article at double the price, 
and they are always acceptable as 
gifts. Here are some beautiful new 
designs in mahogany, brass and 
bronze. Also the mahogany 
smoker s cabinet, desk set and 
candlesticks will afford interest for 
those who seek gifts which will 
grow dearer with each hour of use. 
The prices, you will notice, are 
decidedly reasonable. 

H304104. Charm 
ing little Mahog 
any Lamp, stand 
ing 16 inches high, 
silk old rose shade 
with decorated 
rose wreath. Very 
well appearing, 

H3U4105. Library Lamp, 
fine mahogany, with 
decorated silk old rose 
shade, stands 16 inches 
high. $18.00 

H304102. COLONIAL brass Table- 
Lamp, heavy base- This lamp has a 
shade of opalescent glass, set in 
brass. 1 5 inches in diameter, is 
weighted with a 
good heavy base, 

n $27. w 


D304107. Electric Radiator, green finish, 18 inches hifih. with a 
copper reflector. Here is a gift that not everyone thinks of hut 
which is a very happy and appropriate suggestion and one that 
would be welcomed in any home, $18. OU 

H304108. Handsome solid 
Mahogany Book Ends, 6 
inches at base. pair. $7.00 

H304112. Mahogany A-ih 

Tray, with match box, 

holder and glass bowl, 


H304111. Fine Mahogany Desk Set. Pad meas 
ures 12x19 inches. A most appropriate yet very 
inexpensive suggestion. Complete as illustrated. 

H 304 11 4. Mahogany 

<"andK_ Stii:ks, standing 

14 inches high, pair, 

$7 .50 

H304116. Fancy Candles, dark blue. 
old rose or old gold, set. $1.00 

H304115. Fancy Candles. 

blue and gold or old rose 

and gold, pair, ,S5 

H304113. Fine Mahogany 
Candlesticks, standing 11 in 
ches high. pair. S4.50 

H304117. Fancy Candles, black 
and white stripes with floral 
coloured decorations, pair, SI. 00 



copy of tljis book is gladly sent to any U. S. A. address 



H305101. Dull Brass 

Crumb Tray and Scoop, 

mission handles. $6.00 

H305103. Kettle and 

Stand . polished brass, 

capacity 2 pints, with 

spirit heater. 513-00 

Table Tweeds and 

GIFTS that are useful 
three hundred and sixty- 
five days each year and which 
recall pleasant recollections of 
the giver every time they are 
used. The variety and wide 
range of prices enables you to 
make a pleasing selection for 
just what you wish to spend. 

I ll 

H3US102. Dull Brass Crumb Tray and Scoop. 
S3- 50 

E305I04. Electric 
I ron, fine nickel- 
plate. Complete with 
cord, plug and stand. 

Heating can be 

adjusted to four 


H305105. Hot Water Kettle. 

polished brass, capacity 2 

pints, $7.00 

E305106. Electric Grill, fine nickel-prate with 
patent heating element, arranged in three concen 
tric circles, distributing 
the heat evenly. It will 
broif, fry. stew and 
toast. Th ree cooki ng 
pans. Cooks a meal for 
two or three persons at 
table. $19.00 

E30.S107. Fine Nickel-plated 

Toaster. Complete with cord 

-and plug. $11.00 

E305109. Electric Percolator, fine nickel-" 1 
plated mission pattern, $20-00 

H305108. Table Gong, 

polished brass, height 11 

inches, width at base 1% 

inches. S6.50 

E305110. Hot Water Kettle, fine 

nickel-plated. Capacity three pints. 


H 305 111. Flower Pot. polished brass. 

AH 1051 12. Cake Stand. 
>\ I polished brass, for three 
^^ plates, height overall 17 
inches, as illustrated. 

E305113. Electric Percolator, fine nickel 
Loving Cup pattern. 36.00 

E305114. Electric Percolator. Fine nickel- 
plate, mission pattern, $27-00 

H305115. TnlaM Mahogany Tray, brass oandtes, 24 inches 

long, $11-00 

H305116. Inlaid Mahogany Tray, fitted with plate glass 

bottom. A tray of this type is almost i ndiapensable in a well- 

fLirnishert home. 13.50 

Wf prepay all charges and guarantee safe delivery to any part of the Empire 



E306401. Fine Silver-plated Sandwich Plate, 9 

inches in diameter. Handsome pierced design. 

Very attractive, S6.60 

E306403. Silver-plated Roll or Bread Tray. A 

neat hand-pierced design, length 13 inches. A 

very acceptable gift, $6.75 

"We Cannot 
Ship These Goods in 

r I A HE articles on this 
J. page are only illus 
trated so that you may 
pick out something for 
friends in the United 
States. These prices in 
clude delivery to any ad 
dress in the United 
States (NOT CANADA), 
duty and carriage free. 

In addition we make 
special arrangements which 
insure that your parcel is de 
livered with your card exactly 
as it would be if you mailed it 
yourself. We guarantee, of 
course, that it will arrive in 
good order and condition. 

E306402. Silver-plated 
Sandwich Plate i n a very 
dainty hand-pierced de 
sign. 10 inches in diam 
eter. Inexpensive at 

E306405. Round Casserole. 8-inch diam 
eter, fine silver-plate with "Pyrex" fire 
proof glass lining and cut glass cover, 



E306404. This Silver- 
plated Crumb Tray 
and Scoop would make 
an ideal present and is 
very moderately 
priced at S7.75 

E306108. Nickel-plated 

ercolator. complete 

with cord and 

plug, as illus 
trated, $22.00 

E3&3410. Cake Basket in fine 
silver-plate, diameter 9 inches, 

A dainty, yet inexpensive gift, 

E306406. 6M-inch round Casserole 
"Pyrex" glass lining with glass cover 

_._ass. height to top of 
handles 14 inches, three 
:ed cake plates, diam 
eter 6 4 ins. Spec- 
ally priced foryour 
ons i d e ratio n, 

E306407. Silver-plated Pie Plate. "Pyrex" 
glaas lining. $ l / inch diameter. $7.25 

Height 19 inches 
over all. 

E306U 2 . Gritl in nickel-plated frame with three cooking 
pans. Complete 
with six feet 
he ater cord and 
lamp socket. 

E306409. FineSil 

vervplaled Flow 

Basket. $22.00 

H306 114. Lamp with 
verd green base, 
height 15 ins., floral 
decoration. $18,00 

E306U3. Electric Toaster, nickel-olate 

with rack and handles- A very popular 

design. $7.50 

H306115. Book Consoles, statu 
ary bronz finish, massive effect- 
A very acceptable gift. $5.00 

1306116. Eight-day Library 

Mantel Clock, strikes hour ami half-hour on 

gong, height 9 inches, width at base H inches, 

five-inch convex dial, mahogany base. $30.00 

E306417. Inlaid Mahogany Tea Tray, silver-plated handles 
25 inches long. Specially priced at $11-00 

E306H8. Inlaid Mahogany Tea Tray, silver-plated han 
dles with plate glass bottom. Length, excluding handles. 
inches. 113.50 


A copy of this book is gladly sent to any U.S.A. address 


E307302. Silver-plated 
Paten. 4^5 ins. dia.. 
t}.50;S!i ins. dia.. $5.00 

E307303. Sterling Silver 

Paten, gilt lined, engraved 

I.H.S.. S -, ins. dia.. S18.00; 

5!, ins. dia.. $19.50 

E307301. Solid Brass Al 
tar Cross. 16 ins.. $10.00; 
18 ins., $13. (XI; 2-1 ins.. 

E307304. Sterling Silvtr 
Bread Box. 2K ins. dia., 
$17.50; 3 i ins. dia.. 
$20.00; )y, ins. dia., 

E307305. Sterling Silver 
Paten. 5 si ins. dia., 
S25.00; 6 ins. dia., 


WE carry a large stock of 
silver and brass articles 
required for Church use and 
will gladly send photographs 
of other designs not illustrat 
ed upon request. 

Memorial Tablets and 
Rolls of Honour 

SPECIAL designs for Me 
morial Tablets or Rolls of 
Honour in either bronze or 
brass sent on receipt of word 
ing and probable amount to 
be expended. Such illustrat 
ed are intended merely to give 
an estimate of cost with an 
idea of the different types of 

m i 

/:307306. Glass 
Cruet, silver 
mounted stop 
per, height 6> 
ins.. $4.00; 8M 
ins.. S6.50 


Cruet, silver ^v 
mounted top 
height 6>/i ins.. 
$4.50; engraved _ 
I.H.S..$5.SO E307308. Al 

E 307307. 
Cruet, silver 

. All 

Glass Cruet, en- 
raved I. H. S 
3.50; plain. 

fl E307_... _. . 

(2 ling Silver Chal- 

immilCH ice. 7 ins. .$38. 00 


plated Chalice, 

6 ins. high, 

$10.00; 7 ins. 

high, $13.00 

_ Ster 
ling Silver Chal 
ice. 6 ins. high, 
$100. 0(); 6 , ins. 
high. $120.00: 8 
ins. high. $150. 00 

UIBBB v<wr, ux 

ins. high. $4.50; 
Sy, ins. high. $6. 50 

^307313. Solid 
Brass Vase. 6 ins. 
high. $3.00; 7 y, 
ins. high, $-1.00; 9 
ins.hh.$6.50; 12 
ins. high, $10.00 

E307314. Solid Brass 
Vase. engraved I.H.S., 
$8.50; plain. S7.25 

E307315. Solid Brass Alms Bason, en 
graved centre and text on rim. 10 ins. 
dia.. S13 50; 12 ins. dia.. $16.50; 15 ins. 
dia.. 530.00 

N 30731 7. Exceptionally handsome solid bronze 

Memorial Tablet. 38 x 28 / 4 ina., all lettering in 

relief. $375.00 

E 3073 16. Solid Brass Altar Desk, pierced corners 
and engraved centre, .op 12x9 ins. S20.00. The 
same only plain. (Not pierced or engraved ) . S 1 7 .50 

.So tbr (Slorg of <SotV 



SEPT. 16 - 1918 


N 307320 Very effective solid bronze Memorial Tablet, 
with battalion crest. All lettering in relief. Size, 24 x 15 

in3.. $125.00 

Seven different styles of lettering are shown on this tab 
let. Please specify your preference when ordering. 

N307318. Brass Memorial Tablet with oak frame. 
Frame. 23 x 17 ina; brass. 18 x 12 ins.. $60.00 

N307319. Fraternal Roll of Honour in heavy bronze 
with flags in colors. It records the names of those who 
served as well as those who fell. Lettering in relief 
flags in bronze or in colors. Size. 38 x 26 ins. S325 00 

N307321. A very effective and handsomely designed 
Memorial Tablet in solid brass, mounted on an oak 
background. Size of oak, 36 x 25 ins; brass, 30 x 20 ins., 

Shipping charges extra on ecclesiastical ware, memorial tablets and honour rolls 


O R O N T O 

Bl. Sonic while ago 
we took the diamonds 
out of the antique 
Scarf Pin B2, and as 
a result we produced 
a Diamond and Plati 
num Dinner Ring in 
a very elaborate 
hand -pic reed design 
as shown by Bl. 

C 1 . This all gold 
"spread setting" wa? 
r e p 1 a c e -(\ by the 
"Platinum Crown 
Head" C2 showing 
oft the diamond to far 
grea ter 

Dt. From the diamonds which originally 
were in Safety Pin D2 and Ring D3. we 
made up the attractive Lavalliere in dia 
monds and platinum as shown by Dl. 

Al. A simple but very effective 
Lavalliere in platinum, usine the 

three diamonds from the old ring 



Contrast ring Gl with ring G2 compare 
the old and the new. Even go further and 
try and picture how the diamonds would 
look mounted in the two rings. Most cer 
tainly you will agree that the pierced 
"Platinum Crown Head" setting on a gold 
shank is by far the superior of the two. 

The old-fashioned wedding ring El (illus 
trated below) was sent to us recently for 
remounting into a moru modern shape. 
We returned wedding ring E2. The same 
gold was uaed, so that any sentimental 
value attached to the- original ring was not 
inarrtd in any way. 

Fl. Shows a beautiful hand-pierced Platinum Bar 

Pin. set with the diamonds which we took from 

the Ring F2 and the Gold Brooch F3. 

El. lathe old "wide" Wedding Ring. 2 is the 
modern shape made from the original gold. 

Gl. Shows a side view of a pierced "Platinum 
Crown Head" setting on a gold shank in grace 
ful contrast with an old-fashioned all -gold 
mounting (G2). 



Old Jewellery Remodelled 

into 7\[ew and Artistic Designs 

N HE illustrations above are interesting examples of the possibilities in remodelling old jewellery into fash- 

-L ionable and artistic designs. If you have any pieces of diamond jewellery of which you have grown tired, 

send them to us, and we will gladly submit designs and estimates for remounting. When remodelled, your 

old jewellery will have an added attractiveness by reason of the newer design, and at the same time the 

sentimental value which you place on them will be preserved. 

Are Your Diamonds Secure in their Settings? Diamond 
jewellery should be examined periodically, as a loose claw or 
wornout setting, if neglected, may result in the loss of a stone 
which is worth many times more than the trifling cost of repair. 
We are glad at any time to examine settings, and to clean and 
freshen up your diamond jewellery in the shortest possible time. 

Send Your "Little Repairs" to Us. We want to be your 
"Family Jeweller." If you will send us your small repairs you 

will find that we not only handle the order promptly, but you 
will be surprised what can be done in the matter of repairs, in 
improving an old piece. 

Our business has grown to its present size because we have made 
it a policy of looking after "little repairs" in a way that has 
brought confidence to those requiring larger things. We always 
estimate on the cost of such repairs and report to you, in the 
meantime holding the pieces pending your definite instructions. 
It is perfectly safe to send your repairs by registered parcel post. 


copy of this book is gladly sent to any U. S. A. address 

Silver-gilded brooch pins. 

Medals, Club and 
Class Pins 

N309501. Sterling Silver Medal, 
wreath design. With appropriate 
engraving, this medal is suitable 
for almost any purpose. S3. 25 

N 30950.*. Trafalgar 


Brooch I m 

set with 


MOST of the pins and rings which we 
illustrate are shown merely as ex 
amples of some of the work produced in our lftftcnA 
own factory by our Insignia Department. noW. 
We would be glad to submit sketches and 
estimates should you be contemplating 
similar work. Where prices are quoted ar 
ticles can be supplied from stock. 

When requesting special designs and 
prices state: 

1. Lettering wanted. 

2. Color of enamel, if any. 

3. Quantity required. 

Engraving: Three cents per 
letter extra to price quoted. 
Illustrations actual size. 

N309S04. Example 


N309511. Y.M.CJTMcJat. ster 
ling silver. (Can be supplied in 
bronze or , gold). $2.00 

f y\ N309S10. M.A.A.A. 
%--* Lapel Button, gold 

plated. .75 * 

X309509. Y.M.C.A. Lapel 
Button, sterling silver, .75 
(Can be supplied in bronze 
and gold.) ^ j 

N309513. A very neat Cur 
ling Medal, sterling silver, 

N309514. Rotary 
Club Lapel But 
ton, silver-gilded 
top. -85 

N309515. Bowling Medal with 

space for inscription on face. 

sterling silver. S2.75 


K309826. Trophy 
Cup. $6.00 

N309522. Sterling Silver 
Medal with bar, 12.65 

Prize Cups and 

"PHE present enthusiasm for o ut- 
J- door sports has naturally created 
a large demand for friendly tokens and 

We show here some of our best de 
signs of Prize Cups in sterling silver 
and silver-plate. Photographs of other 
designs will be gladly sent on request 
and you will find our correspondence 
department is ready to help you with 

The charge for engraving inscrip 
tions, etc-, is given on page 112. Our 
little booklet "Trophies" is free upon 

N309525. Sterling Silver 
Medal with bar. $2.10 

These Cups are beautifully 
finished and are gold lined. 
Measurements given in each 
instance are the height of the 
Cup exclusive of handles and 
ebony base. 

N309827. Sterling silver, gold 
lined, height exclusive of base 
and handles. 6 inches, S33.00 
N309828. Same Cup. sterling 

silver. 7 inches, 45.00 

N309829. Same, sterling silver, 

8 inches high, $58.00 


N309831. Sterling silver Cup. 
substantial weight, gold lined 
height of bowl exclusive of 
base Sy, inches diameter. 6 
inches. 150.00 

N309S32. Trophy 

Cup. fine silver 

plate. $5.00 

K309830. Height 
6 ; inches, $15. 00 

K309833. Trophy 

Cup. height 6 in- 



N309834. Trophy 

Cup. height 5 J-j 

inches. $I1.OO 

Cup. height 
inches, silve 
plate. $6.00 

N309836. Trophy 
Cup. heigh: 
inches, $18.00 

Our Cups are sent prepaid to 
any Express Office in Canada 
We assume all risks. 
Engraving: Inscription on Cup 
costs from four cents per let 
ter up depending upon size of 

We cannot guarantee to do any engraving on orders reteived between December nth an 




M ^ B -A & 


02. SS.Oll 


715. 1 line S.i.OU; 2 lines $5.(fl- ,i lines S6.U1. 



I 113 jlt.#tttlTCUT Street, 

717, 1 line S.UJO; 2 lines S5.IXI; .1 lines S6.00 71S, S6. ) 

70ft, Sv"n 708. S4.0O 


710. 1 line S-vOU; 2 lines S5.00; 3 lines S6.00 


720. 1 liriL S3.UO; 2 lines S^ OO- 3 lines $6 00 

ARTHUR H. DUNCAN 72 , . S5 .,, :i 



710, SO, IX) 


721. SI 2.00 


724. S4 IK. 725 S4 ,., 


Prices of dies will be found under illustrations. These will be Dies suitable for illuminating are shown above, under Xos. 

engraved exact size shown unless ordered otherwise. 702; 703, 704, 705, 71 1, 7 14 and 7 18. If envelopes are stamped as 

Embossing from customer s own die m colour blue, grev. n j ui ^u c ^ TU 

rr , r . V, -A well as paper, double the price ot stamping. The stamping once 

mauve, green, etc., costs one quire, aO cents; 5 quires, $1.30; l . . 

10 quires, $2.50. Stamping in gold or silver, 50 cents per quire. does not mclude paper. Samples of paper with separate prices 

Illuminating in gold or colours, 75 cents per quire. will be sent on request. 




F3I0902. As F3I0901 
but without initial, 
SI. 50 

F31G001. One quire fiivest quality wril- 

ing paper, with envelopes to match, in a 

hinged covered box. Yourinuijt stam -jed 

in Rold. $1.85 

F310908. As below 

but without initial, 

S3. 50 

FJ1090 . Two quire box and one 

dozen gilt edged correspondence 

cards, with your initial" sti mped in 

gold. $4 .25 

F310914. As below 

but without initial. 


F3I0903. Two quire box with your initial s t am;ic<l 

in gold, plain box. $2.75 
F310904. As above but without initial. J2.0r> 

F3 10909. Cabinet containing four quires and two 
dozen gilt edged correspondence cards, with initial 

in gold. $6.50 
F310910. Aa above but without initial, $5. OH 

S>T310913. One quire box correspondence cards, 
with your initial stamped in gold. $1.35 

F3 10905. Two quire box. containing two 
sizes of paper ami envelopes. Your iimi;il 

stamped in rfoIJ. S3. 75 
F310QIV.. ,\4 *l).vf but without initial. S 1.00 

F3 10911. Stationery cabinet, containing tlinv 
quires of siujK-rior writing paper antf two dozen 
Kilt (.<! jjecl correspondence cards, with your 

initial stamped in Rold, S5.75 
F310912. As J(K>W but without initial. $4.25 

Your initial is tmbossed from dies on stationery slio-cn on this page (not priiilc 1 1 

I1O We are glad to send photographs and full information regarding something you want but winch viai not be illustrated 




All Prices include Envelopes. Note Paper cannot be returned or exchanged 

A box of stationery with suitable initial stamped thereon is a should, and does, carry with it the dignity and importance that 

most useful gift and is appropriate to friends of either sex. If you would desire. 

you stop to realize for a moment that your stationery acts in \Ve only stock the better grades of writing papers and they 
the position of your personal representative you will readily come to you very handily and attractively boxed for your con- 
appreciate the fact that a high-class piece of correspondence venience. 




Our Wedding Stationery goes tc 
nvelopea ready for \ 
tin- tine>t kid-fir 

ish qual 

you tissued, folded and enclosed i 

ou to address. The stock used is 
y and of extra heavy weight. 

ript; style 29 solid M 

CARDS TO Ksvi.o^i. 

h; style 35. solid Ca; 




and 100 Invitati 
and SO Invitati 

ami UK) Announ 
and 50 Announ 

24. $1.50 I, L . 

Styles: 24 21 38 

$25.00 $32.00 $47.00 

nations 20.00 28.00 42.00 

louncements. 22.00 26,00 36.00 

louncements 17.00 22.00 31.00 

:rf>t is required, as in *t vie 38. an 

extra charge is made. 

"At Home" is desired on same sheet, add for t ylc 
; for style 21. $2.50 [,er line, and for style 38. 
$3.50 [K-r line. 

ing "At Home" or "Reception" Plate 
tyle 24 ............................... $1.50 per line 

styk- 21 ............................... 2.50 per line 

style 38 .............................. 3.50 per line 

Prituinu cards in addition to plate. 100 cards. $4.00; 

5U i-jrrls. JJ.50 

For Impressed I anel. sliuwn on style 28, add 
$1.00 per 100 

ie" Cards, fngravine plate. $1.50 
,.la_le, 50 card*. $3.75; 1 00 cards. 

with original order 

Additional quantities, if ordered late 

rejjistered. placed in a special cabinet, and Riia 
the production of "Weddins". "R 
Ash Tra 

$10.00 [x-r 100 
KKt for $12.00 
5O (or S.OO 
tStm 5.00 

No. 22 WEI 

Embossed in s,lver 

No. 27 Wedding Cake Bo: 
No 31 Place Cards, silver 


initial or customers own die. 48 sheets $2.25 

J with ribbon . . .$1.75 do/. 

l without ril.lKjn 1.25rioz. 

1 embossed with any initial in sil- 

.iiii-- , i in 
r Gonna, e 

iy,-d Bla,-L bordered Kxpression Card, with 

per do^en 5c 
i iff I !)., an- thut always available for futu 

VISITING CARDS Styles: 23.26 29.30,34.35 20.32 

iL-r.uinR plate, name only $1.50 $2.50 $i.50 

it 1 ! in iu- .iri-l j l.In-^ 2.25 3.50 5.00 

ith naitii.-. aildrt-ssand day 3.00 4.50 6.00 

intiriK cards in addition to plate or when customer already has 

a pl.uc: 100 cards. $1.50. White Card Envelopes, per 

pai;kai;e of 25. 35c 

Printing cards in addition to plate or when customer has a plate TM 

100 cards. $2.25; 50 cards. $1.50 
Black-borderi-d f-ln \-i-I-j] it.-s to match per 

pack., | . *, 60c 

Nos. 33. 36. engraving Bu-ines* Plate. $5.50. For each additional E^O 

line. Jdd $1.50 fji 

tOO cards. ST.M; 50 cards, i l^oo " " 1 - ^ 

- ord.-rs without delay. Your copper plates, which have been used in 
mem into very attractive Card Trays, 
on enquiry. 

copy of this J ear Book will be gladly sent to any address upon application 


, *f- 


This catalogue cancels all previous price lists and all prices are subject to change after January 1st, 1921 


We want you to feel that you are at perfect liberty to purchase from either house or any branch, regardless of where you live 

ARY 1st, 1921. Foresight in the buying of raw materials, 
combined with our own manufacturing facilities, places us 
in the very satisfactory position of being able to offer our 
wares, illustrated in this book, at prices which compare favor 
ably with former years. The various lines, however, are ne 
cessarily limited, but our quantities are calculated to inert 
the requirements of our Christmas season. On and after the 
above date, at which time it will be necessary to replenish our 
stocks, the prices will be subject to change, No advances, how 
ever, will be made except where increased cost demands revi 

HOW TO ORDER. Please do not cut the catalogue. 
\Yrite us in your own way if you prefer, but, by using the order 
form which you will find at the back of your catalogue, you 
will help us to give better service, especially at Christmas. 
Please use prefix "Miss," "Mr." or "Mrs."; in the last case 
always use the husband s initials. To prevent delay all mail 
should be addressed to the firm. 

Correspondence not relating to order should be written on a 
separate sheet. 

If you order when away from home, please also mention 
your home address. 

If you have moved since catalogue was mailed to you, 
please advise us. 

Registered Letter, Post Office Order, Bank Order, Canadian 
Postal Note or Marked Cheque. Don t risk enclosing cash in 
a letter without registering it. Cheques should be made pay 
able at par in the city to which the order is sent. 

the right to ship by mail or express, whichever is the most 

economical. \Ye prepay everything, except ecclesiastical 
goods, to all points in Canada, including the Yukon. Parcels 
too heavy to mail will be sent to the nearest Express Office. 

ENGRAVING. Please print all engraving instructions. 
For prices and designs see charts below. 

\Yo cannot guarantee to do any engraving on orders received 
between Dec. llth and 25th. Goods will be shipped promptly 
and may be returned after Christmas to have the engraving 

ber, we will gladly send selections on approval to customers 
who have charge accounts with us, or who enclose satisfactory 
references from a bank or reliable business house. This involves 
no obligation to purchase and you assume no risk, as all goods 
are insured by us until the purchase has been completed. You 
will jave time by giving us an idea of the price and style re 
quired. However, in reality, every order sent is "on approval," 
as we will promptly refund the full purchase price of any 
article that is not satisfactory. 

EXCHANGES. Within a month from date of purchase 
you may return for exchange or refund any unused goods, 
except such as have been made to order or lettered. 

OLD GOLD AND SILVER. \Ye buy old gold and silver 
(not plated ware), allowing metal value at current rates. 

IN SENDING GOODS TO US please be sure to mark 
your name and address on the wrapper, also send a sepa 
rate letter giving list of articles and full instructions. Never 
send a parcel of value by post without registering it and se 
curing a receipt, which insures safe delivery. 

WE ASSUME ALL RISK. We guarantee the safe 
delivery of every package. Each article is enclosed in a suit 
able box. 

May we send our catalogue lo your friends either here or in the United States? Just send us their names The general index is on inside back cover 

The government tax of 10 per cent, is included in the price quoted on any article affected in this book 


Style No 
Style No 

Style Xo 
Style No 
Style No 
Style Xo 
Style Xo 
Style No 

Pel letter 

1. J^inch high $ .25 

1. %inch high 40 

1. 1 inch high 50 

2. Shaded, 4 inch high .50 
2. Shaded, < inch high . . .75 

2. Shaded, 1 inch high 1.00 

3. Small letters 05 and up 

3. Capital letters 08 and up 


on Silver or Gold 

Per letter 

Style Xo. 4. Crest and Motto. . . . S3. 75 and up Style No 

Style Xo. 5. Small letters Ob and up Style Xo 

Style No. 5. Capital letters 08 and up Style Xo 

Style No. 6. 1 A inch high 75 Style 

Style No. 6. % inch high 1.00 Style No 

Style Xo. 6. 1 inch high 1.25 S yle X-i 

Style No. 7. Shaded, H inch high 25 Style Xo 

7. Shaded, M inch high. 

8. % inch high. 

Per letter 
. $ .50 

inch high 1.15 

1 inch high 1.50 

). .; inch high... 
9. Kinch high. 
9. 1 inch high. . 



STAMPING ON LEATHER GOODS: ^ inch high, .60 per line; > 2 inch high, .75 per Jine 



rware ran be repaired or replated in our workshops and the pieces made to look as good as new. 
furnish estimates on any such work. No work is considered too trivial to receive the most careful 

DAMAGED or broken silverv 
\\"e are glad at all times to furnish < 

On page 108 are shown samples of jewellery which we have remodelled for customers. 

In addition to the repairing of jewellery and silverware, we undertake commissions to inspect and repair clocks and public 

VYe are also prepared to do any "out-of-the-ordinary" repairs which you might require, such as statuary, leather goods, 
umbrellas, pipes, opera glasses, and barometers. 

Our correspondence department is at your service. 


"Duty Free" gifts for your U.S.A. friends are illustrated on page 106 


A good drinking cup is a necessity when 
travelling. Here is one heavily nickel- 
plated and made strong enough to give 
good service. It folds into a compact 
leather-covered case. Price $2.00 


Fur i hose who live in cities 
nothing is more useful 
than a ticket case. The 
one shown here is well 
made of good leather and 
has six ticket pockets. 
Price 50c. 


O3 13503. WALLET 

A real pin morocco wallet which any man would 

be glad to carry. Size 8 by 4^ inches when open 

and 2?4 by 4J^ when closed. Holds bills, silver, 

tickets and cards. Wonderful value at $4.00 




( K tT 



Post Office 




C harge 

Nearest Express < )ffice 






Street, Box or R.R. No. 




Post Office 


Nearest Express Office 

Please Write Plainly and Do Not Forget to Give Catalogue Number, Quantity, Name, Size and Price of Articles Wanted 





Print the letters you 
wish engraved 




Assem. Registration No. Verified 


. _; 



Street Box or R R No 



Post Office 





Nearest Express Office... 









Street, Box or R.R. No. 




Post Office 



Nearest Express Office 

, __ __ . __ , . _ 

Please Write Plainly and Do Not Forget to Give Catalogue Number, Quantity, Name, Size and Price of Articles Wanted 






Print the letters you 
wish engraved 



: ration No. 



Latest Parisian novelty. This is in the form of a 
handkerchief of coloured crepe-de-chene which, 
when opened, reveals a powder puff. Closes with 
drawstrings. A dainty little gift. Can be carried 
separately at dances, parties, etc., or in the hand 
bag for all occasions. Price $1.25 


An exquisite combination 01 aromatic gums and 
spices incorporated in the clay so that brick re 
tains its perfume indefinitely ; also provides against 
moths. Complete in velvet-finished leather case, 


Made of one-piece aluminum, without seam. Will 
or years. Holds heat from 12 to 15 hours; 
stands flat for filling, perfectly sanitary. Rust 
proof and non-leakable. Capacity three pints. 
Complete in soft flannel bag. Price $4.00 


This little cut-glass mustard pot will find a 

welcome on any table. It is 2*4 inches high and 

has silver-plated top and spoon. Price $1.35 




Street, Box or R.R. No. 



I ust Office 





rest Express Office 





Name .. 




Street, Box or R.R. No. 
Post Office 



Nearest Express Office 

Please Write Plainly and Do Not Forget to Give Catalogue Number, Quantity, Name, Size and Price of Articles Wanted 








Print the letters you 
wish engraved 



Assfin.i Registration 







Street, Box or R.R. No. 

Post Office 



Nearest Express Office 











Street Box or R R No 

Post Office- 



Nearest Express Oil 

Please Write Plainly and Do Not Forget to Give Catalogue Number, Quantity, Name, Size and Price of Articles Wanted 





Print the letters you 
wish engraved 





Registration No. 



Heavy Figures Denote Article* 
in Cold or Platinum 


Heavy Figures Denote Articles 
in Go; j or Platinum 

\ddre*s Book . 56 I 

;iectric Lamps 104 Knives Oddfellows Jewellery .26,2" 

Embroidery .... 43-46 
Manicure . . . 43-46, 59 
Seals 41 

Add-a-pearl Necklet ... 21 I 
Almond Dishes . . 84-86, 88 
Amethyst Jewellery ... 13 
Amethyst Rings .... 11 
Announcement Cards . .Ill ] 
\shTrivs . . . .47.69 

imerald Rings . . . .8,11 Game V89-99 Onyx Jewellery 1" 
"mery Cushion 41 Ice Cream .... I Opal Rings ... 11 

Serving Trays, 82. 83, 100, 101 
Sewing Accessories ... 41 
Shaving A cessories ... 54 
Sherbet Glasses 76 

Pocket (pearl) .... 66 
ern Dishes 102 Pocket (silver) .... 66 ,. , 

At Home Cards Ill 
Automobile Cases ... 54 

Baby Necklets . . 18, 19, 21 
Baby Page 72,73 
Baby Pins 19,72 . 

11 3 A SI rhiiHrpn q Parisian Pearl Necklets, 34, 3, 

Shoehorns . . .43-46,50-51 
Shriners 1 Jewellery , .26,27 

Pearl Jewellery . . . .20,21 
lowTrBow ls 76 Lace Pins 18-21 Pearl Knive9 % 

lower Vases. . . 47,74,84 Ladles arl Necklets . . . . , Smokers Sets 69 
85,101 Cream Pencils -ft- Smoking Accessories. .24,52 
-obs 25,38 Gravy Pendants, 4, 12-17, 19, 20, 39 S3 M 

les ,, Food rusher /J Mayonnaise . . . >89-9S> i =" ~- soap BOX ou 
Baby Rings Foresters Jewellery . .26,27 Sauce Percolators 105 Spoon Holders . . .86,102 
Baby Spoons 73 Forks Souj) J Peridot Jewellery .... 14 Spoons- 
Bake Dish 10- v;,h \ Tarn. ftR 104 Photo Frames . . . .49-57 FWr,, 

Bar Pins 4, 20, 36 

Game 1 Lapel Pins 26 27 Pickle Forks 89-99 Rnnillnn 

Children s . . . . ! 
1 Cr.ffee . . 

Baskets, Sewing .... 59 
Baskets, Silver, 100, 101, 102 
Belts (Men s) 55 
Berry Sets 74 

Olive ( Lingerie Holders . . .18,37 Pipes 24.52 Grape Fruit . . .1 
Oyster 1 Links Pocket Books 56 j" Vy \ S 8 " 99 

Bill Folds 56 , 
Birth Month Rings ... 11 
Black Jewellery. . . .15, 40 
Blotters 40,68 

"ountain Pens 24,67 Gold Filled 38 Polishing Cloth . . . .Insert goup 
Drench Ivory 50.51 Lockets 25,46,54 Porringers 73 Sugar 
tuit Dishes . . . .74-76 Lodge Jewellery . . . .26,27 Powder Boxes . . 43-46,5) Tea 

Children s 55 

Bodkins 41 

Stationery . 110, 111, Insert 
Stick Pin Holder .... 28 
Stick Pins 28, 38 

Bonbon Dishes. 75, 84, 85, 88 
Book Ends .... 68, 104 


Cash with order, unless other arrangements 
have been made 

When customers make themselves known to us by giv 
ing us a bank or business reference, a charge account 
will be opened, or a selection of goods may be had on 
approval (excepting during December). 

Charge accounts ere due for payment on receipt of 
statement sent the first of the month. 

Stiletto 41 

Bouillon Spoons . . .89-99 
Bracelets . ... 4, 5, 15, 39 
Bracelet Watches . . .29-31 
Bread Trays . . . . S4, 102 
Bridge Score Cards ... 60 

Stocking Darner .... 41 
Stud Boxes 60 

Studs 22 

Sugar and Cream Sets, 74, 77 
Sugar Dredger 85 

Brooches. . . . 4-20, 37,39 
Clothes 1 

SuitCases 58,64 

Table Bells. . . .47,86.103 
Talcum Box 50 

Velvet 1 

Whisk J 

Bud Vases . . 84. 85. 100.101 
Butter Dishes . .71,74-76 
84, 83. 101 
Butter Spreaders . . .89-99 
Buttonhooks . .43-46,50-51 

Cabinets. Silver. . . .94,95 
Cake Plates . 77, 78. 79, 84 
85. 102, 103 
Cameo Jewellery .... I/ 
Candlesticks . 68,71,85,105 
Card Cases 46,58 

Tea Sets 
Silver 81-83, 88 

Silver Plate . . .100-103 
Tea Strainers ... 86, 103 
Thimbles 18,41 

Tie Clips 25 

Tie Pins . . . .28, 38 

Toasters, Electric .... 105 

Toddy Kettle 105 
Toilet Articles 

Casseroles 71, 102 

Ebony 54 

Celerv Travs 75.76 
Chains 13, 23, 38 
China 77-7V 

Garnet Rings 11 Mahogany Sundries 104 Prayer Beads 40 Silver. . 

Gifts at $2.00 and under . 47 Mahogany Trays . . .82.83 Presentation Silver . .81-94 Tomato Ser ere. . . .89 
Glove Mender ... 41 101.103,105 Pudding Dishes . . . .103 ! ong8> J?H* 

Children s Table Silver . 73 
Christ mas Cards . . .Insert 
Cigar and Cigarette Boxes, 54 
Cigar a:-.d Cig. Cases .24, 53 
Cigar and Cig. Holders, 24, 53 
Class Pins . . . 2i, 27, 101 
Clocks 70,71 


Gravy Boats . 82,83,85,100 Cases 59 Puff Jars 43-* 

3ravy Ladles 89-99 Sets 59 Purses, Leather . . . .61,65 rtrvir> in 

Guard Rings 10 Marmalade Jars . . .78, 84 Rattles 72 Umbrellas 48 

Hair Ornaments .... 36 Mat?S Bo^."^. . :* gf^sfT JJ ^molers \ \ \ ^."M 

Collar Buttons . . . .22,38 
Collar Holders . . 22, 24, 38 
Combs . . . .43-46,50,51 

Handkerchief Cases. .65 Medal? 5 . "; 3 i" " . 1 ? .!?* Remodelled Jewellery .. 10 


6 Umbrellas . . 48 

Hatmiis 18,37 Mimnrfa Tablets 107 Rhinestone Jewellery . . 3 

Comports. 77.84. 85, 102. 103 
Corn Holders 86 

t Gauge es ewenery 112417 Ribbon Boxes .... 43-46 Umbrellas (Suit Case) .. 48 
HonourRon s : .. . . .107 Men s NoTeltYeV .35,54 Rin * 9 . ,<-" U.S.A. Gifts duty free to the 

Crests 110 
CribbageSets 60 

Hot Water Jugs . . .82-84 55,62 osal l es . 18> * 
Humidors . 69 Military Brushes 43-46 50,51 

1 ) States iuo 

1 Vanity Cases. . . 25.46,65 
t Vases 75.76,84 

Wo.taKl^ TVohM 100.101 

Crumb Travs 105 

Ice Cream Slicers . . .89-93 ,. ,, Rustcraft Novelties . .Inset 

Cut Glass 74-76 
Cuticle Knives . 43-46. 50, 5 1 
Cutlery 95 

Instructions for Ordering, 1 12 Mourning Jewellery 40 Safety Pin Sets 19, 20 VlwUn S u 
Ivory Toiletware . . .50.51 Mourning Notepaper ! .in Salad Servers . . . . . .76 w . . 

$ v Spoon s 99 Mug. 55 Salt Spoons 87 ^^ 33 

Decanters 74-76 
Desk Sets . . 40, 68 

lewelBo^ 40 43 60 Music Cases 60 Salve Jars 43-4 
MustardPots. . .85.87,101 Sandwich Plates . 79,84,8 

Kettles. Electric . . . .105 Sapphire Jew.llery ."/ . l 

Gold Bracelet .... 29 
-- Pocket 32, 33 

Diamond Jewellery . . 4-10 

I Silver Bracelet .... 33 
2 Strap 30,31 

Dies (for Stationery) . .110 

Dorine Boxes 46 
Dressing Cases 38 

Knights of Columbus .2*i 27 Jail Polishers . . ! f jJl ll UCe , Bo t,V , f. !; Wedding GiftSuggestions " 
K n jv e9 Nail Scissors . . . .) Scapular Medals . . .18,40 about $5 00 71 
Napkin Rings . . . .86.88 Scarf Holders 22,38 wH^ir, Ri nl . 10 

Earrings , 5-16, 36 

Butter : : 1 ao Q0 Necklets 4-21 Scarf Pins 28,3 
Cake . f 89-99 Needle Cases 59-60 Scissors 
FUh J Nutcrackers 95 Cutting S 

8 Weddine Stationery. . .111 
Work Baskets 59 

Ebony 54 

9 Writing Portfolios. ... 57